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The British Columbia College of Naturopathic Physicians investigates naturopaths using CEASE therapy on autistic children

Naturopathy is quackery. If you doubt this, consider that you can’t have naturopathy without homeopathy. What’s even worse is when naturopaths subject autistic children to quackery like CEASE therapy. Expecting any naturopathic regulatory board to investigate quackery in naturopathy is the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse.

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How quacks sell dubious stem cell therapies

More and more, alternative medicine practitioners are offering unproven, almost certainly ineffective, and potentially dangerous stem cell therapies. How are they doing it?

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Cancer quack Robert O. Young is arrested and arraigned, but will he be convicted?

Being a cancer surgeon and researcher, naturally I tend to write about cancer a lot more than other areas of medicine and science. It’s what I know best. Also, cancer is a very common area for unscientific practices to insinuate themselves, something that’s been true for a very long time. The ideas don’t change very […]

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Why would naturopaths want to prescribe those evil big pharma drugs?

Recently, there’s been a movement afoot among purveyors of that special brand of “natural” woo known as naturopathy to convince various legislatures and regulatory bodies that they not only are capable of serving as primary care physicians but that they should be allowed to do so. My first impression was laughter–that is, until I realized […]