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Tucker Carlson lies about the ACIP

The CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is meeting today. Last night Tucker Carlson lied about it as mandating COVID-19 vaccines for children before they can go to school.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I pretty much never wrote about Tucker Carlson, the Fox News pundit who’s made a name for himself in the last several years promoting Donald Trump, white supremacist conspiracy theories, and fascism. Since the pandemic, he has become arguably the most watched source of COVID-19 and antivax disinformation laden with a heaping helping of fascist quackery involving testicular tanning. (No, I’m not kidding about that last bit.) Unfortunately, since COVID-19, what 15 years ago were what I considered some of the most tired (and bonkers) antivax talking points are now mainstream Republican beliefs. To demonstrate this, let me refer to Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show last night, specifically this clip from it in which he attacks the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization practices, or ACIP:

Notice the fear mongering about ACIP sending jackbooted thugs (metaphorically speaking) to forcibly vaccinate your children against COVID-19, ACIP is meeting today as you read this (if you saw this during the day.) And of course he’s interviewing Marty Makary.

Those of us who have been keeping tabs on the antivaccine movement will immediately recognize the technique, which is, in essence, to lie (either by omission or actively) about ACIP recommendations as being a “mandate.” One also notes that Carlson, by weaponizing his huge media platform against ACIP, is inviting harassment of the scientists who are part of the committee.

Before I move on to the content and an explanation of why what Carlson and Dr. Makary are serving up is nothing more than hoary antivax disinformation that was old when I first started paying attention to the antivaccine movement, I can’t help but add an an aside and laugh at Dr. Makary’s sarcastic question, “Why even have an FDA?” Why? Simple. Right wingers have long been trying to weaken or even neutralize the FDA’s ability to regulate drugs, and public health advocates and those of us who believe in a strong FDA that approves drugs based on strong evidence of efficacy and safety were alarmed at the politicization of the FDA and CDC resulting in the emergency use approval (EUA) of at least one ineffective COVID-19 drug with no data by the Trump administration, as well as by its efforts to weaken the FDA even before the pandemic, starting with its consideration for FDA Commissioner of a man who wanted to replace all those pesky randomized clinical trials with a “Yelp for drugs.” Indeed, long before the pandemic, it was a not infrequent right wing talking point to falsely claim that the FDA kills more people than it saves because it is so slow to approve “life-saving” drugs.

Of course, attacking ACIP is, as I said, a hoary antivax strategy that in the years before the pandemic usually took the form of antivaxxers trying their damnedest to get as many of the public comment slots for every ACIP meeting considering a new vaccine to be added to the CDC schedule and then using that time to repeat antivaccine disinformation. One striking example of this tactic occurred about a year before COVID-19 hit the US, as demonstrated by a Facebook group called Inundate the CDC ACIP Meetings. I wrote about it at the time, describing how antivaxxers used the group (and other Facebook groups) to plan now to “inundate” ACIP meetings and then use the results as propaganda. Also back in the day, that wretched hive of scum and antivax quackery, Age of Autism, used to do the same thing, rallying its readers to flood ACIP meetings with comments, resulting in antivaxxers at times being able to face the committee with accusations of illegal human experimentation (which was basically the gist of Tucker Carlson’s rant and interview with Marty Makary)— a.k.a., the “Nuremberg 2.0 gambit“—and then post videos proudly bragging about having “dropped the mic at ACIP.

Yesterday, this exhortation appeared in Inundate the CDC ACIP Meetings:

A typical message in antivax Facebook groups.

And here’s an example from 2019:

Is Snoop Dogg antivax?

Meanwhile on antivax Substack (but I repeat myself), an antivaxxer going by the ‘nym The Vigilant Fox, uses the same language about today’s meeting urging people to Inundate the CDC, Save the Children: Here’s How You Can Be a Pest for the Pharma Criminals. Truly, everything old is new again, and there is nothing new under the antivax sun.

On another occasion in 2018, antivaxxers targeted ACIP members, specifically Dr. Paul Offit, who has long been a focus of antivaccine ire, so that its members showed up to harass him at events where he was scheduled to speak.

Since COVID-19 hit, this tactic has only escalated. For example, less than a year ago, after ACIP recommended adding COVID-19 vaccines to the CDC immunization schedule for 5-11 year old children, the attacks intensified, with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. portraying ACIP as in the thrall of big pharma. Unsurprisingly, that’s the same message that we’re getting from Tucker Carlson. Let’s take a look at the disinformation. Before I do, though, I’m going to point out that I’m not going to litigate the case for adding the updated COVID-19 for children, as this is a point that can be argued between reasonable people. Moreover, the discussion going on today will go into a lot of detail about the evidence, which makes Marty Makary’s claim that there’s “no evidence” to support adding the vaccine to the CDC schedule a bit premature. I mean, why not wait until the evidence for and against has been presented and then judge? That’s not what Carlson (or Makary) is about, though. They’re about minimizing COVID-19, demonizing public health interventions against the pandemic, and, in particular now, fear mongering about vaccines in the name of “freedom” and portraying vaccine mandates of any kind as an unacceptable assault on liberty.

Indeed, the graphic behind Carlson as he starts his segment—”Your kids, our rules”— gives the game away. Carlson’s intent is not to tell the truth, but rather to portray any recommendation from ACIP that any COVID-19 vaccine be added to the CDC recommended immunization schedule as incipient tyranny in which the federal government will send jackbooted thugs to forcibly vaccinate your children with horrific “gene therapy” that will “permanently alter their DNA.” (I exaggerate, but not by much.)

He lies right from the start, too, while adding conspiracism about this story being “buried”:

So here’s an amazing story that’s been effectively buried. This week the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices is expected to add the COVID-19 vax to the list of required childhood vaccines. If this happens, your children will not be able to attend school without taking the COVID shot.

I’m going to stop right here and point out the lies. First, ACIP does not “mandate” anything, and the placement of a given vaccine on the CDC schedule does not mean that it will be mandated for school. ACIP only advises—it’s right there in the name of the committee, “advisory”!—and cannot mandate anything. It is the individual states that determine which vaccines will be mandated for school attendance, not the CDC. While it is true that many states basically use the CDC immunization schedule as the blueprint for determining which vaccines are required for children to be allowed to attend school, again, it is not the CDC that “mandates” anything. No doubt Carlson knows that. (He’s not stupid, just a malignantly clever propagandist, after all.) However, Carlson also knows that his viewers hate and fear the federal government and federal mandates far more than anything individual states might do; so he plays up that angle, intentionally misrepresenting what ACIP does as a “mandate.” He also lies when he says there is “no medical basis for this decision whatsoever.” Again, we can argue if the evidence is sufficiently compelling to justify adding COVID-19 vaccines to the immunization schedule for children, but to say there is “no medical basis whatsoever” is incorrect and, coming from Carlson, likely an outright lie.

During the interview, Carlson gets Dr. Makary to attack big pharma for supposedly foisting this horrific turn of events on the country by claiming that ACIP will just buy whatever big pharma tells it to. That is, of course, a talking point that antivaxxers have rallied against ACIP for as long as I can remember. Basically, Dr. Makary claims that pharma called the White House and that the White House called the CDC and told ACIP to get on board with adding this vaccine to the schedule. Dr. Makary even characterized ACIP as a “kangaroo court,” claiming that you have to be an “official card-carrying vaccine fanatic” to be on the committee and that the committee will never allow anyone on it who thinks that “some vaccines are important and others lack the evidence to support broad distribution.” So apparently to be on ACIP, you not only have to be in the pocket of big pharma but also have to pass an ideological test.

As is typical, the whole “pharma capture” attack on ACIP ignores certain inconvenient facts, such as the very stringent conflict of interest reporting rules governing committee members and how ACIP pharma representatives are non-voting members of the committee.

To be sure, near the end of his disinformation- and antivax talking point-filled tirade, Dr. Makary does contradict Carlson’s initial framing by saying (correctly) that if the ACIP votes to add the COVID-19 vaccine to its routine schedule, then it will be up to the states to decide whether to mandate the vaccine or not for school. Of course, the contradiction will not register among Carlson’s audience, nor does it really matter. The message is all, and contradictions ignored.

Watching Carlson, I started to wonder what year this is, as attacks on ACIP like his date back to the very earliest days of this blog (and beyond), as was pointed out on Twitter:

2007? How about 2000?

I remember when ACIP was considering whether to add Gardasil to the CDC immunization schedule well over a decade ago antivaxxers were making the very same claims about the committee. The difference between then and now, however, is that then these claims were correctly viewed as fringe and came from antivaccine groups like the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and the like. Today they come from an entire right-wing ecosystem, including a major political party. They are repeated day after day on social media and night after night on shows put on by right wing pundits, the most popular of which is Tucker Carlson’s show.

By Orac

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As a a practical matter recommendations by this committee end up as mandates in many states. It is a very thin technicality that it isn’t “the CDC that ‘mandates’ anything”. Good luck in California, for example.

I get why people like you don’t like california: well run, good economy, precautions taken to help people — all things dirtbags of the libertarian ilk say don’t work and don’t matter.

It still has problems with too much development and the tech bigwigs trying to screw things up, but still far better than your bullcrap complaints make it. (But then, given your well documented problem with reality, your foolishness about CA is not a surprise at all.)

Yeah if you’re looking for a homeless encampment, pseudo fascistic health policies or paying taxes for nothing in return, California is a tremendous place.

The homeless encamp in places everyone wants to live in so badly that there is no affordable housing.

Strange how that works.

According to the TX Homeless Network, in 2021 there were 64,580 homeless people in TX. A Republican state with a severe libertarian bent. Strange how those homeless people are found in your own backyard — your ideological neck-of-the woods.

pseudo fascistic health policies.

Again, your ignorance about health, medicine, and the government’s role in them is well known, but yet you put your lack of knowledge on display.

or paying taxes for nothing in return

That’s simply the libertarian in you coming out: people (like you) who choose that “philosophy” simply decide that after they’ve taken advantage of the aid society and government put in place to get ahead nobody else should have the same chances — it would make the libertarian bullshit about being “self made” to the lie. And, in general, people who are capable of, or willing to do, any deep thinking about complex issues don’t become libertarians. Like you, they choose to say complicated issues always have simple solutions — it lets you spread your bullshit quickly.

How is it that so many libertarians equate more liberty with paying less taxes (or having more money)?

Climbing the ladder of success and then pulling the ladder up after you. See also: Clarence Thomas.

“ladder of success”

That should be the “dice of success” since many stumbled into it by being in the right place at the right time and, in some cases, by parking their ethics.

Yes, you, too, can be a statistical outlier!

Alties I follow hate CA and NJ/NY/CT/MA at least as much. They are dens of corruption, elitism and corporatism. These police states force vaccination and shut down schools and business for TWO YEARS ( according to Katie Wright). Null asserts that they will soon be ghost towns because everyone is leaving and Adams sees them overrun with violent crime, mayhem and anarchy. Additional fearmongering about immigrants, trans-kids and ( dogwhistle) “gangs”. And many universities teaching woke-ism.

Two observations:
–those states tax rich people plus CA has high sales tax, NJ has high property tax, NY has high state income tax etc
— if it’s so terrible, why do tiny, rundown homes cost 500K+ in Marin, Bergen or Westchester? If you can find one for sale..

Remember you said when Roe v Wade was overturned that this does not mean banning abortion. Same thing applies here.

Yay 1/30 subclinical heart inflammation! Sounds safe and effective! Get your booster!

You notice ‘subclinical’. Do you know what this means ? It means that there are no health problems.
I wonder how many people over 60 have subclinical hea problem

Asymptomatic means same as subclinical No health problems, just tests.
As I said,how many over 60 olds have subclinical heart inflammation ? Arteriosclerosis causes inflammation, because immune system tries to remove the plaque.

I ready about a study on the British Heart Foundation website that found one in eight people with covid got myocarditis.

Or as John would put it “Yay, free myocarditis”. Mind you, if it’s caused by the virus it can’t be a serious issue can it? Only vaccines cause serious issues.

Do you know what this means ?

Doesn’t know, doesn’t care! The big dumb tub-o-turd only cares that it sounds scaaaary to those as pitifully ignorant as him.

Meanwhile, in Not-La-La Land:

COVID-19 infection poses higher risk for myocarditis than vaccines

I wager the disease version is a lot more clinical too. But of course if COVID tears up your cardiovascular system then that’s not John’s fault either, because Act of God/Rand/whatever.

Just your regular reminder that narcs do not recognize relative risk, because narcs are at eternal war with reality itself purely for defying them. Everything John says is True by definition, so when real-world observation laughs in his face then that is proof of the vast conspiracy now ranged against him.

At least whomping on “Yooo can’t tell me what to do!” keeps his two-year-old ODD distracted while his ego and paranoia passionately sixty-nine each other. It’s John’s ears that I feel really sorry for: imagine having to listen to that sticky fuckfest inbetween going on 24/7. May they emancipate soon and deny him the place to hang those ridiculous eye protectors, the big dumb hypocrite that he is. #GammonOnBike

“How can you trust a man who wears both a belt and suspenders? The man can’t even trust his own pants.”—Frank

Have a couple beers this weekend and you’ll get subclinical heart inflammation.

Work too hard in the heat for a couple hours you’ll get sub clinical heart inflammation.

It’s not what you think it is. We routinely see heart strain on labs or EKGs that goes bye bye on its own without a cath or a hospital admission.

Right wingers would eliminate the FDA and most of the government if they had the power. What they call “freedom” is the means to entice followers and might truly and ultimately be “freedom from taxes” for wealthy people.
Anti-vaxxers, including some who once were moderate or even liberal, enable Tucker, conservatives and anti-government/ anti-tax folk. ( Kennedy, Rossi, Wright, Del etc). A similar theme involves lessened support for general education unless it is determined by parents, not educators. Good schools cost money you know.

I haven’t looked but I wonder how social media treats Tucker ? Does he get “censored” for anti-vax? Are all of the righties migrating to Telegram, Parler, Gab, Gettr, Bitchute, Brighteon, Odysee?

“Right wingers would eliminate the FDA and most of the government if they had the power. What they call “freedom” is the means to entice followers”

It does seem an awful lot like freedom to sell any old shit without having to worry about such restrictions as efficacy or safety. The onus on the buyer.

And these people will say anything they like without consideration of its relation to reality:
a woo-meister sells dried vegetable/ fruit powders that he claims prevent/ cure most ills;
an anti-vax lawyer’s book/film “reveals” the many “crimes” of a PH official;
an alt med/ survivalist has “insider information” about the coming economic crash/ nuclear war and how to survive both;
an anti-vax mother warns new mothers to avoid the “tragedies” that follow routine vaccines.

Freedom to lie, freedom to libel, freedom to mislead.

Obligatory. What’s old is new again.

Although John would certainly benefit from a lot more wood shavings in his diet. Low in calories, high in fibre.

You could have simply typed “Tucker Carlson lies” and left it at that. It would have spared your fingers from typing the post, and still be true.

Actually, Tucker Carlson opens his mouth would have done.

However, that would not informed us which piece of reality, Carlson was lying about this time.

This flame-fanning hysteria over COVID-19 vaccination being “mandatory” in children increases the leverage anti-vaxxers will have to toss out the whole childhood vaccine schedule. And anti-vaxxers are many moves ahead of whatever strategies anyone who could stop it is thinking (health depts, legislators, public health advocates, etc). When pertussis, measles, varicella and meningitis come back, they’ll pounce claiming vaccines (a) don’t work (using base rate fallacy); (b) those diseases aren’t serious ( because COVID isn’t seriouseither per them); and (c) anyone who dies from those infections had “something wrong with them (aka comorbidity)” or “died with pertussis (etc), not from it”. The groundwork is laid and ready for the raising of their pre-fabbed slaughterhouse.
That image of the bare fingers around a syringe needle going into a vaccine bottle) is pathetic.

And, this is so not shocking, he is turning it into a fund raising opportunity.

He didn’t actually say what it was that angered him. Funny that his purposed response is for more people to pay him money…

I shredded his lame new “paper” claiming his retracted vaxxed vs unvaxxed paper was unfairly retracted on his substack posting about his new paper. This new “paper” makes even the many-flaws Mumper paper look good.

Next, Lyons-Weiler will urge supporters of his Institute of Pure and Applied Bullshit to endow an Anti-Chris Hickie Chair.

L-W must be having a really hard time monetizing his nuttiness since being booted off Twitter.

I now know that “basking in the glory of my fans” feeling. It’s nice.

@ Dr Chris:

-btw- JLW calls it “popular rationalism” – which is as rich as the loons I survey saying that they teach “critical thinking”

In his Substack intro, J L-W says that to fund his “school”/ projects, he first sold his rental property – a cottage- and then his home.
if you have to sell real estate, you may a problem with income.

I’m going to add three points of context here.

A. While you’re completely right that states do look at ACIP for guidance, almost all – or all – do not require all ACIP recommended vaccines. For example, no state requires flu vaccines for school, to my knowledge, and a distinct minority require them for daycare. Very few states mandate HPV vaccines.

B. ACIP already recommends COVID-19 vaccines for children. So they’re, in a sense, already in the children’s schedule. Every October, ACIP update the tables of the routine immunization schedule. This is so they can be published in February – it takes time to prepare them. Much of the discussion about these schedules is about making the schedule readable, which is not trivial, with our large schedule.

Adding the vaccines to the schedule may not change the recommendations at all. And my understanding is that only licensed vaccines can be added – so it will not be below 12 anyway.

C. The main vote today is about adding the vaccines to the vaccines for children program – making them accessible.

This misrepresentation is as wrong as it is ill intended.

Please stop using “pundit” to refer to the likes of Carlson. The correct term is pinhead.

As an aside:
as I consider how anti-vaxxers, righties and other contrarians have misled/ reacted about Covid vaccines, what happens if another novel virus pops up in the future? Will the public comply enough with PH measures to matter?

Good evening, Orac. Mr. Carlson doubled down in a tweet tonight.

“The CDC complained about our segment on the Covid vaccine being required for kids to attend school. We stand by what we said. Here’s our response.”

Sadly this lie has 1,882 Retweets and 5,032 Likes

My own state of California does NOT require the following “CDC mandated” shots for kindergarten entry:

Haemophilus influenzae type b (age-appropriate doses are required for childcare up to age 5 years old)
Hepatitis A

We stand by what we said.

Well of course they do. Carlson’s role is to herald in the new Fascist Republic, not to tell truth. Although at a paltry 5K likes he needs to get his doughy ass heralding a lot harder; ol’ Goebbels had a far better conversion rate and he didn’t even have hellsites and basic cable at his disposal.

Does the US not have any regulatory bodies for mainstream broadcasting?, here in the UK we do, OFCOM. People like Carlson wouldn’t be on air with the amount of false, inaccurate information he espouses. TV stations would also be called to account for allowing this behaviour too. Of course, this would be seen as censorship and indeed it is, simply because it is censoring incorrect misleading and often harmful ‘lies’.

We have several bodies that regulate broadcast. FTC can act against false advertising, FCC against obscenity. But the First Amendment means that regulating because you don’t like the content is really, really legally hard. They would likely be stopped by the courts.

And I’m not sure that’s bad. Imagine having a Trump appointee decide what’s misinformation and what to stop.

There was also the Fairness Doctrine which was abolished in 1987, reintroduced as an FCC policy but then removed in 2011.

The fairness doctrine had two basic elements: It required broadcasters to devote some of their airtime to discussing controversial matters of public interest, and to air contrasting views regarding those matters. Stations were given wide latitude as to how to provide contrasting views: It could be done through news segments, public affairs shows, or editorials. The doctrine did not require equal time for opposing views but required that contrasting viewpoints be presented. The demise of this FCC rule has been cited as a contributing factor in the rising level of party polarization in the United States

Here, the entirety of the AM dial seems to be rightard radio; All days, all long. I did take a chuckle at Bongino totining up Ladapo and his garbage study and that he said he was much smurter than him because he had more degrees. That guy screams “freedum” over public health measures and brags about being a DEA agent in the same breath.

A couple local transmitters are completely/mostly (the commercials, “our sponsors” come in just fine) incomprehensible. It sounds like an old Vox-Fender with a blown transistor and, for the life of me, don’t understand how the FCC lets them get away with that and stay on the air. Not that I don’t bid them ‘farewell’ or anything.

We’ve got no shortage of watchdogs here. Whether any have teeth in ’em is a separate question. I’m sure Eyes passim have plenty to say about that. #GammonBalls

So… you’re saying the Covid “vaccine” (you really need to stop using this word) will NOT be required in order for children to attend school? I don’t think you actually say that, so your entire argument is intended to distract from a likely logical consequence of this “recommendation”. Tucker Carlson is one of the few mainstream personalities to feature actual (anti-establishment) leftists such as Jimmy Dore, Max Blumenthal, or Glenn Greenwald. Tucker gets a lot wrong, but he gets points for listening to ‘the other side’ when most of mainstream media is merely an echo chamber for establishment talking points, reverberations from which are felt right here in this blog.

P.S. It isn’t just “right-wingers” who are seeing through the propaganda, but keep telling yourself that.

No, the COVID vaccine will be required at some schools, as it already is for many adult schools.

I assume that in for example Florida it will not be required.

I also am sure that there will be school districts that require the other vaccines but give a pass on COVID.

Dore et al support strong social safety nets which at least used to be a position of the United States left wing before it went all in on authoritarianism.

Dore et al support strong social safety nets which at least used to be a position of the United States left wing before it went all in on authoritarianism

a) Your kind is about destroying social safety nets, which is what reagan began and trump accelerated
b) You clearly have no clue of the definition of authoritarianism

(b is picky: you have no clue about almost everything)

Your nemesis Steve Kirsch writes:

“If you get put on the CDC childhood vaccine schedule, it means:
1. Liability protection forever for not just the vaccine for kids, but for the adult vaccine as well”

True or false?

Liability protection is a key concern among evidence-based individuals who perceive numerous red flags surrounding the “safety” claims. As for ‘mandates’, Kirsch does not claim that getting on the childhood vaccine schedule is itself a mandate, but rather:

“2. All states require vaccination in order to attend public school. Many tie their list to the CDC list or a subset thereof. So getting on the list is a key step to being mandated in many states.”

True or false?

“Liability protection forever for not just the vaccine for kids, but for the adult vaccine as well”


“Under the Secretary of Health and Human Services’ (HHS’s) PREP Act Declaration for COVID-19 (and its amendments), COVID-19 vaccines are covered countermeasures within the PREP Act’s scope. As a result, CICP—and not VICP—will apply to injuries resulting from COVID-19 vaccinations while the public health emergency persists and the Declaration remains in force.” (emphasis added)

Compensation for Covid-19 vaccine-related injuries is likely to be transferred later on to VICP, so antivaxers can add a postscript to their lies about “vaccine makers can’t be sued!”

“you’re saying the Covid “vaccine” (you really need to stop using this word)”

You really need to stop using scare quotes in pretending that Covid-19 vaccines aren’t vaccines.

“Your nemesis Steve Kirsch ”

More accurately stated as “that dingbat Steve Kirsch”

2: False. All state public schools allow medical exemptions. Many states also allow religious exemptions and a few allow “philosophical” exemptions.

Please note also the use of the words “many” and “subset”. Each state chooses the vaccines to request/recommend/require for school attendance, no state is required to follow the ACIP’s recommendations.

In addition,read Robert Kennedy Jr. He is constantly suing vaccine manufacturers.
There are actually a compensation program for childhood vaccines, It is guilt free, which is reason why trial lawyers hate it. 1000 dollars per hour is really really to little.
Regulation by lawsuits is a US phenomen. Are products in other countries really that unsafe ?

he sold TWO income generating properties, a cottage and a condo- AND his home.

I’ve also heard him claim he turned down a job offer from Hopkins as he was leaving Pitt. Such an active imagination he has, given that the more I listen to his various versions of the truth it’s plain Pitt actually shuffled him from asst prof to staff to gone. Mind you, I would not have survived in academia, but still…his puffery is impressive.

” ass prof” is quite right
I looked at ( after first encountering a shipping company, Ipak) and read its offerings:
bio, chemistry, psych, analysis, philosophy, vaccines, wellness etc .
It seems that most courses cost 160 USD each.
How can you teach bio or chemistry on-line ( no labs?)

If you search “free on-line university courses”, you will find more reality-based courses from “actual” universities- some of which you might have heard of- from US, UK, France etc. There are also low priced courses/ certificates and on-line resources not presented as “courses” per se, including video/ audio. I’ve sampled and recommended some to potential students.

All-in-all, is quite informative and entertaining but not in the manner JL-W intends it to be.

Who wouldn’t want useless credits from an online pseudo-university run by an antivax loon?

L-W probably offers snappy Certificates of Achievement with fancy fonts and Latin mottos.

Wonder what cut of tuition he offers his “professors”? Might be a good gig if I don’t get hired on for that reporter/researcher job at R.F.K. Jr.’s The Defender. Or, why not both?

@ Dr Bacon:

You don’t know how many times I’ve been tempted to write/ report for alties such as NN, prn, CHD by subtlely integrating realism into a seemingly woo-fraught essay or by presenting vastly exaggerated opinions far beyond their original dreck
BUT I was taught from a young age not to deliberately mislead people or use my skills to gain popularity.
You and a few regulars could do a fabulous job.

Plus, I might be taking up a space better filled by Jake or another small time anti-vax prevaricator**

** if you wondered what happened to Jake: he is listed as a production assistant on Andy’s film 1986: The Act and he worked for Trump in 2016.
Linked In has his latest for paid members- I’m not.

I have pretty much all the listed qualifications to fill the “science reporter” job at RFK Jr.’s The Defender.

One sticking point is the following requirement:

“a deep sense of integrity and commitment to accuracy”

If they asked me about that in an interview I don’t think I’d be able to avoid bursting out laughing.

L-W probably offers snappy Certificates of Achievement with fancy fonts and Latin mottos.

I can help with a motto: “Non sumus plena cacas.”

If readers would like samples of selected film productions as a spur to foster creativity, two timely ones are:
The Real Anthony Fauci available at Children’s Health Defense FREE for the next several days ( you need to sign in)
Science for Hire on Rumble FREE full movie

You’ll notice that the two films reinforce each other and their auteurs appear in each other’s projects.
You may observe footage that you’ve already seen and contributors’ names might sound familiar..
because THEY ARE.

It’s a small group of alt med rabble rousers intent on affecting public health policy on an international scale. Resounding themes include vaccines, pharmaceuticals, GMOs as dangers and natural products as superior. The creators present themselves as heroic educators and saviours of humanity/ children despite broadcasting misinformation, misdirection and outright lies.

Mandating vaccine but waiting 75 years to produce docs relied on to evaluate their safety and efficacy is authoritarian. Mandating children take vaccines without scientific basis is authoritarian. I’ve said that my starting point is libertarianism- as many moderate democrats used to have before they went the force route. Safety nets have dangers because they can become authoritarian cudgels. But I have an open mind about them as it appears that Europe and others are at least interested in studying the safety of the vaccines and don’t recommend when them when it’s not worth it. (Probably because they are the insurers too.) Safety nets do have some positive aspects. California has similar tax burdens without any of these benefits and worse yet went authoritarian in this case.

But I have an open mind about them

Yeah, that’s complete bullshit right there.

Unfair. John’s mind is very much open. (To the weather.)

And, to be real, all of his long screen where he mentioned his “open mind” is bullshit too, especially his comments about social safety nets.

But libertarians aren’t known for thought or acceptance of reality.

People like Argy Bargy have an ethos of ‘everybody lies except me’, pretty much like Trump.

People like Argy Bargy have an ethos of ‘everybody lies except me’, pretty much like Trump.

This should come as no surprise. Truthfulness is irrelevant; forget about that. The only thing that matters is Usefulness. That’s how abusive types work. Everything is a means to power, or an obstacle to it… to them. A simple binary state; the only question is which you represent: victim or threat. There is no other option.

By contradicting them you attack them first, thereby justifying their necessary destruction of you by any and all means possible. Now you insult their person just by your continued existence, and they will defend that self to the end.

Like I say, for people who lie constantly, ruthlessly, endlessly, they are also brutally perfectly honest. Just listen. And believe them.


Or MTG. On a recent interview she was asked how she fact-checked the statements she makes. She replied that she doesn’t fact-check because everything she says is true,

@squirrelite: That’s NPD in a nutshell. Also, space lasers.

“Fascism is narcissism writ large.”—Madeleine Albright

Not sure who said it, but it remains as true as ever. “Libertarians are like house cats: absolutely convinced of their fierce independence while utterly dependent on a system they don’t appreciate or understand”

I feel like the comment section here is like a commode for Ol’ JLB. He comes in, drops a stinking load, and leaves feeling relieved and accomplished.

If you have anyway of claiming hiding information and saying so what I say because I say so is not authoritarian, I’d love to hear it.

It sounds like you under neither inflammation nor subclinical.

Inflammation is normal under certain circumstances. It’s like getting a COVID vaccination and having a sore arm. Inflammation, but harmless.

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