Grand Rounds, vol. 2, no. 21

Grand Rounds, vol. 2, no. 21 has been posted at Intueri. The last time Maria hosted Grand Rounds, she envisioned it as a menu in a restaurant, which, while creative, was mildly disgusting. This time, she wants to help you make your Valentine’s Day love connection.

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Angst in my pants*: Academic surgeons lament their lot

*With apologies to Sparks. You’d think that a meeting of surgeons in such a beautiful and sunny city as San Diego would be one big party. Well, it was to some extent outside of the meeting, but the meeting itself was a bit of a drag. Academic surgeons are not a happy lot these days, […]

Blog housekeeping

Orac disembodied

Orac is disturbed. He had entered the ScienceBlogs network expecting rapid integration into its continuum, allowing him the communing with other science-loving beings that he craved. But it had not happened. Something was wrong. The feed through which Orac’s insolence was to flow to the world was only partially working. What was going on? Orac […]

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Orac knows quackery

As promised, here is the first list of links of “classic insolence” from the old blog. For new readers, this is a place to start as far as my writings about quackery and dubious alternative medicine: What is an "altie"? Understanding alternative medicine “testimonials” for cancer cures Battling quackery in conventional medicine How can intelligent […]


Respectful Insolence rebooted

Orac has moved. He now resides at ScienceBlogs!