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Celebrity “vegan cardiologist” Dr. Joel Kahn has become an antivaccine COVID-19 crank

Dr. Joel Kahn is a well-regarded “integrative” cardiologist. So why is he spreading COVID-19 and antivaccine disinformation on Twitter? Simple. “Integrative” medicine can be a “gateway” to antivaccine beliefs.

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The Global Coherence Initiative: Woo on a global scale

The HeartMath Institute runs a project that it calls the Global Coherence Initiative. It’s main idea is that we are all interconnected, including through the earth’s electromagnetic field. Unfortunately, Scientific Reports published some bad science whose purpose is to support Deepak Chopra-level woo.

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Antivaccine cardiologist Jack Wolfson and the resurrection of false balance about vaccines…again!

I swear, I had wanted to write about something else today. I really had. The reason is that we’re in one of those stretches of time where things seem to be happening fast and furious that have led most of my posts over the last couple of weeks to be about the Disneyland measles outbreak, […]

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Criticizing the Trial to Asess Chelation Therapy (TACT) is defending science-based medicine

When I wrote about the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT) trial last week, little did I suspect that I would be revisiting the topic again so soon. For those of you not familiar with TACT, it was a trial designed to test a favorite quack treatment for cardiovascular disease, chelation therapy. It is, as […]