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Mark Sircus tries to rebrand quackery as “natural allopathic medicine”

The term “allopathic medicine” was invented by homeopaths in the 19th century as a disparaging term for medicine. So to see a quack like Mark Sircus try to coopt it as “natural allopathic medicine” is quite something.

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Naturopathy: Using homeopathic saliva from a rabid dog to cure growling, aggression, and a fear of werewolves

Whenever I think I’ve seen the most ridiculous quackery ever in homeopathy or naturopathy, homeopaths and naturopaths go above and beyond to prove me wrong. This time around, I learn of Lyssinum, a homeopathic remedy claimed to have been made from the saliva of a rabid dog, and how it “cured” a child of his fear of werewolves.

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Homeopathy Awareness Week 2018 starts today. Let’s help celebrate by reminding people that it’s quackery!

Homeopathy Awareness Week starts today. Terrifyingly, the theme this year is “Homeopathy for Pregnancy an Childbirth.” Here, Orac does his part to celebrate by reminding his readers once again why homeopathy remains The One Quackery To Rule Them All.

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Homeopathy was quackery in 1796, it was quackery in 1988, and it will still be quackery in 2096

This is a post about homeopathic quackery. But I repeat myself. Those of you who’ve been readers here for a while have no doubt encountered Dana Ullman. He’s been popping up from time to time as a topic of this blog for many years now, almost to the very beginning, when he began spewing the […]