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The antivax assault on state medical boards has begun

Increasingly, antivaxxers and antimaskers have been targeting state medical boards. In Tennessee, it has been political. In California, it has been more physical. The antivax war on state medical boards has begun.

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Antivaccine physicians like Dr. Lawrence Palevsky should all lose their medical licenses

Dr. Larry Palevsky is an antivaccine pediatrician who thinks vaccines don’t work and cause autism. Most recently, he spoke to a large audience of Orthodox Jews in Rockland County, NY, where there is a major measles outbreak that his misinformation didn’t help. What can be done about antivax doctors?

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The Central Dogma of Alternative Medicine

I happened to have a busy day yesterday, and in addition today’s a deadline to submit a letter of intent for a grant application, as well as to write a response to some criticism in a letter to the editor of my recent Nature Reviews Cancer article. (Trust me, it’s fun.) Never one to let […]