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Larry Cook: A time warp cornucopia of antivax quackery

Larry Cook is a longtime antivaxxer turned anti-COVID-19 vaccine. This month, he updated his “vaccine injury treatment guide.” It’s pure quackery. Same as it ever was.

In the age of COVID-19, everything old is new again with respect to antivaccine quackery. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.‘s antivax group Children’s Health Defense even held a 23 year memorial at the CDC over the Simpsonwood conference, which became the basis of RFK Jr.’s fear mongering antivax conspiracy theory in 2005 published in and Rolling Stone while antivaxxers like Steve Kirsch have been resurrecting the old “CDC whistleblower” conspiracy theory that first arose in 2014 but was really popularized by Del Bigtree and Andrew Wakefield’s conspira-documentary VAXXED. I admit that I didn’t do more than sample the video, given that it was over four hours long, but truly I felt like we were doing the Time Warp to 18 years ago. I was further reminded of dredging up of every debunked old bit of antivax quackery earlier this week when I came across longtime antivaxxer Larry Cook‘s June 2023 update to his Vaccine Injury Treatment, Recovery And Resource Starter Guide.

Truly, antivaxxers are partying like it’s 2005, only six years later than Prince’s song with Cook being among one of the foremost dancers.

I’ll show you what I mean with Cook’s introduction:

Now that I am back on Twitter I am getting a lot of requests by parents on how to help their children who are vaccine injured, have ADD/ADHD or autism, or have other issues related to vaccine injury or similar concerns. My suggestions for these issues are typically pretty much the same, so I am going to list them here in a sequential order as a quick start guide so you can get going right away, with the hope that you will read the rest of this page as soon as possible. The main goal here is twofold – get rid of the toxins and increase nutritional support to improve neurological function and function overall.

I used to joke that the only reason that antivaxxers didn’t used to say that COVID-19 vaccines caused autism was because they hadn’t been approved for children under 5 yet. Now that they are approved for infants as young as 6 months, Larry Cook shows that he’s lumped COVID-19 vaccines in with all the other vaccines that he had previously blamed for autism, ADHD, and other conditions routinely blamed on vaccines. I won’t discuss everything in his “vaccine injury treatment” protocol, but just a few of these will show you how much everything is the same.

First up, something I haven’t written in a very long time, Zeolite! Oh, wait. I did hear about it more recently, when I pointed out very early in the pandemic, before there were COVID-19 vaccines, how COVID-19 immediately turned into a golden opportunity for quackery.

Cook opines:

DETOX using zeolite based Pure Body Extra (cell detox / full body) and Pure Body (gut detox). I’ve been promoting these two products for over three years because they work and they work fast, especially on toddlers. Make this your top priority and do it at least many several months, but preferably much longer. I’ve been using it for over three years. CLICK HERE to learn all about Pure Body Extra(cell detox) and to get $50 off on your first order of both (look for the image of both). If you’ve purchased in the past, buy more here.

As I’ve said many times, the antivaccine movement is a purity cult that has falsely come to believe that vaccines somehow contaminate that purity and cause all the conditions and diseases that antivaxxers like Cook blame on them. They believe so passionately that vaccines are filth that contaminates them that they will even risk their lives by refusing “vaccinated blood” when they need a transfusion to save their lives. Even before the rise of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine antivaccine movement, I pointed out how so much of antivaccine beliefs (and alternative medicine beliefs in general) are based on “purity” and the alternative medicine treatments based on ritual purification often called “detox.” It’s the reason that I so often invoke scenes from Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb in which Gen. Jack D. Ripper rants about fluoridated water as a Commie plot to “sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids” when discussing these concepts.

Cook goes on to invoke “not-a-Doctor” Henele (he’s a naturopath) and his treatments. Let’s just say that I’ve encountered this quack before, posting out, as I repeat myself, that he’s a naturopathic quack, something that should be obvious by the fact that he founded the Energetic Health Institute, where he offers all manner of classes, including Holistic Lifestyle SpecialistHolistic Practice Specialist, and Cleansing+Fasting Specialist, which brags about becoming an “energetic cleansing specialist.”

Cook also includes a bunch of treatments that are probably not harmful, might even be OK for nutrition, but won’t treat any of the conditions for which he recommends them, including autism and “vaccine injury.” We’re talking things like B vitamins (which, contrary to what Cook claims, are not a cure for schizophrenia), vitamin E (which, Cook claims, “protects the kidneys”), and amino acids. He touts lithium orotate as a “mood enhancer” and “addiction crusher.” Not having encountered this common supplement before, I had to wonder if lithium orotate is just a backdoor way of providing lithium to the bloodstream, which theoretically could help someone who is bipolar. Practically, though, it’s just an uncontrolled, unmonitored method of dosing with lithium, whose blood levels really do need to be monitored when treating bipolar disorders and that can also produce a number of adverse events, which is why only a healthcare provider trained in its use (like a psychiatrist) should be dosing patients with lithium.

Then, of course, there’s hyperbaric oxygen, because of course there is. Quacks love it:

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment: I discuss this below. It is an excellent, non drug therapy that has lasting results. It is a top therapy that I recommend. Try to do at least 20 sessions, preferably 40. You’ll start to see gains in 7 to 10 sessions. Find one near you by searching “hyperbaric oxygen treatment” and your city.

Notice how you need to do lots and lots of sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It’s a steady income stream for quacks.

Hyperbaric oxygen has some uses in medicine (e.g., for burns and chronic wounds), but in fact its evidence-based uses are pretty limited. It is, however, a very popular seemingly all-purpose treatment among quacks, particularly those of the “autism biomed” variety, even though a decade ago the FDA issued a warning that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has never been shown to be effective against autism, diabetes, cancer, neurologic disorders, heart disease, and a number of other conditions for which quacks commonly use it.

Cook also touts “biomedical treatment” for autism which we used to refer to back in the day as “autism biomed.” Apparently there’s almost nothing that autism biomed can’t do:

What you want is biomedical treatment – often called biomedical treatment for autism. Replace the word “autism” with “vaccine injury” and it all will make sense. For the most part, autism is extreme vaccine injury (yes, I know that there are exceptions). Biomedical treatment is the process of treating underlying causes and effects of vaccine injury. You want this type of treatment. Biomedical treatment may include chelation therapy to remove heavy metals, B12 and glutathione injections to help repair detoxification pathways, mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment to accelerate cell repair, supplements and dietary change to repair the gut and improve nutrition intake, omega fatty acids to repair the nervous system and cell walls, and so, so much more. This kind of medical intervention is intense but it is also treating the root causes of dysfunction and therefore helping the body to heal. Give the body what it needs and it has huge capacity to heal – this is what you want.

The only thing that seems not to be in Cook’s guide is stem cell quackery. I was actually a bit surprised by that given the popularity of quack stem cell clinics among antivaxxers to “recover” their autistic children.

I had thought about going through some of Cook’s recommendations for old autism quackery, like Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) and his recommendation for some autism quackery that I didn’t recall having heard of before, like the treatments advocated by The HANDLE Institute, which claim without evidence to “rewire weak and disorganized neurological systems” in autism, ADHD, etc., but then I thought that these might justify posts of their own in the future, given that it’s been a long time since I’ve written about TACA and I’ve never written about The HANDLE Institute, as far as I can remember and searches of my blogs have been able to tell. Instead, I knew that I had what I needed to make my point when I came across this:

CEASE Therapy is a highly effective and all natural homeopathic detoxification that also includes dietary changes and other interventions aimed at healing the child. In one of my video interviews a mom shared that she could not afford traditional biomedical treatment and so she opted for the less expensive CEASE Therapy for her autistic son who got that way from vaccination. After much work, she was able to restore her son’s functioning with CEASE Therapy. Click here to watch her story.

I just want to remind you again to replace the word “autism” with “vaccine injury” because it is very important to recognize that autism, in most cases, is in fact, extreme vaccine injury. For the times when it is not, autism can almost always be traced to some sort of environmental poisoning trigger – it’s just that injecting poison into a child via vaccinations is the fastest and easiest way to cause autism and autistic like symptoms (Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD for short).

You can learn more about CEASE Therapy and find a CEASE practitioner at

I’ve written about “CEASE Therapy” before on more than one occasion, dating back to over a decade ago. It’s homeopathy, a.k.a. The One Quackery To Rule Them All. In the case of CEASE Therapy, homeopaths claim to be using something they call “isotherapy,” in which they do this:

The homeopathic method as applied in the treatment of vaccination damage consists of administering four successive remedies of the suspected vaccine. Each course consists of the following dilutions 30C, 200C, 1M and 10M. The duration of a remedy course depends on the severity of the problems and the reactions of the patient and can vary from 2 weeks to 2 months. Potencies should be repeated until no further improvement is seen before passsing to the next poetency. After each course a 1 or 2 week break is applied. The administration is carried out by letting 2 granules melt in the mouth.

Note that the “least dilute” dilution in the series, 30C, represents thirty 100-fold dilutions, or (10-2)30, which represents a 1060-fold dilution, which is roughly 1037-fold greater than Avogadro’s number. Basically, the lowest dilution is so dilute that it is incredibly unlikely that a single molecule of the starting compound is present. Clearly 200C is even more ridiculous, as as 1M (1,000C) and 10M (10,000C). It’s just water.

One thing that runs through all of this quackery is a common “alternative” medicine claim is that, unlike that nasty “conventional” medicine, Cook’s quackery “treats the root cause”:

Our conventional medical system is beyond broken – it is a cesspool of pharmaceutical industry interference whereby symptoms are treated with synthetic drugs purely for profit so that true wellness is never achieved. Conventional doctors are trained in this “disease management” process and few have the know-how or even awareness as to how to undo vaccine damage – and that’s assuming they even acknowledge it. So, whom you actually want to work with is someone trained in natural medicine – the philosophy of treating the underlying root causes so that the body will fully heal, thereby resolving outward symptoms. This type of medical professional goes by many names and has varied training depending on schooling: Functional Medical Doctor OR Integrative Medical Doctor (MD), Naturopathic Doctor (ND), Acupuncturist (LAc) OR Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), Chiropractor (DC), and Homeopath. Note that a naturopath and naturopathic doctor are not the same – the latter is licensed to practice medicine and the former is not. Do not go to a conventional doctor or pediatrician expecting any positive outcomes – they simply do not know what to do and will probably only make things worse.

I like to point out that homeopathy explicitly treats symptoms, not the “root cause,” as Samuel Hahnemann postulated the “law of similars,” which states that, to treat a symptom, you should homeopathically dilute something that causes that symptom. This “law,” of course, is not anything resembling an actual law based in science. It’s just something that Hahnemann made up ~225 years ago in Germany. Killing bacteria causing an infection, as antibiotics do, or targeting a virus to prevent disease, as vaccines? Now there’s really treating the root cause! The quackery advocated by Larry Cook only treats a funhouse version of the “root cause” as imagined by quacks in their fevered fantasies.

Even worse is his referring to his “parent’s guide” to what to do after a child dies after vaccination (apparently no matter how long after one) that is designed to find a way to blame vaccines. I wrote about that particularly despicable “guide” in 2012, noting now that it had strategies to try to falsely blame deaths from “shaken baby syndrome” (now known more commonly as shaken impact syndrome) on vaccines instead. He even references a 2018 “autopsy protocol” similarly designed to find a way to blame vaccines for infant deaths from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which is not caused by vaccines.

Cook concludes with about as blatant and clear an antivax manifesto as you might imagine:

Children do not need to be vaccinated, and they never needed to be vaccinated. If you still have any doubts about going vaccine free, I hope you will read Dr. Moskowitz’s book – he explains eloquently why natural immunity is superior to vaccination and why vaccines are maiming and killing our children. Not every parent recognizes a vaccine injury – my mom didn’t. I stopped talking at 18 months and did not start talking again until three years of age and she never connected the dots. Neither did I, until I asked the SMV Group about their experiences with their children and I discovered that this has happened to many. So, in one sense, you are actually fortunate to recognize the injury/damage, and on even another level, you now have a clear guide to work from that your conventional doctor would never know how to do, or even acknowledge.

And so with this I hope you have encouragement and renewed hope that your child can be recovered or at the very least greatly improved by moving forward with this action plan. I know this may be daunting, but I also know you can rise to the occasion and help your child get better and possibly or probably even recover.

Yes, Cook is invoking the old “natural immunity” trope. Of course, there’s one big problem with “natural immunity.” You have to suffer through the disease, facing the risk of death or severe complications that many vaccine-preventable diseases can cause, in order to get it. Why would one do that when it’s possible to achieve immunity with a vaccine at incredibly low risk, all without suffering through the disease, particularly in the case of diseases for which “natural immunity” wanes but immunity can be boosted by periodic vaccination?

Truly, since COVID-19 hit, everything old is new again with respect to antivax claims and narratives. “Old school” antivaxxer Larry Cook is just taking advantage. Unfortunately, increasingly, “new school” anti-COVID-19 vaccine antivaxxers are going all-in on “old school” antivax narratives like the ones promoted by Larry Cook.

By Orac

Orac is the nom de blog of a humble surgeon/scientist who has an ego just big enough to delude himself that someone, somewhere might actually give a rodent's posterior about his copious verbal meanderings, but just barely small enough to admit to himself that few probably will. That surgeon is otherwise known as David Gorski.

That this particular surgeon has chosen his nom de blog based on a rather cranky and arrogant computer shaped like a clear box of blinking lights that he originally encountered when he became a fan of a 35 year old British SF television show whose special effects were renowned for their BBC/Doctor Who-style low budget look, but whose stories nonetheless resulted in some of the best, most innovative science fiction ever televised, should tell you nearly all that you need to know about Orac. (That, and the length of the preceding sentence.)

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52 replies on “Larry Cook: A time warp cornucopia of antivax quackery”

Cook foams at the mouth about how medical professionals are “brainwashed”, pediatricians make a living by “poisoning our children”, epidemiologists are Pharma shills etc. etc.

Curiously enough, Cook has posted a glowing Twitter tribute to a California opthalmologist who did his surgery for retinal detachment.

So, medical professionals are just terrible – until he needs one. The rest of us should avoid them like the plague, and buy the Heavy Metal Detox Spray and other detox glop that Larry pushes on his website.

“energetic cleansing specialist.”

I could use an energetic cleaning specialist to clean my house, but I suppose that is not what they are aiming at. But at least that would be a usefull job, while that “energetic cleansing specialist” is just making your wallet thinner, without out any usefull effect. I know a lot of things one can spend their money at, instead of giving it to an “energetic cleansing specialist”, or a training to become one.

Heavy metal is a serious threat to us all, I mean listening to Black Sabbath records backwards instills a subliminal satanic chant implanted into your mind that will turn you into a worshipper of Satan.

Children never needed to be vaccinated? What, better for kids to possibly die of smallpox than end up with…ADHD? It’s estimated that all the neurodivergent/”special needs” among us, considering the overlap among conditions, and all the conditions ranging from ADHD and dyslexia (each as common as lefthandedness with about 40% overlap between them) to the rarest and mist severe developmental disorders, are at least 20% of the population. 20% of us thrown under the bus, deemed better off exposed to all the nastiest germs in history (and the risk of death and acquired disabilities that come with them) than being the way we are….well, F that. Maybe my autistic kid will find a cause and cure for the contagion of such an appallingly small-minded and cruel outlook.

But dead children don’t get ADHD or any other problem, so they are better of. I mean, don’t they consider autism a fate worse than death?

Yes, because they don’t know what it’s like to have and love a child that either turns out autistic or dies, nor do they know what it’s like to catch all the old-school diseases. Only a self-hating fool would rather have had measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, polio, and smallpox than a toddlerhood speech delay. Cook was vaccinated because his mother loved him, even if he didn’t love himself when he found out he might have SLI or, heaven forbid, autism.

There seem to be, sadly, self-centered foolish parents who wish their kids were never born or were dead, or feel as if their kids are dead, if they don’t turn out as they liked, be that autistic, queer, or sometimes even dyslexic and/or ADHD and unable to hack school well enough to get the fancy job and life their parents had dreamed up for them. Or the kid may be neurotypical and cishet but uninterested in that job and life, and develop anxiety and depression or just, well, hate their parents back.

I guess the autism quackery market, in spite of growing, may be too small for the ambitious grifter, so gotta broaden it to all the special needs. 20% is a lot bigger than 3%.

There’s another thing I recently remembered: old school antivax cranks are usually historical revisionists who claim that sanitation eliminated the nastiest germs, or turned then into trivial risks. So they don’t think that my grandfather would have had to choose between smallpox and ADHD, they convince themselves he wouldn’t have had either had he not gotten a smallpox vaccination. So you really just can’t with them, except to point out how ridiculous they sound.

I agree with Orac, this specific seller seems to be just exploiting the suffering of Covid vaccine victims to sell them completely unrelated compounds.

That’s why I always told people, once the needle goes in, you are completely ……d

No one can become un-vaccinated

That’s why I always told people, once the needle goes in, you are completely ……d

So you lie to everyone? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

No one can become uninfected either. Oh sure, if you live through it you’ll appear fine but…..the blood knows. It knows and forever feels the shame.

If YOU want to cure your blood of the shame, call 555 IWANTMONEY. Our friendly team can direct you to the homeopathic psychological remedy the suits you your blood….AND your budget.

Well I can say one thing, whilst my parents chose to give myself, my brother and sister all the available childhood vaccines at the time, we did not get the mumps vaccine as it was not available at the time. I got mumps. It was awful and I was left deaf in one ear. Vaccines work very well.

Got Chicken Pox….permanently infected with Shingles.

Checkmate, moron.

Me too, and my wife, she had shingles twice, once very near the left eye. Very worrying in that area. I have had shingles recently…excruciating but at least in a harmless area.

That’s why I always told people, once the needle goes in, you are completely ……d

What? Immunized? Vaccinated? Protected?

No one can become un-vaccinated

You could always get a stem cell transplant. That would clean you up real good.

Well, since that’s what Igor was originally trying to say about the shots (presumably in its most crude version), other past tenses relating to reading Igor’s line of pseudoscientific paranoia were suggested as a creative alternative, from what I understand.

To those I might add terrified, deluded, and confused, for those who actually believe it when they read it. Some covid contrarians tried to write off undue fear of covid as a mental illness, but Freudian-derived pop psych would likely call that projection.

What a sad story! Thank you for reminding us about Kelly Canon, an unvaccinated antivaxxer. She had Covid at around Dec 21, 2021, and died on Jan 10, 2022, as far as I could figure out. (so three weeks after her Covid started, not sure if she was in hospital all this time or not)

Kelly is not alone. A famous vaccinated entertainer Bob Saget, who was boosted around Nov 27, 2021, also “battled Covid” around December of 2021. He reported, in a video, that his Covid was very bad for him.

Sadly, vaccinated and boosted Bob Saget died on Jan 9, 2022 (so a day before Kelly Canon). His cause of death was never determined precisely but seems to be of the “died suddenly” variety. Saget collapsed in his hotel room, hit his head and died and was found next day.

Reference: DailyMail: Cops suspect Bob Saget suffered ‘a heart attack or stroke’ in Orlando hotel but officials ALSO probe revelation that he recently battled COVID.

Both Kelly Canon, as well as Bob Saget, are tragic reminders how this man-made pandemic, as well as unproven vaccines, are responsible for millions of deaths and “excess mortality”.

Those vaccines are NOT unproven, no matter what you want to believe. As for the rest of your hogwash…
An autopsy confirmed that Saget fell and banged his head, leading to a fatal brain bleed. You are so desperate to believe that vaccines are responsible that you come up with scenarios that are, to put it politely, far-fetched.
1) Saget fell and banged his head. Sometimes people trip, fall, and bang their heads. What proof do you have that his fall was caused by him suffering a heart attack or stroke.
2) Assuming Saget’s fall WAS caused by a stroke or heart attack, where is your proof it was caused by the vaccine?
You are reaching so hard you could touch the moon.

You are misreading what I wrote. Bob Saget died suddenly 1.5 months after his booster and about 3 weeks after his Covid.

It is not clear what exactly caused his death: the booster or Covid, or both. I did NOT say that Saget died due to his booster.

But it is fairly clear that Saget would not have died that night, had the pandemic not occurred.

I do believe that a lot of sudden deaths are due to Covid that people had weeks prior to dying. None of this is well understood.

Please do not simplify things, life is complicated, vaccines are complicated, Covid is complicated, the exact causation of “sudden deaths” is not known. What IS known is that excess mortality is very significant.

Unfortunately, excess mortality is not properly investigated for fairly obvious reasons.

Back in June of ’22, Igor posted on Twitter about an 18-year-old actor, Tyler Sanders, who “died suddenly”. Igor had the following nudge nudge wink wink remarks:

“The cause is completely unknown and nobody can figure it out, besides you and me…
They know what killed him
We know what killed him
We know that they know that we know
They know that we know that they know that we know”

Later on, the coroner released the cause of death. It was due to an accidental fentanyl overdose. Did Igor ever acknowledge that fact and apologize for insinuating that a Covid vaccine killed him? Never saw it.

“Please do not simplify things, life is complicated” – Igor Chudov

Igor has continued flogging the “died suddenly” meme, including targeting the late Harriet Hall. But not gloating. Not at all.

What a loathsome person Igor is.

It is not clear what exactly caused his death: the booster or Covid, or both. I did NOT say that Saget died due to his booster.

But it is fairly clear that Saget would not have died that night, had the pandemic not occurred.

Julian is wrong: you’re too full of shit to reach the moon.

@Igor Chudov Sanger fell and hit his head. Nothing to do with vaccins,

Igor, the fact that you think the daily mail is reliable is not surprising — your threshold for “facts” is sub-basement level.

However, the examiner in Saget’s case stated

Bob passed from head trauma suffered in a fall in his hotel room

Further, his widow told “Good Morning America” that her husband appeared to be in good health prior to his death and that his having Covid in December “was not anything serious.”

I’m not surprised that you’re willing to use the daily mail, a source almost as dishonest as you, to “support” your claims. You’ve shown many times that there is nothing too despicable for you to toss around as you spread your lies.

Manmade epidemic ?Who is the man?
I guess that you still not get procents Not 100& is not same as 0%

Need to be using the correct pronouns, personmade, theymade etc.

And now reflecting a little more on this crackpot’s toddlerhood speech delay story and how he blames it on vaccines, this may be a case of “un-self-aware or self-hating stigmatized groups saying the darnedest things about their stigmatized group.” Though supposedly some kids simply grow out of speech delays with no further trouble (apart from never being top-scorers on standardized language tests), Cook may be an undiagnosed case of autism or SLI, aka a fellow member of the looming neurodivergent menace.

Mrs P and I reminisced our young adulthood by attending a stage play of the Rocky Horror Picture Show a few weeks ago. I did remember the Time Warp, though there is not much space with theatre seats and everyone else participating. You needed to keep the jumps very very small.

Cook has a new group Medical Freedom Patriots; a QAnon friendly group. Seemingly, one Jay Bhattacharya spoke at an event they arranged in Idaho.

I have recently stumbled across a blog by Dr Mark Sircus a truly stunning collection of nutbaggery*. Sircus apparently is the International Medical Veritas Association.

I went for my 5th COVID-19 vaccine today (Pfizer BA 4/5) and for Igor and LaBarge’s benefit, I am not dead yet.

*I LOLed at the “Natural Allopathic Medicine” given the origin of the word allopathic.

Ah, but how do they know that you aren’t a secret clone body double?

I enjoyed the Sircus article proclaiming chlorine dioxide bleach a.k.a. MMS “the Tiger Tank of medicine”.

It supposedly quotes NASA in 1988 as saying:

“Special properties of Alcide formulation (chlorine dioxide bleach) enable it to destroy mold and fungus as well as bacteria and viruses with minimal harm to humans, animals and/or plants.”

I traced the quote to a site called NASA Spinoff, which discusses useful technology developed via the space program. Sircus, um, left out the part of the quote that follows the line about minimal harm to humans, animals and plants.

“This allows use of the product to disinfect and deodorize auto air conditioners without removing them and without any lingering toxicity”.

So, if your Tiger Tank gets moldy, I guess you can spray chlorine dioxide on it. The tank crew swigging MMS out of a bottle, not so much

“the Tiger Tank of medicine”.

Ironically, they’re right. The Tigers, although formidable, were overweight, expensive, extremely unreliable, and wasteful of resources.

Chlorine dioxide. Isn’t that MMS? Yeah, that is far better than Warfarin to remove bloodclots, but of cause Big Pharma don’t want you to know that. Besides, Warfarin can be used to kill rats. Yes, because it can cause internal bleeding, what is happening to rats. But it is always a balance kind of thing, that is connected with anti-coagliants (why can’t I find the right word, or spelling in my dictionary?) When my dad was the last time in the hospital, they want him of the Warfarin, or something simular, because it might result in a brainhemorage.
But Big Pharma wants to kill it’s customers and not keep them alive, by just give them a bleaching-agent.
One starts to wonder why Big Pharma is spending all that money to devellop new medicines, while everything just can be cured with MMS.

I haven’t looked at Cook’s twitter for a while but he sure cranks up the crazy.
He was reinstated after Elon’s takeover, an example of free speech we can all admire. /s

@ Igor Chudov

You write: “No one can become un-vaccinated”

Why would any sane person want to become un-vaccinated? Vaccines elicit the exact same memory immune cells; e.g., antibodies as an active infection; but skip the actual infection. If you suffered some serious disease, would you want to be rid of memory immune cells so you would be just as vulnerable a second time? And just as memory immune cells elicited by an active infection, memory immune cells, either from infection or vaccine don’t always completely protect one; but usually reduce severity, duration of infection, risk of hospitalization, and with some infections even death.

You just continue to display your complete ignorance of how our immune systems work.

Oh, I got both Moderna COVID vaccines, then Moderna booster, then Moderna Bivalent (Omicron) and Bivalent Booster and except for mild sore arm and short-term low-grade fever, feel fine and I am a very old man. And I realize that given my age that the vaccines probably didn’t elicit as strong an immune response as in younger people; but hope will reduce my risk of infection, if infected reduce risk of severity, etc. I don’t live in the ignorant black and white world you live in.

Why do you continue to post absolutely STUPID COMMENTS based on your complete lack of knowledge of how our immune systems function?

Still waiting for Igor to answer why I should listen to him (no relevant qualifications) as opposed to large numbers of medical professionals (with relevant qualifications).

Worse…”unvaccinated” implies never vaccinated. I assume Igor really means something like “devaccinated.” Maybe he can take credit for that term and set up website offering devaccination services involving a common household vacuum and a whoopee cushion…

Once you get vaccinated, you are not …ed but you are committed. You would already be committed on your decision prior to the actual jab. What would be MORE responsible for Igor to advise is ‘I have no relevant qualifications, if you are worried, speak to someone who has’

A responsible Chudov would simply fade into well-deserved oblivion.

Again, he’d make a “good” flat Earther. They are a bunch of know-nothing nincompoops, fond of the sound of their own voices and in mutual admiration societies. He fit well.

I have dealt with British flerfers for some time, before the pandemic. Generally flerfers are not dangerous. But they began to burn 5G transmitter masts at the start of the pandemic because that was the real cause of covid. Then anti lockdowners, then anti vaxxers. However, when one of their most influential flerfers royalty dies, Rob Skiba……something was not quite right…foul play was suspected.

Not all antivaxxers are flerfers, but all flerfers are anti vax.

Nothing that Igor has said would indicate that he has that level of self awareness.

Nothing I’ve seen from Igor would indicate that he has the level of self awareness to realize how much he overestimates his own abilities and knowledge…

I see our resident anti vaxxer Igor has been quoted in ‘the light’ newspaper as a ‘political commentator’ regarding an Italian doctor who got suspended. Can’t find much info about said doctor except on CT websites. But I DO know the editor of the light – he is Darren Nesbit, sometimes known as Darren Smith, he is a FLAT EARTHER for gods sake.

So, our illustrious Igor is also a male version of Candace Owens eh!

Still waiting for Igor to list his relevant qualifications.

Igor is even more famous than that. He has been cited in one of Mercola’s articles that you can read in that famous newspaper Global Research.

DETOX using zeolite based Pure Body Extra …

But, but, but … zeolites contain the dreaded aluninium!

Update on a “Died Suddenly” case:

32-year-old former Olympic champion sprinter Tori Bowie was found dead in her home May 2. Antivax ghouls leaped to exploit her death. One-time Trump advisor Paul Alexander, who was known for pressuring federal health officials to
toe the Administration line on Covid-19, said this on his Substack:

“until I am shown otherwise, in this era, because no cause etc. was stated, there is a reason…did she get the COVID gene shots? if so, how many? a young fit runner don’t just die like this!”

It was reported today that an autopsy conducted by the Orange County (Florida) Medical Examiner’s Office showed that Bowie died of complications of childbirth. She had been 8 months pregnant and was in active labor.

No doubt the antivax ghouls will be issuing apologies any time now.

I would not count on that. They probably consider that complications of childbird as the result of vaccinations. Because people never die if they don’t get vaccinated.

Sounds like eclampsia from what little I’ve heard. She was AA and they have a higher risk.

I’ve seen it nearly kill healthy young multips in less than three hours when a trial of labor was pursued. That was in a hospital where a crash section could be performed-not home alone in bed. I feel for her family.

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