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A song for antivaxxers

While Orac recharges his Tarial cell, enjoy a special song for antivaxxers by Flo & Joan. There will be new Insolence soon enough.

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S2173: NJ antivaxxers show up too early and refuse to leave a meeting about NJ Transit. There’s a metaphor there somewhere

Antivaxxers flooded the New Jersey statehouse Thursday to protest S2173, a bill to end nonmedical exemptions to school vaccine mandates. Unfortunately for them, they initially went to the meeting room way too early and wouldn’t leave when informed it was a meeting about NJ Transit. There’s definitely a metaphor there.

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JING ORB: Electric water woo boogaloo

It’s Friday, and, believe it or not, here’s a bit of tasty woo I had never heard of before. It’s from David Avocado Wolfe and it’s an orb, the JING ORB, to be precise. Want to recharge your cells? Well, here you go!

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A little fan feedback

Sometimes, Orac’s fans call him. When he doesn’t have anything to post, sometimes he posts the audio of fools who leave him messages.

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What is an “altie”?

How does one identify a hard core believer in alternative medicine, sometimes called in the distant past an “altie.” Well, this helpful list, culled from nine years ago, will aid you in spotting the identifying signs…