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A mouse “died suddenly” of “turbo cancer” after COVID-19 vaccination

Last week, Stew Peters Tweeted out a link to a study in which a mouse “died suddenly” of “turbo cancer” after being vaccinated with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. This study is even more ridiculous than the usual “turbo cancer” study.

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Mouse studies don’t predict results in humans very well

Studies done in mice often fail to translate to humans very well. A new study shows why, in neuroscience at least, mouse studies frequently don’t predict human results very well.

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Another antivaccine paper bites the dust

Christopher Shaw and Lucija Tomljenovic are known for producing dubious scientific studies in the service of antivaccine pseudoscience. Last month, they published a paper purporting to show that aluminum adjuvant causes neuroinflammation in mice that was roundly criticized for poor experimental design and manipulated images. Guess what? It’s soon to be retracted.

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When what an acupuncture study shows is much more interesting than what acupuncture believers think it shows

Of all the “alternative” therapies out there, arguably the most studied is the modality known as acupuncture. Perhaps the reason is that, unlike homeopathy, which based on physics, chemistry, and biology alone is so implausible that, for it to “work,” huge swaths of well-established physics and chemistry would have to be shown to be not […]