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The FLCCC bestows the fake title of “senior fellow” to twelve antivax quacks

The COVID-19 quacks and grifters at the FLCCC have named twelve quacks as “senior fellow,” the better to further antivax conspiracy theories and, of course, grift.

I’m sorry that I haven’t been as active here as usual. I blame a grant deadline next week, although there have been other issues. Still, I did feel the need to grind out this post because the topic so perfectly epitomizes something about quackery and antivax that I’ve been pointing out for years and years, namely how those promoting them crave legitimacy—or at least the appearance of legitimacy. One reason, of course, is that nearly always conventional science and medicine, through their professional societies, peer-reviewed publications, and meetings, have rejected them, providing them no scientific outlet to launder their pseudoscience, quackery, and conspiracy theories to give them the appearance of legitimacy. So they create such outlets, which is what the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) has just done by naming twelve quacks as “senior fellow” its International Senior Fellowship Program.

Way, way back in the day—in 2008!—Dr. Kimball Atwood coined the term pseudomedical pseudoprofessional organization (PPO) to describe organizations like the FLCCC, which are basically quack advocacy organizations masquerading as legitimate medical professional societies. Dr. Atwood mentioned old PPOs like the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), which existed primarily to promote the use of chelation therapy for cardiovascular disease (and every other health condition), which ran pseudomedical conferences and wrapped itself in the trappings of legitimate medical professional societies. Another example that I like to describe is the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), which is basically a medical John Birch Society masquerading as a legitimate medical professional society. As you might recall, AAPS promotes quackery and is antivax to the core, having promoted—in the early 2000s!—the conspiracy theory that shaken baby syndrome is a “misdiagnosis” for vaccine injury, a lie still promoted today by COVID-19 era antivaxxers. It even has its own quackery-filled journal, The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (JPANDS).

The FLCCC, of course, is just one of the newer examples of this hoary old tradition designed to led a patina of seeming academic and scientific legitimacy to quackery. Founded by two physicians who turned quack grifters after the pandemic hit, Drs. Pierre Kory and Paul Marik, the FLCCC got its start hawking ivermectin and various non-evidence-based COVID-19 “early treatment” protocols that included (of course), ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and a variety of other unproven treatments. They soon pivoted to spreading standard antivax conspiracy theories, like shedding and even cancer quackery. Now, seeking some sort of appearance of scientific legitimacy, the FLCCC is going the way of other PPOs before it. Let’s see the announcement:

The FLCCC Alliance today announced the launch of an expansive fellowship program designed to unify and amplify the powerful voices and scholarship of physicians, scientists and other leading health providers and researchers on a global stage. The first twelve senior fellows—all U.S based—have been named. The FLCCC will be announcing the international members of the senior fellowship program in the coming days.

The FLCCC’s senior fellows are among a larger group of professionals who have taken highly public positions to defend the humanitarian values and medical integrity that are central to the Honest Medicine movement. They continue to demonstrate courage and scientific rigor in the face of censorship, threats of license revocation and even termination of employment in order to effect much needed change. 

“By uniting the FLCCC’s powerful platform and resources with our senior fellows’ unimpeachable credentials and forceful voices, together we will significantly impact worldwide conversations about medical freedom, ethics, integrity, rigorous science, and essential policy changes legislatively, both domestically and abroad. This is core to FLCCC’s mission to restore the sacred doctor-patient relationship,” said Dr. Joseph Varon, president and chief medical officer. 

FLCCC senior fellows will be participating in educational conferences, advocacy events, media appearances and political hearings on topics central to the Honest Medicine movement’s mission. Their work will be disseminated through the FLCCC and partner channels worldwide, and in multiple languages. By unifying these brave professionals under the FLCCC Fellowship Program, we can achieve efficiency by having a “local presence” globally to propel high-impact coordination and execution. 

Innovation FLCCC, fellowship, Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance
“Scholarship.” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. See also: “honest medicine,” “rigorous science,” “ethics,” “integrity,” “censorship,” and…oh, I give up.

After that grand declaration, let’s see who the first twelve FLCCC “senior fellows” are. Unsurprisingly, it’s hard to find a more quacky rogues’ gallery of antivax conspiracy theorists. I hadn’t heard of some of these docs before I did this post, but I sure as heck looked them up:

  • Dr. Kimberly Biss (MD), senior fellow, obstetrics & gynecology. I had never heard of Dr. Biss before writing this post, but it didn’t take much Googling to discover that—surprise!—she’s a COVID-19 quack and antivax, her antivax schtick being to falsely blame the vaccine for miscarriages and infertility.
  • Dr. Mary Talley Bowden (MD), senior fellow, otolaryngology and sleep medicine. Going by @MDBreathe on X, the hellsite formerly known as Twitter, Dr. Bowden is one of the more noxious ivermectin quacks.
  • Dr. Kristina Carman (ND, NT, IFM), senior fellow, nutritional & holistic health. Besides her being a naturopath, which automatically makes her a quack in my book, Ms. Carman is a “functional medicine” quack as well and promotes antivax nonsense like nattokinase for COVID-19, the same nonsense that Dr. Peter McCullough promotes through The Wellness Company. Speaking of Dr. McCullough, why isn’t he one of the fellows? Oh, that’s right. He and Dr. Kory are beefing.
  • Dr. Ryan Cole (MD), senior fellow, pathology. Dr. Cole has been featured here many times. He’s the Idaho pathologist who has been one of the major promoters of the false COVID-19 vaccine-caused “turbo cancer” narrative.
  • Dr. George Fareed (MD), senior fellow, family medicine. This is yet another doctor who came up with an unproven “early treatment” protocol using “pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients” for COVID-19, along with Dr. Brian Tyson (below). The claim to have successfully treated 7,000 patients, but instead of publishing their results in the legitimate peer-reviewed scientific literature, wrote a book.
  • Dr. Suzanne Gazda (MD), senior fellow, brain health. Dr. Gazda runs an “integrative neurology” practice and embraces a number of highly dubious protocols, such as the Bredesen Protocol for Alzheimer’s disease. Unsurprisingly, she blames long COVID-19 on COVID-19 vaccines, not the virus.
  • Dr. Katarina (Kat) Lindley (DO, FACOFP), senior fellow, family medicine. Dr. Lindley runs a direct primary care practice (because of course she does) that appears to cater to COVID-19 crankery and antivax and who minimizes COVID-19 severity who has appeared with cranks promoting the idea that COVID-19 is a psyop.
  • Dr. Kirk Milhoan (MD, PhD, FACC, FAAP), senior fellow, pediatric cardiology. I guess this is the FLCCC’s low budget version of the most famous antivax cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough. He’s antivax and promotes the ideas that COVID-19 is not dangerous and “natural immunity.” Of course, he had an “early treatment” protocol for COVID-19 in 2021, because of course he did.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Mumper (MD, FAAP, IFMCP), senior fellow, pediatric education. Dr. Mumper is associated with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.‘s antivax org Children’s Health Defense and is a longtime antivax pediatrician. She is a functional medicine quack who runs a quack medical practice to treat “vaccine-induced” autism.
  • Dr. Yusuf (JP) Saleeby (MD), senior fellow, functional & integrative medicine. Dr. Saleeby is a functional medicine quack (but I repeat myself) who brags about following FLCCC protocols on his website. Say no more.
  • Dr. Brian Tyson (MD, FHM), senior fellow, family medicine and urgent care. See Dr. George Fareed, above.
  • Dr. Jordan Vaughn (MD), senior fellow, microvascular disease. Unsurprisingly, Dr. Vaughn is another COVID-19 antivaxxer, who has been urging people to “stop getting COVID boosters” and whose practice treats long COVID, whether caused by the virus or more commonly, of course, vaccines.

I’m surprised that they didn’t include Andrew Wakefield, the OG of the antivax movement. In any case, you get the idea. The first batch of FLCCC “senior fellows” consists of quacks and antivaxxers. But what will these fellows do? The whole thing seems to be part of a leadership reorganization in the FLCCC:

This announcement comes on the heels of last week’s press release announcing that four of the other founding FLCCC physician/scientists have stepped into expanded leadership roles pursuant to the organization’s new strategic plan.

“The FLCCC’s strategic growth plan process began more than six months ago, initiated by the formation of an executive committee comprising three of the FLCCC’s five independent directors — those who possess significant entrepreneurial and public company organizational leadership experience,” said Kelly Bumann, executive director.  “This committee began serving last fall as the FLCCC’s ‘ad-hoc CEO’ in order to marshal the management team and all organizational resources to collaboratively develop a high-impact expansion and growth plan. The committee will continue to partner with the FLCCC’s executive management team and staff to execute the plan over the next several months.”

Why? Apparently Dr. Kory is transferring his responsibility running the FLCCC to Dr. Joseph Varon and being kicked up to an “emeritus” status in the FLCCC because wants to expand his private grift:

Dr. Pierre Kory is finalizing the transition of his responsibilities to Dr. Varon over the next 45 days. With the full encouragement and support of the FLCCC Alliance, Dr. Kory is shifting his primary focus to his rapidly growing private practice, Leading Edge Clinic, which is focused on the care of a growing number of patients suffering from vaccine-related injuries. In addition, he plans to devote more time to writing for his Substack blog at while also continuing his efforts as a powerful spokesman through his international advocacy work.

Just remember that it’s all about the grift; well, that and using legal thuggery to try to silence young physicians who expose the grift, like Dr. Alison Neitzel. There’s only one primary reason that the FLCCC is doing this, to give the appearance of medical and scientific legitimacy to their PPO. Will it work? It doesn’t need to convince actual physicians and scientists; it just needs to convince the lay public. Sadly, it might succeed.

By Orac

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51 replies on “The FLCCC bestows the fake title of “senior fellow” to twelve antivax quacks”

Hahahahah….they had to drag out Mumper from mothballs because Thomas had to surrender his license.

Lol Mumper doesn’t even have a license anymore. More like a “fellowsh*t of the dings”

I’m trying to become a “senior fellow.” Already old enough to get junk mail from AARP but not old enough (yet) to get discounts at my favorite stores. Working on it, thanks in part to modern medicine.

More seriously, it’s worth remembering the controversy that their participant Dr. Cole has caused in Idaho, misdiagnosing women as supposedly having cancer and then conducting painful, unnecessary surgeries on them. Seems like their assertions that actual medicine is invasive due to promoting vaccination is a form of projection – that they and their allies are the ones pushing crazy, dangerous nonsense but try to flip the narrative for psychological reasons.

“What do you call someone who graduates last in their medical school class?”

And as Orac has mentioned on numerous occasions, state licensing boards do not practice quality control.

Well, Naomi Wolf ( Substack, yesterday) understands why we need these assemblies of crusading fellows
Is elite occultism real?
Dark inhuman forces of pre-monotheistic origin ( Moloch et al) have been unleased since 2020, opposing children, families and life, a death cult of abortion and suicide: masks, shuttered churches and cancelled graduation rituals. But it’s more than just Satan but entirely AI enabled, saturating music, art and video games, endless programming through repetition, subliminally pushing drugs and alcohol through electromagnetic vibrations
but it can be combatted by goodness, prayer and love by good people…
OK, that about half of her podcast

“endless programming through repetition”

Isn’t that the perfect description of religion?

Or tuning in to your CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and naive dingbat shows like ‘The View’ on a daily basis for your ongoing dose of deceitful and biased far left, socialist propaganda.

“ongoing dose of deceitful and biased far left, socialist propaganda”

…….and there’s your problem.

You think facts are determined by politics. If it sounds good to you,, it must be true. Unfortunately, science, nature and reality don’t give a shit.

Still believe that women can’t get pregnant from rape? Ooooh, nature disagrees, despite the American religious right wing. Can’t come back from that level of ignorance.

See? Politics doesn’t confer right.

Lad, tis better to keep silent and have the world think you’re a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Unfortunately this advice is too late for you.

Not turning any of them. People can actually make their mind themselves, you know.

I am kind of torn on this issue and am experiencing cognitive dissonance.

Perhaps, instead of praying against these perverse tendencies mentioned by Naomi, we should be celebrating them.

People who make choices that Naomi is protesting, end up not reproducing and voluntarily take themselves out of the gene pool. A win-win situation for our sanity, our planet, and for real estate prices pushed up by overpopulation.

The great-grandchildren of people who steadfastly clung to outdated notions and chose to reproduce at a great cost, will end up owning the beautiful green planet, enjoying expanses of forests, meadows, and cheap real estate.

I am kind of torn on this issue and am experiencing cognitive dissonance.

Perhaps, instead of praying against these perverse tendencies mentioned by Naomi, we should be celebrating them.

People who make choices that Naomi is protesting, end up not reproducing and voluntarily take themselves out of the gene pool. A win-win situation for our sanity, our planet, and for real estate prices pushed up by overpopulation.

I can see why you’re torn — you’re an idiot. Swallowing crap like

Dark inhuman forces of pre-monotheistic origin ( Moloch et al) have been unleased since 2020, opposing children, families and life, a death cult of abortion and suicide: masks, shuttered churches and cancelled graduation rituals. But it’s more than just Satan but entirely AI enabled, saturating music, art and video games, endless programming through repetition, subliminally pushing drugs and alcohol through electromagnetic vibrations

There’s no cult of any of those things. Her rant is nothing more than the all—too-common right wing blather of condemning people who take control of their own lives and whether to have children instead of following the desired (by the right) 1950’s TV image of what a family should be, especially how women should behave. The blaming of AI is simply the modern addition of the rant from my youth that roc and roll would ruin the world: in the youth of my nephews and nieces years video games were added to the list of things that would ruin the world.

I’m not sure what the “electromagnetic vibrations” bit is about — some other asinine conspiracy about the weapons of the left in the modern world?

The great-grandchildren of people who steadfastly clung to outdated notions and chose to reproduce at a great cost, will end up owning the beautiful green planet, enjoying expanses of forests, meadows, and cheap real estate.

More stupidity. The people who believe the things you believe, and deny science to do so, won’t have the ability to do anything about climate change (it’s not clear at all if there is time to make any significant impact on its mitigation). If people who are as limited in knowledge and decency as you were to gain power that would surely ruin all the things you list and make life living hell for women, minorities, and the poor.

“Cognitive dissonance” is not an accurate term for what goes on in Igor’s brain.

What actually takes place there is an endless performance loop of John Cage’s 4’33”.

I suggest you want the movie Idiocracy to get a glimpse of our future.

The people of the future will descend from those who choose to have children. Pretty obvious, right?

And possibly, those concerned with the planet, wanting to have career advantage etc, or those not interested in the kind of sex that makes babies, will not reproduce, thus taking themselves out of the gene pool.

Life is not fair and I am not saying that the future belongs to better people. I am just saying that the future is with the children of those who choose to have children.

I suggest you want the movie Idiocracy to get a glimpse of our future.

We see idiocy every time you post on something more complicated than the time of day. I will agree that if the future were to be populated by people who follow your advice it would be hell: I hope there are enough intelligent people to look at the lies you spew, laugh, shake heads in disdain, and move on.

But electromagnetic vibrations are how this malignant programming affects humanity! They destroy and replace inner purity and then youngsters do bad things! Invisible Weapons of the Dark Powers .

I watched the second 30 minutes where she lists the signs of this unholy hostile takeover:
2 royal horses ran free in London, a new bad portrait of King Charles and a Leni Riefenstahl-esque stage setting for Biden’s speech. The Two Horses of the Apocalypse and Nazi-geddon?

She mentions that with these horrors about to commence, people need to be healthy so buy an emergency kit from The Wellness Company with Ivermectin, antibiotics and other panaceas.

Wolf like alt med scammers needs to invoke religious themes and
dark forces because they have nothing of substance, only imaginary phantoms.

Wait, did Naomi promote The Wellness Company? In what particular posting?

Recently, Is Elite Occultism Real? and the one about Bitter Melon, probably others:
written below “please support our sponsor The Wellness Company
with a 10% discount with code OUTSPOKEN

…a new bad portrait of King Charles …

It’s like he said “Draw me frozen in carbonite in the middle of a forest fire”.

Seems to be quite a bit of mutual back-scratching going on with Naomi Wolf and The Wellness Company.

“In August, the American Board of Internal Medicine moved to permanently revoke (Peter) McCullough’s certification for making flagrantly false (statements) about COVID-19 treatments. But this didn’t stop misinformation superspreader and publishing industry laughingstock Naomi Wolf from calling the cardiologist—one of a slew of The Wellness Company brass she has featured and promoted—“my personal hero” in a Nov. 4 chat on her Rumble channel.”

Will TWC fill a gap on its staff of medical experts by signing up Naomi Wolf to be their Director of Questionable English Lit and Chemtrail Conspiracies?

Serendipitously, alt med/ anti-vaxxers who attack SBM also provide incredibly effective natural substitutes and services .

Similarly, those who trumpet the collapse of society ( NN) sell prepper supplies or have sponsors who sell alternate currencies/ investment opportunities/ gold ( NN, Wolf).

But ALL of them who condemn standard news sources, research and higher education supply alternative untrustworthy information disguised as “news” and “education” . Thet have “classrooms on the air”, “universities” ( PRN, NN, IPAK, GMI respectively) and many. many Substack accounts.
Don’t trust what you read, Trust me!

Listening in on these outlets today ( NN, PRN) the first sounds exactly like an RT broadcast and the other actually features an RT “journalist” ** as a guest!
Beware mainstream media and Wikipedia! The Fall of the West!

** amongst other regulars

“People who make choices that Naomi is protesting, end up not reproducing and voluntarily take themselves out of the gene pool. A win-win situation for our sanity, our planet, and for real estate prices pushed up by overpopulation”

Well there can be merit in the idea that one warning should be enough. If they’re an adult then let them stick a fork in the metaphorical electrical socket etc etc.

If only their actions didn’t affect anyone else. The freedom to electrocute yourself comes with the death of the guy opposite who fell off a ladder when the lights went out.

I think your understanding of climate is rather lacking too, Igor. Even for a tyro. It would be at lot further down the line than great grand children in your scenario. Plus you might have to invade another area or country to get the perfect weather but that will be fine, you could probably wipe out the inhabitants for religious reasons, gods chosen, different language for praying, not enough underage marriage or witch burning. Something like that. Either way, they’ll be ‘different’ and, therefore, not really human.

Or you just say they are all Nazis and you are just continuing what has started in WWII.

You’re torn like soiled toilet paper is torn–both because it’s soiled and thin.

Naomi Wolf has dived as deeply down the rabbit hole as any antivax “celebrity” during the pandemic.

The chemtrails have fried her brain. So sad.

@ Dr Bacon:

Unfortunately, like eggs, once brains are fried they can’t be restored to their previous condition. Jolley and Douglas ( 2017) have shown that CT believers can be educated before ideas like anti-vax have become part of their identity: later, it’s too late.

I imagine that most alt med/ anti-vaxxers we discuss- including those who comment at RI- are already in that baked-in category and they are rewarded for it by followers and customers.

I know people who came back from being anti-vaccine. It generally has to come from them, and it takes time. It’s not easy.

Oh yeah sure you do! Turn it up! The ignorance and self aggrandisement by the list of self-loving overeducated derelicts and pompous arses here is hilarious to read. It’s like you all believe you are somehow ABOVE the punters, when in fact you’re just corrupted by the propaganda and absolute lies you’ve been fed by your medical fraternities and pharmaceutical companies.

There’s not one ‘Anti-vaxxer’ (as you all so eloquently put it) out there with ANY regrets from rejecting the toxic clot shots but I assure you there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people from ‘your camp’ that foolishly rolled up their arms for 2, 3, 4 , 5 and 6 shots (FFS!) who have enormous regrets for being so stupid and listened to their corrupted and bribed government officials about the miraculously developed MRNA vaccine in less than one year when science has been trying to develop vaccines for decades to address other major medical conditions such as cancer.

You lot are living in a fantasy world – the evidence is all over the world these jabs killed people.

Maybe you should come out from underneath your beds or from your heavily compromised labs and discover the truth. Maybe it needs to be slid under a microscope for you to see it.

Warren, you are making me laugh. I am guessing any casual reader would take you for a Poe. Sadly, I know better. There are people out there so open minded that their brains have fallen out. The resulting space has been filled by conspiracy theories, as you have amply described in your comments.

Warren: “There’s not one ‘Anti-vaxxer’ (as you all so eloquently put it) out there with ANY regrets from rejecting the toxic clot shots”

The confidence with which antivaxers propagate this moronic meme is hilarious to behold.

There are plenty of people who’ve regretted refusing Covid vaccines. Some examples:

Those dead of Covid aren’t around to say they’re sorry they weren’t vaccinated – like Kelly Canon, who contracted Covid-19 after attending an antivax symposium and gleefully posted on Facebook about how she got a religious exemption to vaccination from her employer.

“No jabby-jabby for me! Praise GOD!”

Enjoy your fantasy world, Warren. 😉

“You lot are living in a fantasy world – the evidence is all over the world these jabs killed people.”

Evidence which you cannot understand, or provide. Instead you parrot it from sources you DO trust. Weird, isn’t that exactly what you just accused us of?

@Warran Can you give an estimate of the cost brobing evryody ?

At the least, they chose people who would help promote the kind of fake treatments FLCCC is famous for.

In any legitimate scientific or medical association, being associated with this group should be disqualifying – but I do not think any of the people above are actually in science?

I remember some of Dr. Mumper’s work on autism. She is certainly hard-core anti-vaccine. But to echo what I think Dr. Hickie had in mind, she seems a bit out of the rest of the group, since although I expect she agrees that covid-19 vaccines are bad, that hasn’t been her focus, has it?

Hi Dorit, Orac and the above others, It’s rather interesting for me to read these comments, and especially the way that you attack the folks that you are convinced that are quacks and misinformation spreaders, science deniers etc.etc.etc. You sound like a certain Whitehouse doctor. I can’t recall his name but his initials are Anthony Fauci! It could be fun to debate you on all of the issues that you have accused the authors of in that book that you’re trying hard to discredit, but it’s pretty pointless I guess if you’re that blind to simple facts. How simple, you may ask? This. Was there an actual global pandemic caused by some novel respiratory virus? Huh?? Your answer would most likely be “What kind of dumb question is that?”

O.K. so how you would you actually know if there was a global pandemic as described or not? It’s dead easy (pun intended!) Just check the global ACM (All cause Mortality) to see if there was indeed any excess mortality that could be correlated to any kind of respiratory virus. Guess what? There is zero evidence of this……..period! Sure, there are blips in certain areas like New York City, Northern Italy and a few other places, but with the speed at which these kind of viruses spread, there should have been massive amounts in neighbouring cities and towns, and again…….there is zero evidence of that. Please note that I am not stating that there was no respiratory virus circulating at all. There could well have been, but if there was, it most certainly did not cause GLOBAL ACM! Prof. John Ioannidis stated this right back in early 2020, but I guess that he’s also on your Quack list?

Sooooo, if there was no actual global pandemic caused by some kind of novel Corona virus, where was the emergency for issuing an untested mRNA injection by means of an EUA? Why were there forced isolation lock-downs, masks, no kids at school, most small and medium business closed up, no visitation of dying loved ones, vax mandates etc. Do I need to go on?

O.K……….now you can all start the hand waving, gas-lighting, name calling, looking into my social media from 20 years ago to see if I’m a racist, LGBQT++++ bigot, climate denier, anti vaxxer etc. Go for it!

Well said Keith. These people are deliriously ignorant and intoxicated from drinking the taxpayer funded bathwater the crooked Biden government has been pissing into their busted arse industry.

There’s a huge difference between doing the right thing and doing things right. Fauci has done things right by surrounding himself with America’s filthiest bureaucrats and political scum to avoid getting nabbed and held accountable for his monumental crimes against humanity. Doing the right thing would have been shutting down his GAIN OF FUNCTION research to protect mankind from being exposed to the evil millions have now been injected with and genetically compromised by.

Any ‘scientist’ here defending that is also guilty. Grubs.

Thanks Warren, in a straight, honest debate with all of the facts from the last 4 years, these folks on this website would fall flat on their faces. That is why they don’t debate. They just stand back and throw insults.

You can start a debate and give facts. But doubt that you do it.

Did you notice that if there is no global epidemic, gain of function research could not have caused it ?
Repeating claim does not make it true.

Generally you’d need to present your facts. Link to the data source etc etc etc.

For instance, OWiD clearly shows excess ACM deaths in the period 2020-2024 when compared to 2015-2019 (countries selected USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Sweden and France). Have a play with it. There are some interesting patterns and differences, compare Russia’s graph with America or look at the European graphs and see the similarity in time lines. Of course, there are likely issues with figures from countries that don’t have reliable health care monitoring or crappy/variable care in the first place.

If your source says something totally different then you need to present more than just bold statements. If you think that bold statements are enough, then you might just be one of those people who think that a statement must be correct if a political person you admire says it. To which I reply, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Were you thinking of Ronny Jackson?

Or perhaps Sean Conley?

Dr Anthony Fauci “served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) from 1984 to 2022, and the chief medical advisor to the president from 2021 to 2022.” So he was White House Doctor after Joe Biden took office.

If you can’t be accurate about basic facts like that, why should we believe your unsupported assertions about scientific matters?

Or perhaps Dr. Paul Alexander, an epidemiologist and official in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services during the Trump administration. On July 4, 2020, before anyone had been vaccinated, he said:

Infants, kids, teens ,young people, young adults, middle aged with no conditions etc. have zero to little risk….so we use them to develop herd…we want them infected….

“Senior Fellow” is what my parents’ vet called their Lab/Newfie mix after age 8 or so. And the dog never prescribed harmful or useless medical treatments!

I kinda want to try to get this dumb “Title” so I can write a paper about what bs it is; I mean, I gave patients HCQ and azithro before we knew any better…I’ll fudge it a little and swear that IVM cures SCLC. “I can prove it! THEY ARE HIDING THE TRUTH!” Oh yeah “Statins are BAD!” They’ll love me and immediately induct me.

Could it be that it’s not in the peer-reviewed scientific literature because they couldn’t be arsed to do a proper study?

In other news…

It appears that DJT** is not exactly pleased with how justice unfolded in NYC. Deal with it, Don.

I was curious about how alt med wankers felt about this development today. Some pretend to NOT be Trumpites- even though they probably are; they are unhappy, angry and calling for repeal or reversal of the verdict. It was fixed or politically motivated, Totally uncalled for; corrupt. People will rebel.

Progressive Radio Network. Gary Null Show ,Last several minutes
Natural News, Brighteon News, first 10+ minures

** the new Silvio Berlusconi?

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