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So it’s guilt by association again, is it?

William “turbo cancer” Makis has found some trivia about the ancient history of my old stomping grounds ScienceBlogs and is using it to deceptively associate me with Jeffery Epstein. Oh, hell no!

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Dr. Tess Lawrie expands from ivermectin quackery to homeopathy

Tess Lawrie has been promoting ivermectin for COVID-19 for two and a half years. Of late, she has become more of a general multipurpose quack, promoting ivermectin to treat cancer. Now she’s promoting homeopathy for COVID and long COVID while a Research Fellow at St. Mary’s University Twickenham. What does this tell us about medicine?

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Sign up for a virtual screening of “Virulent: The Vaccine War”

Science-Based Medicine is hosting a virtual screening of Virulent: The Vaccine War. Get your virtual ticket to stream it and be part of the Q&A with the filmmakers hosted by Drs. Gorski and Novella on Jan. 29?

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Funny how you never see Orac and this person in the same place at the same time…

Three weeks ago, a certain “friend” of mine gave a talk to the National Capital Area Skeptics at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA. The topic was one near and dear to my heart, namely quackademic medicine; so I couldn’t resist posting a link to the video. Amusingly, Jake Crosby makes an appearance in […]