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Antivax pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky hops on the COVID-19 denial grift train

In “COVID-19 EXPOSED,” antivax pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky has pivoted effortlessly to COVID-19 quackery and denial, same as it ever was for antivaxxers.

If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that there is a very close relationship between antivaccine grift and COVID-19 grift and that relationship is conspiracy theories. It’s a relationship that manifested itself very early in the pandemic, as far back as January, when antivaxxers had started blaming the flu vaccine for susceptibility to what was then called the novel coronavirus based on a conspiracy theory. It’s an antivaccine/COVID-19 lie that has persisted with an oddly specific estimate of how much more susceptible the flu vaccine supposedly makes you to COVID-19, an estimate based on the utter misinterpretation of a single study. Soon, antivaxxers were claiming that COVID-19 was actually due to a failed vaccine against SARS, the coronavirus that threatened the world in 2002-2003 but ultimately did not cause nearly as much suffering and death as COVID-19 has so far. (This was back in January, too, before COVID-19 had even really become apparent in the US and was primarily ravaging Wuhan, China and other places in Asia.) It wasn’t very long before the antivaccine movement launched a pre-emptive disinformation war against any COVID-19 vaccine that might be developed, a disinformation war that has continued to this day and intensified. As of last month, antivaxxers had become so prominent in the antimask COVID-19 denialist conspiracy theory movements that they were being featured at conferences by COVID-19 pandemic deniers and minimizers, along with QAnon conspiracy theory cranks. So it should come as no surprise that yet another antivaxxer has jumped on the COVID-19 denial grift train. I’m referring to Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, an antivaccine pediatrician who had become prominent in the antivaccine movement years ago and has now shown up in a video called COVID-19 Exposed, with a New Age woomeister named Jason Shurka.

When last we encountered Larry Palevsky, it was February, again before the pandemic had really started to hit the US hard. He was testifying before the Connecticut legislature, which was at the time considering passing legislation to remove the religious exemption to school vaccine mandates. (Guess which side he took?) As I discussed at the time, his testimony was an endless font of antivaccine misinformation and disinformation, basically an antivax greatest hits. Last year, when measles outbreaks were popping up all over the US, thanks to fear of the MMR vaccine stoked by antivaxxers, Palevsky was a frequent featured speaker at antivaccine rallies, “informational” events, and protests, such as ones held in Harlem and Monsey, NY, where he helped stoke antivaccine sentiments among the Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn and New Jersey. As I’ve said many times, although I find any antivaccine physician to be someone who brings dishonor on the entire medical profession, that sentiment goes double or triple (at least) for antivaccine pediatricians like Dr. Palevsky, as pediatricians are the ones who should most understand the benefits of vaccines and that they do not cause autism. Indeed, I’ve often wondered how Dr. Palevsky and antivaccine pediatricians like him keep their medical licenses, given that being antivaccine is practicing so far below the standard of care as to be malpractice at least and definitely bad enough that such physicians should never see another patient again.

So what is Dr. Palevsky up to now? Surprise! Surprise! He’s jumped on the COVID-19 denial grift train! So, unsurprisingly, he’s being lionized at that wretched hive of scum and antivaccine quackery, Age of Autism, for this interview:

It’s a 30 minute video, some of which has been transcribed on AoA, the rest of which I suffered through, mostly. Unsurprisingly, the video starts out with a montage of news reports about COVID and included this:

Dr. Palevsky and COVID-19
Dr. Palevsky and COVID-19
Dr. Palevsky and COVID-19

The interviewer Jason Shurka (who, quite frankly, I don’t recall ever having encountered before) then introduces Larry Palevsky as someone who’s going to share “his truth.” I always chuckle when I hear the word “truth” preceded by a possessive adjective like “his” or “her” or “their.” What this tells me immediately is that what we’re going to hear is opinion, often flagrantly wrong opinion, gussied up as “his truth.” It’s also claimed that Palevsky will be “revealing the scientifically backed TRUTH” about COVID-19. Given his past track record, I laughed again, as that was the same claim that he likes to make whenever he spouts ridiculous takes on vaccines. As for Jason Shurka, he touts himself as an “author, entrepreneur, and investor.” He’s clearly into woo, too, given this blurb on his website:

We live in a society that focuses on the unimportant things in life. Our society has taught us fear, anxiety and worry, amongst many other poisonous emotions. Our society has led us to become insensitive to the vibrations around us, and therefore disconnected from our souls within us.

The reality is, we are limitless beings who have the potential to reach and attain whatever it is that we desire. Limitation only exists in the mind. Imagine being in complete control of what manifests into your life. Imagine being able to use your thoughts for your own benefit without letting them take over you and your emotions. Imagine being able to heal your own internal blockages with the use of your mind, instead of the use of sedative drugs. Well, you no longer have to imagine.

My first book, Forming the Formless, and my second book, The Language of Energy, both focus on teaching how to access your limitless nature through the teaching of guided thought, words, emotions and actions.


Imagine living in a world without time and space, without walls, without borders, without wars, without disease, without vaccines, without toxins, without drugs, and without doctors. A world of Love, brotherhood, and harmony. A world of happiness, wealth, eternal abundance and equality. A world without a false religion and a fake book of laws that controls us. A world in which we are the law itself. A world of justice. A world without false rabbis, false priests, or any other corrupt religious leaders. A world without corrupt lawyers, judges or politicians. It is doable. It has already happened and it will happen again!

Here’s a hint. Whenever you see someone refer to the “vibrations around us” and “energy” in the context of “healing your own internal blockages with the use of your mind,” you know you’re into serious, grade-A woo with echoes of The Secret. Of course, then there’s his apparent latest book, The Pyramid Code. (Holy 1970s, Batman! That’s some old woo!) In addition, Shurka appears to be seriously antivaccine, too, given the passage above and how he brags that Palevsky was his doctor ever since he was a little kid. (Wait, what? I thought Palevsky is a pediatrician. Usually pediatricians transfer care of patients to an adult doctor no later than when the patient hits age 21.) Of course, as I’ve mentioned before, Palevsky is an “integrative medicine doctor,” and his practice offers “holistic pediatric services” that include a whole heapin’ helpin’ of quackery, including cleanses, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and more.

The early part of the interview features Dr. Palevsky pontificating about his background in which he at first implied that he’s spent most of his career working in hospitals, emergency rooms, neonatal ICUs, and other critical care situations. Then he says that, for the last 20 years, he has had a private practice in “holistic pediatrics.” Given that Dr. Palevsky finished his residency in 1990, that means he’s really spent the bulk of his career catering to woo-loving parents in New York City and probably hasn’t treated a really sick child in an acute care setting in two decades.

Shurka then goes on about how we’re not dealing with “COVID-19” correctly and how viruses are really hear to help us. (Oh, really? Tell that to the 230K+ and counting Americans who have died of COVID-19 and the likely millions who’ve survived it but with debilitating post-COVID syndromes.) Palevsky seems to humor him by pontificating about how, unlike bacteria, viruses are not truly “alive” (although calling them “dead” seems to me to be a stretch given that calling something “dead” implies that it was at one time alive) and how viruses cannot replicate without hijacking the genetic machinery of a living organism. (I bet you can see where this is going) and having something “turn it on.” So, in Palevsky’s view, a virus by itself is inert, which is true, but rather beside the point in the context of a pandemic.

This lets Palevsky pivot to saying how we have viruses in us now that are being “turned on and off” by our thoughts, foods, the weather, changes in the season, by emotions, by stressors, and, of course, by chemicals and toxins. Yes, this is where he goes where I thought he was going, into germ theory denial. To him, viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, are harmless in and of themselves and need “something” to “turn them on.” This is, of course, only sort of true. Many are the viruses that are perfectly capable of infecting you and causing disease regardless of how healthy you are, the foods you eat, and your thoughts and emotions. He then pivots to the deceptive claim that the human body was born with a half a million viruses embedded in our genetic code. Yes, that’s true. We have lots of what are called human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) embedded in our genomes, and there are some viruses for which integration into the genome is mandatory for viral replication. I even just recently described in the context of discussing some amazing quackery for COVID-19 how some non-retroviruses have left fragments of their genome in the human genome but do not represent a mechanism by which COVID-19 emerged. In any event, Dr. Palevsky then says:

So we in our society, in our culture, actually walk around believing that viruses aren’t in our body until somebody who is sick gives them to us, and that’s actually incorrect. What’s even more interesting is that the body contains over 100 trillion bacteria, and viruses are capable of being embedded inside the bacteria as well. So you have more than half a million viruses coded within our genetics and you have over 100 trillion bacteria that are lining us. We have the potential to be more virus than we are human. And that’s the problem. We’re always considering that the only way to be exposed to a virus is for someone who’s sick to give it to us, and we don’t understand that viruses are constantly replicating inside our body, inside our cells, are constantly replicating in bacteria. We’re constantly breathing in viruses through the air, and we’re not sick.

That means that viruses do not make us sick unless there are conditions within the body and conditions outside the body that signal the turning on and the turning off of these viruses. There’s got to be something different about this virus, and I think that there is. And the reason I think that there’s something different is that every one of the symptoms in a viral illness leads to an externalized expression of symptoms. When something is being removed from the body, there’s discharge of toxicity. This SARS-CoV-2 illness does not present with discharge. This SARS-CoV-2 illness does not present with the classic externalization of symptoms like every other virus. This illness presents with an internalization of symptoms.

That last part doesn’t even make any sense! Palevsky goes on to say that what we see in COVID-19 is hypoxia, organ system failure, difficulty breathing, loss of sense of taste and smell, neurologic symptoms, and that doesn’t sound like a viral illness? He further goes on to claim that this is “not the way classic viral illnesses present” and this is “not the way that respiratory viruses present.”

WTF? “Doesn’t sound like a viral illness?” What does Dr. Palevsky think a viral illness should look like? In fact, all those symptoms are quite consistent with a viral illness in which the virus can infect multiple organ systems and provoke a cytokine storm! The weirdest thing about COVID-19, to me at least, was its ability to cause “silent hypoxia,” in which the patient has a low oxygen content in his blood, but, instead of feeling shortness of breath proportional to what hypoxia of such severity would usually produce, looks and feels fairly good—for a while, before the crash comes. Also, what about the vast majority of COVID-19 patients who do present with disease like that caused by “classic respiratory viruses” and coronaviruses, with cough, fever, malaise, and a flu-like syndrome from which they recover. Palevsky is cherry picking the patients who develop severe life-threatening disease and representing them as the typical course of the disease, when they’re not. While it’s true that a minority of patients present with such severe disease (a minority that gets larger and larger the older the patient is and the more comorbid conditions he has), most patients have mild to moderate symptoms—and many are completely asymptomatic. (These patients who are asymptomatic or only have mild disease are the ones most likely to spread the COVID-19.)

Unsurprisingly, Dr. Palevsky appears to be antimask, too. Shurka presents the mask issue as a false dichotomy, harping on some early bad messaging on masks, playing a clip of Anthony Fauci saying early in the pandemic that people shouldn’t be wearing masks and then showing a later clip of Fauci saying people should wear masks. (Geez, real scientists change their minds in response to new data. How is this so hard for quacks to understand?) Palevsky goes on to pontificate how we can be “exposed to hundreds of trillions of organisms and not get sick,” a point that is (sort of) true but irrelevant to pathogenic organisms. Just because we’ve come to an “accommodation” with trillions of organisms living on and in our bodies says nothing about organisms that don’t have the characteristics to be part of that microbiome and virome and instead infect, replicate, and destroy. Seriously, how did this man get through medical school and residency and not understand this basic point about pathogenic microorganisms. Annoyingly, he dismisses asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 by saying that we’ve “always” been able to pass organisms between us without symptoms. Again, this is (sort of) true, but irrelevant to COVID-19, nor does it imply that we shouldn’t wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Dr. Palevsky harps and harps and harps on the supposed “belief” that we don’t have bacteria or viruses in us unless we get them from someone else who is sick also irritated the hell out of me. I mean, come on! So what if laypeople believe this. Physicians and scientists are well aware of the benign organisms that live on and in us and (usually) don’t cause disease, one exception being when we become immunosuppressed or when antibiotics kill off the beneficial and protective bacteria, thus letting the harmful bacteria normally kept in check by them to replicate. This is not rocket science, and I suspect that Palevsky knows damned well that scientists and doctors don’t push the message that we don’t have any viruses or bacteria in oru bodies other than what we get from sick people. He’s pushing that message as the dominant narrative in order to weave a conspiracy theory that doctors are hiding the “truth” about viruses and bacteria from you. (Don’t even get me started on how at multiple points he appears to conflate bacteriophages, viruses that can only infect bacteria and not animal cells, with viruses that infect human cells.) The point where Palevsky says that he was routinely exposed to sick children coughing and puking on him and he “rarely got sick” also irritated the hell out of me. How is it that Dr. Palevsky doesn’t know that the reason for that is that he had likely been exposed to those organisms before and was therefore immune?

When Palevsky next opined that we have to “change our thinking” to realize that “exposures to organisms do not make us sick,” I almost lost it. I mean, holy Béchamps! He’s basically parroting an updated version of the discredited theory that bacteria and pathogenic organisms are not the cause of disease but a manifestation of disease (i.e, that it’s the “terrain,” not the microbe). Basically, his modification is that the terrain “turns on” COVID-19. Again, just because exposure to most viruses and bacteria doesn’t make us sick does not imply anything about pathogenic microbes, which are defined as pathogenic because exposure to them can and does make us sick! He then uses the discredited idea that women living together will sync their menstrual periods to argue that “simultaneous” manifestation of symptoms doesn’t necessarily imply contagiousness in COVID-19.

Later in the interview, he rails against “censorship” and invokes more misinformatoin:

There were other doctors all around the world who spoke out about it and said, “Wait a second, this doesn’t present like a real viral illness. There’s something different about this. We need to be treating it differently than the way we’re being told to treat it.”

He was censored and other physicians were censored, and it made many of us in the medical community step back and say, “Why are we being forced to speak a narrative that isn’t consistent with what we’re seeing in the field, in the clinical situation.

So it raised a big question mark for a lot of people: Why would scientific information be censored? Here we have a viral illness that we’re being told is a viral illness, and yet doctors around the world have been treating thousands of patients with two medications that treat parasites.

Why would a drug like hydroxchloroquine and a drug like ivermectin, both of which treat parasitic infections, why would the use of those drugs in the early stages of a SARS-CoV-2 infection make patients so much better so quickly?

If this is a virus, why would medications that treat parasites make patients improve? So even asking the question is going to be censored.

Somehow we’ve allowed ourselves to swallow this information that a respiratory virus is now working to give us a blood disorder and clotting factors that are making people sick, when no one has really explained the mechanism by which that happens.

We’re just accepting, oh it’s a virus. It must be a virus, when yet there are many other things that could explain this including hydrogen cyanide, electro—magnetic radiation or some parasites when inhaled or ingested that could be leading to some of the clinical symptoms that we’re seeing.

Seriously, how is this man still a practicing pediatrician? Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work. Drugs can have pleiotropic mechanisms. The controversy about hypoxia and ventilators early in the pandemic had nothing to do with whether doctors thought SARS-CoV-2 was a respiratory virus and everything to do with when and how best to use ventilators and the possibility that the overaggressive early use of ventilators might not do any good and might even cause harm. These are controversies that, over the months, have been slowly resolving themselves in the scientific literature, but Dr. Palevsky acts as though they are still a thing. Hydroxychloroquine almost certainly does not work against COVID-19, as randomized controlled clinical trials have shown time and time again. As for that last bit, come on! You don’t see COVID-19 without the virus! That argument from incredulity about how a respiratory virus couldn’t possibly cause a clotting disorder is medical stupidity of the highest order, too.

In the last half of the interview, Shurka goes full COVID-19 conspiracy theorist, and Dr. Palevsky humors him. For instance, Shurka goes on and on about the standard “plandemic” nonsense invoking previous pandemic preparedness exercises carried out by various organizations and asks, “Is it possible that this ‘pandemic’ is actually a ‘PLAN-demic’?”

Dr. Palevsky in response, cries “Censorship!” in such as way as to validate Shurka’s ramblings:

What is a medical doctor or a scientist or even a lay person supposed when we see that the illness that people are getting with COVID 19 is supposed to be a coronavirus infection, and yet it’s not even close to being consistent with the way coronavirus operates in the body?

What is a medical doctor or a scientist or a lay person supposed when he or she finds out that Anthony Fauci is quoted in January of 2017 at a Georgetown University dinner saying there will be a surprise outbreak during the Trump administration.

Every time these questions have been raised, people have been censored. When we’ve talked about the use of two anti-parasite drugs effectively helping as a treatment for people who got sick early on and they got better really quickly.

Why is that information censored?

Why are the questions that I ask censored?

“Censored.” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

I’ve now documented more times than I can recall how antivaccine grifters like Dr. Palevsky have take so quickly to COVID-19 conspiracy theories and grift. That’s because, behind every form of science denial, there is at least one conspiracy theory, usually many, and there is a huge resemblance between antivaccine conspiracy theories that posit that the CDC/government/medical profession “knows” that vaccines cause autism and all manner of medical problems but that it’s “hiding” or suppressing the evidence and COVID-19 conspiracy theories that posit that SARS-CoV-2 was a “plandemic” and that the CDC/government/medical profession is “suppressing” the evidence.

Of course, there’s the grift, too. There is always the grift.

By Orac

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89 replies on “Antivax pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky hops on the COVID-19 denial grift train”

Palevsky earlier today posted on Facebook about how ICAN (Del Bigtree’s group which pushes an antivax agenda under the guise of “health freedom”) has been turning up the heat on the New York State Bar Association for supporting Covid-19 vaccination.

Palevsky is crowing about how ICAN and its lawyers earlier pressured the NYSBA’s Health Section to water down a proposed resolution supporting mandated Covid-19 vaccination. The NYSBA House of Delegates is scheduled to vote tomorrow (Nov. 7) on various Covid-related recommendations, including a revised vaccine resolution which contains the following language:

“Should the level of immunity be deemed insufficient by expert medical and scientific consensus to check the spread of COVID-19 and reduce morbidity and mortality, a mandate and state action should be considered, as may be warranted, only after the following conditions are met and as a less restrictive and intrusive alternative to isolation, subject to exception for personal medical reasons:
i) evidence of properly conducted and adequate clinical trials;
ii) reasonable efforts to promote public acceptance;
iii) fact-specific assessment of the threat to the public health in various populations and
communities; and
iv) expert medical and scientific consensus regarding the safety and efficacy of a
vaccine and the need for immunization.
Enforcement of any immunization requirement should be along the lines of current New York law.”

ICAN* is supposedly watching the results of the vote “closely”. If that’s a threat of legal action, it may not overly impress a bunch of New York lawyers.

*among the things ICAN warned the NYSBA about was the need to consider the “superior natural immunity” we obtain by contracting Covid-19, as opposed to vaccine immunity. You’ve gotta admit, the 200,000+ dead in the U.S. are now completely immune to SARS-CoV-2.

Somehow threatening a bunch of New York lawyers with legal action seems more like throwing raw meat to the lions.

“The reality is, we are limitless beings who have the potential to reach and attain whatever it is that we desire. ” Uh huh, sure Mr Shurka. Why don’t you prove that by flying? Without any mechanical device.
What’s that? You do believe in the limitations imposed by gravity? Interesting.

Where do these people come from?

““Censored.” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Here is a case where I believe that it is legitimate to allow the “spread of medical misinformation” on grounds, among others, of India/China political stakes and fact-checking that ignores the role of media (or rather casts it in a US-centric mindframe):

Now that is a heck of a birthday present. Congrats on surviving another year — especially this year!

He is going to burn everything to the ground; probably start lobbing nukes at hurricanes, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philly, Erie PA, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Dixville Notch.

His followers are going to find out what it feels like for r/leopardsatemyface because he will blame them. For listening to him.

@ Tim

“…probably start lobbing nukes at hurricanes…”

That’s called fighting climate change! Really want to see that!

Off-topic: I’m not really a huge animal lover, far from it. But I consider the murder of 17 million minks in Denmark on the basis of coronavirus prophylaxy to be bonkers.

@ Tim

Good point. I’ll have a deeper thought about that. Nevertheless, it still seems bonkers to me. Seem they have a not so stupid reason for doing so, but something really doesn’t feel right im my mind on this one.

Happy birthday! Celebrate.

re ” .one less Grifter-in-Chief..”
I hope so BUT
I worry about how many followers he has to stir things up even when he’s gone ( 70 MILLION voters). The other day, IIRC, Robert Costa remarked about the growing divide between basically urban and rural** factions which we see reflected in the election returns and is nothing new. ( see 19th Century literature; Brexit vote maps) but there seems to be overt aggression ( militias, guns, truck convoys) that the internet enables

PLUS I follow alt med/ anti-vax sites/ FB who also fan the flames to garner the support of this large group ( including QAnon).so I read terrible, fact-free BS every day including hatred ( Natural News, PRN,) for city dwellers, the educated, liberals, feminists.. people like me. I live in a ‘safe zone’ but read/ see stories ( e.g. where Orac lives) about protestors with AR 15s taking over the capitol, hanging the governor in effigy*** and plotting her kidnapping. I fear we may have underestimated the strength of these partisans.

**cities / near suburbs vs ex-urbs/ rural
*** only a doll but still.. .

He still has until January 20th to get away with whatever shenanigans he and his enablers can get away with.

@ F68.10
I think the minks are all killed, because the virus seems to have changed in the minks and they are affraid a vaccine wouldn’t work on that new strain, so in order to keep it under control, they have decided to kill them all.

In The Netherlands we also have mink farms and only on farms with infected minks, all minks are killed in order to prevent the virus from spreading. Some parties would like to put an end to all mink farms as soon as possible.

@ Renate

“Some parties would like to put an end to all mink farms as soon as possible.”

I concur. Free the minks. If you want mink fur, then do the job: hunt them. At least you’ll provide fun employment opportunities to the poor…

But.. then the mittens would have holes in them.

I’ll bet they keep a few hundred thousand of them in a sealed biodome somewhere just to see what churns out — could be that a benign mutation takes hold.

It makes one wonder on what forms of prompt “prophylaxy” is to be done on humans suspected with the new strain. Contact tracing and isolating have been ever so effective in the US.

Ohh! I’ve seen this one; we could hunt them and arrange for their financially disadvantaged families to receive a healthy sum so long as the huntee signs a waiver.

@ Tim

“But.. then the mittens would have holes in them.”

Geez! You always have good arguments!

Oh, well… even more fun to lay traps or just run after them!

“Ohh! I’ve seen this one; we could hunt them and arrange for their financially disadvantaged families to receive a healthy sum so long as the huntee signs a waiver.”

<a href=""Manhunts? Yeah! Sure. Make them hard targets!

Don’t free the minks!!! Hasn’t anyone here read ‘Kine’? Won’t somebody think of tthe weasels?

@ F68.10

Free the minks.

I agree with the general sentiment, but please do not free all of them at the same time.
Some overzealous animal rights advocates did precisely that, a commando action where they sneaked in and opened all the cages of some big furry farm (in the UK, in the 90’s? Cannot remember, now – old hands of RI may know).
The result on the nearby countryside wildlife population was that could be expected after the release of a swarm of famished carnivorous predators.

Yes, that’s a big problem with setting a large group of carnivorous animals free. Besides, they might not survive for other reasons. Probably a lot will end as roadkill. We have our radical animal right activists as well, who tried this concept.

American mink is an invasive species in many European countries. You should not set them free in Europe.

Whenever you see someone refer to the “vibrations around us” and “energy” in the context of “healing your own internal blockages with the use of your mind,”

That does happen. And when it does, my brain tells by butthole to let loose and I take a dump.

I usually start asking them about the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of those “vibrations”, and then ask them to tell be the difference between kinetic and potential energy, and how they are related. Because I am that kind jerk engineer.

Palevsky is not the only anti-vax pediatrician grifting off this (though he’s doing it most dramatically). Paul Thomas put out a booklet “COVID-19: Life-Saving Strategies The News Media Will Never Tell You” in late April, available for free on his web site. Of course now it’s for sale online at all the usual sellers. Pure drek/anti-mask/anti-vax/etc.

So damn disgusting these bastards still have medical licenses.

It’s a 30 minute video, some of which has been transcribed on AoA, the rest of which I suffered through, mostly.

[Engage irony meter overload protocol before reading further]

Palevsky has a weekly podcast with Tenpenny (for the last 21 weeks) called “CRITICALLY THINKING with Dr T & Dr P”. Appears to be 21 hours of word salad. I can’t get more than 1-2 minutes in before I have to shut it off. Must be my brain’s stupid-shock proteins doing their job.

In case no one clicked through, this is totally r/nottheonion

Patton Oswalt’s thread is a riot.

This is not over. For we shall mount our righteous stand at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Next to Fantasy Island Adult Books. Across the street from the Delaware Valley Cremation Center. Between the fire extinguisher and yellow hose. #MAGA

{Giuliani received the news of the election being called in the middle of this ‘press conference’ and threw his arms wide to the sky. The press then began an exodus during his rant.}

“Lawn Order”

There are two schools of thought:: (1) As trump had tweeted from the golf course about the event they then found out that the hotel was already booked and found another place with the name “Four Seasons”.

(2) The staff-aid doing the booking dialed the wrong number, whereby the receptionist of this latino all female-owned and staffed entrepreneurship failed to correct them of the likely mistake and just said “you got it, buddy”.

I am awaiting to see if this gets the John Oliver treatment shortly.

In case, you haven’t heard, the US election was decided on Saturday** and Trump lost, although he is disputing the outcome, threatening legal actions ( most have failed so far)
Because I survey a slew of anti-vax / woo sites and pages, I decided to look at how they reacted to the news: were they congratulating the winners? Bitching or indulging in denialism?
I chose twitter where applicable and websites ( several of these charlatans/ dis-informers have been tossed off of social media in the past few months) and a few have pre-result material only.
In short, there were no congratulatory messages to be seen. NOT ONE. Natural News doubted the reality of the results. as did @ Ginger Taylor, showing their Q bent ( also Stop Mandatory Vaccination Now) or skirted the whole issue entirely ( Mercola, Green Med Info) PRN ( Friday) declared that there would be no difference regardless of which party won because everyone is corrupt and that Dr Fauci should be prosecuted for “crimes against humanity”. Even a NYC liberal like Katie Wright didn’t speak up. Del Bigtree and RFK jr are not pleased. So we know where they stand. NOT with most of the world’s leaders who are now breathing a sigh of relief.

Why is this? Could it be that the President elect and VP elect are science based and support standard recommendations about Covid and vaccines? Support came from younger people, minorities, suburban/ city dwellers, people with better educations and WOMEN

** see dancing in the streets, singing, spontaneous celebrations/ car parades, champagne pops, fireworks etc..

Sunday morning. No soccer game, dog walked sufficiently. I stopped at the office cuz Monday mornings are a mess if I don’t clean up paperwork on the weekend.

As Orac may have told you, I received two Pfizer/BioNTech162b vaccines in August and September.

I believe we have discussed just a few disagreements we all have about vaccines and mandates, but I have always believed that judicious use of vaccines is good, not bad. I explain to the (surprised) parents in my practice that we have never, in the history of the planet, had naturally-acquired herd immunity and this virus isn’t going anywhere. We are in an exponential growth phase of cases and hospitalization and the only way out of this pandemic involves a vaccine. I wish we didn’t need a Coronavirus 19 vaccine and I wish we had more time for development and testing. But we do not. So I did as much reading as I could and applied to both Moderna and Pfizer. I got my first shot 8/22/20 and my second three weeks later. After the second shot, I had a very sore arm and a three degree temp elevation the next day and was just fine the day after that. The placebo in this study is saline. I continue to test myself every other day–either PCR or BD Veritor–because nasal carriage quite possible even antibodies. Yes, I did a finger stick and I’m positive.

I acquiesce to your need to dichotomize the vaccine issue (pro- and anti-) but you’re wrong about that. In the early months of vaccine administration, I will continue to be quite public about why I took this (small?) risk and why I strongly recommend that everyone get a Coronavirus 19 vaccine.

I have missed you all. Stay safe and stay well.



As Orac may have told you, I received two Pfizer/BioNTech162b vaccines in August and September.

Orac didn’t tell us this, Jay, and you know it. Self-aggrandize much?

I believe we have discussed just a few disagreements we all have about vaccines and mandates, but I have always believed that judicious use of vaccines is good, not bad.

BS. You are anti-vax but unlike the 3 other worst (anti-vax) pediatricians in the US you occasionally feel the need to pretend you aren’t. Grow up and own it.

So I did as much reading as I could

Apparently you can’t read enough to do MOC.

I continue to test myself every other day–either PCR or BD Veritor–because nasal carriage quite possible even antibodies.

It’s an mRNA vaccine, Gordon. You clearly didn’t do that much reading. Stop wasting precious testing resources on yourself. Somehow, you’ll survive these vaccines.

[lest anyone think I’m overtesting myself for SARS-Cov-2 thanks to my html editing error above]

I continue to test myself every other day–either PCR or BD Veritor–because nasal carriage quite possible even antibodies.

It’s an mRNA vaccine, Gordon. You clearly didn’t do that much reading. Stop wasting precious testing resources on yourself. Somehow, you’ll survive these vaccines.

Jay is a pediatrician isn’t he?

He seems quite ignorant about COVID-19 vaccines.

t’s good that Jay says he supports a vaccine against Covid-19, although unclear why he is currently urging people to get it since no such vaccine has been approved (outside of isolated examples like the Russian military).

Jay evidently is not as bad as he used to be on immunization. After a long period of mindless opposition (for instance, arguing that young people vaccinated against HPV would give in to the urge to commit licentious sexual behavior), he supposedly now gives HPV vaccination to some patients.

However many elements of the philosophy that has endeared him to antivaxers remain in place, on his website and elsewhere. He continues to recommend against childhood vaccination for rotavirus and hepatitis B (and against hepatitis A vaccination unless traveling abroad), and suggests that it’s dangerous to vaccinate young children (for instance, promoting the idea that pertussis and MMR vaccination are risky before the age of 3). He’s on record saying that measles poses no risk to healthy children. He says he’s “very much opposed to the routine vaccination schedule”. When he gives vaccines at all he promotes a “slow”/delayed schedule that has no proven added safety value and which arguably increases the risk of kids contracting dangerous vaccine-preventable diseases. When Bob Sears was placed on long-term probation by the California Medical Board after Sears improperly exempted a 2-year-old child from all vaccinations (and failed to conduct a proper neurologic exam when presented with a history of head trauma), Jay said that Sears had acted in “very, very good faith” (Jay reportedly signed hundreds of personal belief exemptions to vaccination before SB277 was passed in California, and opposed that legislation).

I’m glad that Jay says he takes time out from the weekend burden of paperwork to walk his dog “sufficiently”.

If only he believed in vaccinating children sufficiently.

The dog! I can take a lot of criticism, Bacon, but not of my dog care. He gets a stone cold minimum of 25 miles a week. If you are so inclined, email me. You know a lot about me. I’d actually love to know who you are and what you’re all about. Ask Orac for my email if you’re so inclined.
By the way, I’m quite aware that there is no Coronavirus 19 vaccine yet available. Why would you interpret my statement that way? You knew otherwise.

They say that there is a ‘spectrum’ of sexuality. That implies that out there somewhere is the gayest gay ever. I would like to pet your dog.

Why would we want to do that?
Also, if demons, and thus other planes of existence, exist, with a bit of negotiation, we may have plenty of opportunities to set up important research experiments in quantum physics and related fields.

It seems odd that Jay (who pats himself vigorously on the back for supporting the “judicious” use of vaccines*) is urging use of a Covid-19 vaccine without having any idea what vaccine(s) will ultimately be approved. Don’t you think it’s wise to analyze the research and clinical trial data before jumping on the bandwagon?

*of course, a “judicious” supporter of immunization would not have opposed hepatitis B and HPV vaccination over unfounded safety concerns and the belief that young people would start fornicating willy-nilly because they no longer had to fear these diseases.
**Jay’s injudicious opposition to a slew of vaccines is documented on his website, along with other inept medical advice, like using homeopathy to treat ear infections.

of course, a “judicious” supporter of immunization would not have opposed hepatitis B and HPV vaccination over unfounded safety concerns and the belief that young people would start fornicating willy-nilly because they no longer had to fear these diseases.

I suggest a good nickname for Jay could be Pretzel.

We don’t yet have a really good data set for any COVID-19 vaccine. While I am hanging out for the vaccine to arrive and will be keen to stick my shoulder out for it, I do want some confidence about its safety.

While I very much know better, 2020 has left me in a place where I am clinging to that 90% like a toddler to their parent’s leg.
I will be a sensible scientist tomorrow. Today, I just want that glimmer of hope.

(Though the -70/-80C cold chain is just, ugh, going to be a problem.)

” cold chain is just, ugh, going to be a problem.”

“A problem that should be left up to the states.” — Emperor DJT (Nero 2: Pumkin Boogaloo), probably

“There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration” — Pompeo

“Twelve more years…I never kid” — DJT

(Though the -70/-80C cold chain is just, ugh, going to be a problem.)

Yes. The Government here has signed up to 10 million doses. These will go to health care workers and the elderly. They have expressed concern about the cold chain and also about the fact that it cannot be manufactured in Australia.

It would be nice if one of the other candidates showed safety and efficacy.

Well, anti-vaxxers have a new vaccine to rant and rail against:
first thing today, I was asked if I had heard ‘ the news’, I imagined it might involve the newly disenfranchised orange-in-chief, but no, it was that Pfizer reported results on their Covid vaccine.( see NYT)
So of course, I thought, ” How will anti-vaxxers/ woo-meisters react to THAT?” We can all imagine. The campaign will begin immediately to frighten people away from the vaccine which isn’t available yet. I can hardly wait.

@Bacon Pfizer. That will be the first vaccine approved.
I can send you links so you can follow this more easily
It’s quite important

Yep, @DangerousBacon, you heard it from renowned vaccine researcher (if research means using along with pulling stuff out of one’s arse) Jay Gordon, who along with fellow anti-vax quack pediatrician Bob Sears helped bring measles to LA and Orange Counties in 2015, because, like, Jay doesn’t have to worry about measles killing him….but COVID-19, well that one is different, ya know, because Jay’s in the high-risk group by age.

Until you recant and publicly apologize for all the damage you’ve done to public health, Gordon, you are just another slimy grifting anti-vax dirtbag.

But you are a fan of uncontrolled pathogen replication occurring due to lack of vaccination, accompanied by large-scale production of viral and bacterial toxins?

@ Bacon writes, “But you are a fan of uncontrolled pathogen replication occurring due to lack of vaccination, accompanied by large-scale production of viral and bacterial toxins?” No.

Bacon, is your thinking really this simplistic?

You understand the Pfizer vaccine is mRNA? It’s not live or attenuated virus. It’s not random bits of shit.

No, you don’t understand. Too many people in this country are too flippin’ stupid to understand. It’s become much worse since I started in medicine 2 decades ago.

FYI I much prefer living thanks to a COVID-19 vaccine injection than being sick and/or hospitalized and/or dying.

Welcome to the idiotcracy. The United States of DUHmerica.

Oh well NW. Being that squeamish, at least you’re unlikely to feel that bleach enemas and random stem cells are a good idea.

Natalie White-if you consider one ( maybe a second) tiny injection with ALL that STUFF you list as some sort of toxic overload to your body, consider all the other myriad ‘chemicals’ entering your body via mouth, nose and possibly other orifices which are in quantities and qualities far, far greater than anything in your little ol’ vaccine!

You rant about “random proteins and random DNA” in vaccines instead of the vast amount of such substances produced in our bodies by pathogenic microorganisms (and which cause actual harm), and then complain about “simplistic” thinking?

Luckily my irony meter is on the Max Shielding setting whenever looking at antivaxer comments on RI articles.

@ Chris Hickie writes, “FYI I much prefer living thanks to a COVID-19 vaccine injection than being sick and/or hospitalized and/or dying.”

Edit – FYI I much prefer a COVID-19 vaccine injection than being sick and/or hospitalized and/or dying. <<<Okay that’s better. The death rate is really, really low…almost non-existent in children. Perhaps you are not in the best shape and really should take the vaccine.

Edit – The word is idiocracy not idiotcracy.

Oh, btw, how’s business these days? I read pediatricians have taken a serious financial hit since the beg of the pandemic.

I checked out your Yelp….3.3 mixed reviews. Looks like parents either really like you or can’t stand you.

Here’s one from Sarah in Tucson, “So much arrogance in one person!” I agree.

Good day.

As of today per the New York Times, the U.S. has 10.2 million cases with 239,534 deaths. that is 1 death for every 42.58 cases or a CFR of over 2%. It is on track to be the third leading cause of death in the U.S. this year. That doesn’t sound “really, really low.”

79 children 14 and under have died so far from an uncertain number of infections. If one out of every 30 children in that age range have been infected (just a guess), that would be an IFR of 1 in 25,000. Lower than measles but hardly insignificant, especially to those 79 families.

I checked out your Yelp….3.3 mixed reviews. Looks like parents either really like you or can’t stand you.

You are a true first-class idiot, Natalie White. There is no requirement to have been a customer of a business to write an online review. It is not uncommon for certain groups to target businesses they disagree with through online reviews.

Also, that is not his Yelp review page.

Yep, and antivaxxers love to target physician review pages of outspoken defenders of vaccination, like Dr. Hickle—and myself. I’ve been subject to many obviously bogus reviews by antivaxxers and quackery defenders over the years.

potato potato.At least in that rememberence the nation had the sense to electedate the smartest person in the land (not a high barr, but still). Camacho’s cabinet* for the win!!!

*I couldn’t help but ask my “mom” why Scott Atlas was not included.

How dare you expose me Aarno for the bought big pharma shill that I am,with a buying price of only $43.(s/o)

In case anyone wonders why pediatricians are among the lowest paid of physicians, a good part of it comes from very low reimbursement on vaccines, often not more than 10-15% of purchase price. Even Walmart would close if it had to sell at only that level of profit. If pediatricians only gave vaccines, many practices wouldn’t make it.

@Nuttily White–the ones who “can’t stand me” are the part of that anti-vax flying monkey brigade to which you likely belong. I actually welcome those reviews as it keeps their type off my schedule.

D. Bacon, at least you’re consistent.
I have never known you to be less than really obnoxious. And relatively ignorant on this topic.
Please point out the homeopathy sections on my site. I’ll take them down because it’s not an area I can speak about knowledgeably.

Raise your hand ladies and gentlemen, if you put your money where your mouth is and enrolled in one of the vaccine trials. Or do you believe in judicious use of crucial vaccines merely in the abstract?

Don’t expect Gordon to have a clue about what he’s put out. I have a copy of his “Preventing Autism” book and he forgot to list references in the back for 2 of his chapters.

Dr Jay, where are you? It has been a whole 2 days and these are all still up on your website. All talk and no action again are we Dr Jay?

By the way and for the record, I did volunteer for the Phase II vaccine trial here in Adelaide, but they got so over-subscribed that I wasn’t needed.

“Please point out the homeopathy sections on my site. I’ll take them down”

You do not know what is on ‘yur site’?? Interesting. DB does come off as a dickwad sometimes but holy fuck, dude.

I’m to inebrireraited to find a relevant video but I’m sure there are bigly lot’s of them.;l

Did you get your flu shot yet, Gordon? I ask because I got mine as soon as flu shots were out and unfortunately it was a 1-month disqualifier for being in the 3 COVID-19 vaccine trials I volunteered for (2 of which called me right after I got the flu shot). It’s not in the news yet, but one of the hospitals near me now has seen more than one patient already with both COVID-19 and influenza.

And Jay, if you’ve such a concern about COVID-19 (other than for yourself), why have you no information or CDC links about it on your clinic web site like oh, 99% of practices do? You have multiple providers in your practice. Are you doing anything to reassure parents that they won’t walk into your office and contract SARS-CoV-2 there? Do you really give a shit about anyone other than yourself?

Get off your stick pony high horse, Gordon.

“one of the hospitals near me now has seen more than one patient already with both COVID-19 and influenza.”

Differences of symantics between the novel coronavirus and the disease state, COVID, aside, I find your assertation… disturbing.

Around here, we had a bad flu season and (I’m assuming) some of that was probably SARS-CoV-2. But I had predicted to myself that flu would not be a thing this year because distancing and masking through the summer should have mostly snuffed it out. I guess I was wrong.

If I break my arm or have a flair up of my chronic appendicitis, I’m going to be waiting to be treated in the overflow van down by the river, ain’t I?

{As an aside; The Good Doctor is really bolting out the gate with the depiction of the pandemic, so far. Yes, autistic surgeon and his exploration of sex/love is a bit ‘cringey’ but the series solidly stands on its own.}

I wanted to, but the closest trial center was 160 miles away. And I have a 20 year old car. Sorry, no, not even if Pfizer paid for my gas.

It’s probable that a major if not the only motivation for Jay being in a Covid vaccine trial (if such actually is the case) is his belief that it adds credibility to his being opposed to so many other vaccines.

Note that his offer to take down the stuff on his website praising homeopathy (which must have been inserted there by evil gremlins solely to discredit Jay) does not include a pledge to remove blog postings opposing vaccines such as ones for rotavirus, hepatitis B and influenza.*

*instead of just removing nonsensical blog articles, he should leave them up with added comments acknowledging that he was wrong about the claims he made.

But the likeliest outcome is that they’ll stay up indefinitely.

@ Guys:

It makes me laugh when altie critics scoff at sceptics’/ SBMers’ abilities: PRN’s chief woo-meister labels Dr Fauci, Orac, Dr Novella et al as “uneducated”, “simple”, “un-scientific” etc.
We hear this even at RI
Here’s a news flash:
people can generally evaluate others’ abilities ( intelligence, language proficiency, reasoning, fact checking etc) by reading what they write. in fact, teachers do this all the time and have handy dandy guides about which qualities are important in evaluating students’ contributions. Also many psychologists have to study and even create tests discerning what constitutes ability, how it develops over the lifespan and usually recognise levels of skill in individuals. This is not arcane secret knowledge handed out with graduate degrees but general education/ psych that anyone can find easily : interestingly, those who shriek, “Do your research!” never researched this: because if they did, they would curb themselves.. .

Well, if you mean about the hoary old charlatan** he has repeatedly insulted sceptics and SBM writers who are “un-educated, not too bright, simple minded” unlike him!
Just hilarious. How could he tell anyway?
At any rate, he peppers his radio rants and written exposes of sceptics( esp about Wikipedia which uses materials from Dr DG et al) Dr F is a “little punk”, no science at SBM.
We hear similar taunts from apprentice scoffers here. .

** I can’t reveal the mysteries of evaluation because…. it’s a secret.
I’m joking, of course. We all do it to various effect ( person perception) but psychology/ education have systematised it.

Average people can usually tell when someone is knowledgeable/ intelligent to some degree ( with exceptions) SO alties like Null need to cancel out the effects of sceptics revealing the truth about woo- anti-vax**- thus there is a long term campaign to (dis) inform the general public/ their audiences labeling sceptics as corrupt/ not scientific/ biased/ stupid so that followers won’t take them seriously
Wikipedia’s efforts to inform about alt med/ woo must be very successful because of the vehemence*** it inspires amongst woo meisters/ anti-vaxxers. Other grifters ( like Adams, Mercola, Del, Larry) who were tossed from facebook, twitter or downgraded by google express similar sentiments and work towards instituting their own or alternative social media
There are even websites: Skeptical about Skeptics.

** as well as miming advanced education and erudition themselves- usually risibly
*** at least one admits that it has cut into profits ( PRN). .

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