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The New Republic on a two decade war against medical quackery

A story is told in “The New Republic” about a certain entity that readers here might know well, at least longtime regulars.

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Orac is taking a brief blog break to recharge his Tarial cell

In order to recharge his Tarial cells, Orac is taking a blog break, as difficult as it is for him to lay off antivaxxers for a while. He will return soon enough.

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Orac on Thinking Critically

So Orac appeared on the Thinking Critically podcast to discuss the sorts of things he often rambles on about right here on Respectful Insolence.

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A brief update: When will Orac return?

Fear not, intrepid readers. Orac will return in a week, as he describes here in an update. He has not disappeared forever, although two and a half weeks is a long time.

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A brief blog break…

Even Orac has times when other, more important things than laying down Insolence, require his attention. This is just such a time.

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