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Chiropractor Anthony Pellagrino touts a dubious study of chiropractic for stroke

“Dr.” Anthony Pellagrino is a chiropractor who fancies himself a scientist. Unfortunately, his touting a dubious study of chiropractic for stroke shows that he doesn’t know a crappy study when he sees it.

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Quoth chiropractor William Cole: “Have your doctor run a bunch of useless functional medicine tests”

“Functional medicine” preaches the “biochemical individuality” of each patient, which is why one of its key features is that its practitioners order reams of useless lab tests and then try to correct every abnormal level without considering (or even knowing) what these abnormalities mean, if anything. So they make up fake diagnoses and profit.


The tragic case of John Lawlor and death by chiropractic neck manipulation

John Lawlor trusted a chiropractor. That chiropractor, Arleen Scholten, manipulated his neck to treat leg pain. The result? Mr. Lawlor died. Why do chiropractors keep doing neck manipulation?

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Chiropractic quackery, power metal edition: The Hootsman laid low

James Cartwright, otherwise known as the Hollywood Hootsman, bassist of my favorite power metal band Gloryhammer, announced on Facebook and Instagram that he had been felled by a chiropractor.

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Live blood analysis and thermography quackery applied to COVID-19

In the age of COVID-19, not only is every old antivax trope new again, but every old quackery has been resurrected anew, including live blood analysis and thermography.

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