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Rasmussen Reports eagerly plumbs Steve Kirsch-levels of antivax stupid

Rasmussen Reports is, ostensibly, a polling organization. Why does its most recent poll look like something an antivaxxer like Steve Kirsch dreamed up? Because it’s not legit. It’s propaganda.

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The FLCCC bestows the fake title of “senior fellow” to twelve antivax quacks

The COVID-19 quacks and grifters at the FLCCC have named twelve quacks as “senior fellow,” the better to further antivax conspiracy theories and, of course, grift.

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Thacker the hack keeps Thacking and hacking

I know I’ve written about Paul Thacker’s attacks on young physician Dr. Allison Neitzel three times now, but he just keeps going lower and demanding more not-so-Respectful Insolence. Orac is happy to oblige.

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A female physician responds to hack journalist Paul Thacker

After being forced through legal threats to “apologize” by a bunch of quacks and attacked by a hack journalist, Dr. Allison Neitzel tells her side of the story with respect to the hack. It’s a sad story, but I would much rather have her in my profession than the quacks who threatened her.

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Fun with Excel, or: Steve Kirsch is an antivax fool

Once again, Steve Kirsch has incompetently “analyzed” an Excel spreadsheet containing epidemiological data to claim that COVID-19 vaccines increase the chances of getting COVID. He desperately needs to take an Epidemiology 101 course.