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Donald Trump and the return of the antivax “monster shot”

Donald Trump called Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to try to gain his support. During the call, he repeated antivax tropes that he’s been repeating since 2007. A second Trump administration would be a public health disaster.

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Access Consciousness: Energy medicine woo and new phrenology

Access Consciousness claims to show how to improve your mental and physical health by touching 32 Access Bars on your scalp. It’s basically phrenology reborn and fused with “energy medicine.”

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From DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) to DNA alteration by vaccines

Apparently Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) icon Jeff Bradstreet was claiming DNA was “permanently altering” your DNA long before COVID vaccines. Or was he? This could just be a case of mixing and matching conspiracy theories, like Garanimals.

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Dr. Pierre Kory has gone all-in on anti-statin quackery

COVID contrarian turned antivax crank Dr. Pierre Kory has now embraced statin denial quackery. His evolution from COVID contrarian to all-purpose quack is now complete.

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FLCCC co-founder Paul Marik has gone full cancer quack

FLCCC co-founder Dr. Paul Marik has gone full cancer quack, deceptively disparaging chemotherapy to promote his grift of “repurposed drugs.” Everything old is new again.