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Come on, Jeffrey Tucker and Great Barrington Declaration, just admit you were wrong

In response to an article praising Taylor Swift, Jeffrey Tucker demands that Peggy Noonan “admit she was wrong” about COVID-19. Hilarity ensues.

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What is “medical freedom”? Not what “health freedom” advocates claim

Dr. Clayton Baker at the Brownstone Institute attempts to define “medical freedom” by deceptively wrapping it in what on first glance would seem to be unobjectionable principles.

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Shot Dead: A particularly disgusting piece of antivax propaganda

Here we go again with a new antivax propaganda film. Shot Dead is even more vile than pre-pandemic antivax films, full of antivax propaganda and exploitation of dead children.

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The antimask antivax Brownstone Institute is still ranting about COVID-19 “censorship”

The Brownstone Institute is at it again, claiming that the mainstream media are all about “censorship” of “divergent” ideas about COVID-19.

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The ABIM acted against COVID-19 antivax quacks…or did it?

Recently, two COVID-19 antivax quacks, Drs. Paul Marik and Pierre Kory of the COVID-19 quack group FLCCC, announced that the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) had informed them that their board certifications were in jeopardy, which they promptly used to portray themselves as “persecuted.” What’s going on?