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Dr. Pierre Kory: Sex, lies, and (COVID-19 vaccine) shedding

Dr. Pierre Kory, who is now undeniably antivaccine, has claimed on Substack that “shedding” from COVID-19 vaccines can transmit the dreaded vaccine evil humors through sex. As bonkers as this all is, it appears to be time to address this topic again.

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Shedding: An antivax trope resurrected for COVID-19 vaccines

Antivax pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky recently demonized COVID-19 vaccines by resurrecting the old antivaccine trope of vaccinated people “shedding” and causing illness in the unvaccinated. This time, he claims, the shedding of spike protein causes illness and menstrual problems in the unvaccinated. It’s utter nonsense.

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