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The Surgisphere debacle

I got it wrong about something. It turns out that recent Lancet hydroxychloroquine study was likely fraudulent, thanks to a small, very dodgy company called Surgisphere. Here, I admit and explain my error and try to set things right.

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Will 2016 be the year when the FDA and FTC finally crack down on homeopathy?

I like to say that homeopathy is The One Quackery To Rule Them All (although of late I’ve debated whether homeopathy or reiki is the most properly referred to as that). It’s a strange beast, homeopathy. Its two main “Laws” are so clearly pseudoscience that you’d think that no one could ever fall for something […]

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In which Orac co-authors a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine

Unfortunately, this happens to be a day when I didn’t really have much time to blog, as I had to go to an evening meeting last night related to my work. Fortunately, this corresponds with a most excellent day, a first in my life. Basically, I’m coauthor on a Perspective article published in today’s New […]