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Sherri Tenpenny: A quack’s medical license bites the dust, but for the wrong reasons

Earlier this month, the Ohio State Medical Board suspended the medical license of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, a longtime antivax quack. The only question is: What took them so long, and why did it take the pandemic for them to act? Also, is there less to this action than meets the eye?

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Vaccines and SIDS: Steve Kirsch amps up the stupid

Antivaxxers have long claimed that childhood vaccines cause sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Now “new school” antivaxxer Steve Kirsch has resurrected this hoary old lie using the thinnest of evidence plus a lot of handwaving.

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“I’m a rational theorist, not a conspiracy theorist.”

Conspiracy theorists hate being called conspiracy theorists. After they try to rebrand themselves as “rational theorists,” hilarity ensues.

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The ABIM acted against COVID-19 antivax quacks…or did it?

Recently, two COVID-19 antivax quacks, Drs. Paul Marik and Pierre Kory of the COVID-19 quack group FLCCC, announced that the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) had informed them that their board certifications were in jeopardy, which they promptly used to portray themselves as “persecuted.” What’s going on?

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A song for antivaxxers

While Orac recharges his Tarial cell, enjoy a special song for antivaxxers by Flo & Joan. There will be new Insolence soon enough.

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