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Self-assembling nanostructures? COVID-19 vaccine “blood clots” revisited.

Antivaxxers can’t stop misidentifying blood clots as “self-assembling nanostructures” from COVID-19 vaccines, with often hilarious results.

Here we go again. I didn’t think I’d be revisiting this topic again so soon, but for some reason antivaxxers can’t stay away from the narrative claiming that COVID-19 vaccines are killing millions of people by causing blood clots, but more bizarrely that those clots are due to “self-assembling nanostructures” in the vaccines. Unfortunately, if anything, I’m seeing more of this particularly bizarre variant of a common old antivaccine conspiracy theory claiming, “Vaccines are killing everybody!” (also known as causing global “depopulation”) and (of course), “The Man is covering up the carnage!” The only difference between this and older antivax conspiracy theories is the magnitude of the carnage and the aforementioned self-assembling nanostructures as the proposed instrument of doom, destruction and the “vaccine holocaust.” So it was when I came across a new article by Ana Maria Mihalcea entitled Dark -Field Microscopic Analysis on the Blood of 1,006 Symptomatic Persons After Anti-COVID mRNA Injections from Pfizer/BioNtech or Moderna in which she claims that—you guessed it—COVID-19 vaccines are causing “clots” that are really “self-assembling nanostructures.”

I encountered this “theory” (and I certainly use the term loosely) than two weeks ago, when Mike Adams finally reported the results of his ICP-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) analysis of the elemental mineral composition blood clots supplied to him by a dodgy, conspiracy-minded embalmer named Richard Hirschman who had claimed to have recovered them from bodies that he had embalmed. As was pointed out to me, this was, of course, totally unethical unless this embalmer had obtained the prior consent of the next of kin of the deceased to harvest anything from their bodies (even clots) for “research,” something that was never really discussed or clarified. It also didn’t matter that Adams used blood as his “control” to compare to the clots because he labored under the ignorant delusion that blood clots are nothing more than just “congealed blood.” (They’re not; although they do contain platelets and some trapped red and white blood cells, clots are mostly made up protein.) It did lead to my laughing as he expressed amazement on more than one occasion that the elemental composition of blood clots was different than that of blood. (Not as much as his claims that these clots were “self-assembling nanostructures, but enough.) Earlier, Adams had looked at the same clots under the microscope and found the aforementioned “self-assembling nanostructures” (although he took care to say only that they might be “self-assembling nanostructures,” pending further analysis), with hilarious results.

Nor has Mike Adams been the only person pushing this particular conspiracy theory about COVID-19 vaccines killing millions through massive clots. Steve Kirsch and Mark Crispin Miller promote it, both blaming any sudden death of anyone younger than (apparently) 65 years old on COVID-19 vaccines, usually clots. So does Jane Ruby, an nurse-practitioner and economist who uses her experience working for pharmaceutical companies to do health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) to fool her viewers into thinking that she’s an expert in infectious disease, vaccines, and COVID-19. Her schtick aligns perfectly with Mike Adams’ schtick in promoting the claim that COVID-19 vaccines are causing massive clots in healthy young people, leading to their untimely demise. (She also claims that the moth DNA from the insect cells used in the manufacture of the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine will corrupt your DNA and, apparently, make you more like a moth.)

Coming back to Dr. Mihalcea, let’s look at her most recent fearmongering about COVID-19 vaccine-induced blood clots:

This recently published study from Italy once again confirms self assembly nanostructures in the blood of C19 injected people. The authors correlate the blood findings with the symptoms of the affected. For example this case was discussed:
This individual is a male of 33 years, who formerly was an athlete, apparently healthy before inoculation with an mRNA Pfizer injection. One month after receiving the first dose of the Pfizer “vaccine”, he showed marked asthenia, a constant gravitational headache (i.e., one sensitive to the position and movements of his head and body such that the pain was increased by movement of the head up or down). The headaches were unresponsive to common pain killers. Diffuse rheumatic arthralgia with dyspnea on exertion were noted.

Naturally, the study shows dark field shots of clots and blames the vaccine for them and insinuating that they are “self-assembling nanostructures.” I’ll discuss the actual “study” (if you can call it that) in a moment. First, I can’t help but point out how she can’t resist referring to her previous “study” (if you can call it that):

These are exactly the blood findings described by my colleague, Felipe Reitz. More than ever, I believe that the evaluation if Computerized Thermography Imaging could be an early screening tool is imperative. I wrote about this here, and please look at our video interview.

You might recall that I was…unimpressed…with Dr. Mihalcea’s use of thermography (a diagnostic tool much beloved by quacks) to “diagnose” blood clots due to vaccines. I will give her credit for computerizing the thermography and giving it a catchy abbreviation of CTI. Very impressively “science-y” sounding! It’s also a wonderful “screening” tool to find fake abnormalities in asymptomatic people, something that Dr. Mihalcea urges that we do (although, obviously, she doesn’t think the abnormalities that she finds are fake):

If these structures are magnetic, MRI’s and other imaging studies should not be performed as they may cause tissue damage due to excitation of the magnetic particles. This could cause further harm and injury to the injected. Full body Ultrasound imaging is difficult to perform, but full body Computerized Thermography could be done safely. 

Dangerously, many allopathic physicians treating vax injuries are in complete denial of the self assembly nanostructures as a cause for pathology. I wonder how much evidence they need to take this seriously? 

We must find the safest way of screening for asymptomatic blood clotting, and clearly live blood analysis is a tool that all treating physicians should urgently familiarize themselves with. D-Dimers are valuable, but may not be able to pick up all blood clotting. Dr. Charles Hoffe stated that 62% of his C19 injected patients had an elevated D-Dimer, but all live blood analysis in injected patients are abnormal. The sensitivity of D-Dimer testing may be suboptimal.

The part about the MRI is a nice touch. It taps into a particularly bonkers conspiracy theory from last year that apparently hasn’t died and claims that COVID-19 vaccines make people “magnetic” that had spawned a lot of memes with people having silverware sticking to them because they had been “magnetized” and uses it to rationalize why another, much better, diagnostic test with actual science behind it for detecting clots shouldn’t be used. (Not just “shouldn’t be used,” but would be dangerous!) Then she pivots to denigrate the preferred test of a fellow quack that is, of course, nonspecific and not very sensitive, in favor of her own.

Then she invokes a diagnosis that antivaxxers have co-opted:

Further correlation studies in C19 injected people with evaluation of live blood analysis, D-Dimer testing, Computerized Thermography Imaging and if abnormal, Doppler Ultrasound confirmation need to happen urgently. We need to screen every athlete, every pilot, every medical professional – and in fact every person who got theses shots. If we do, we may be able to prevent sudden adult or child death syndrome. 

Above all, the dangerous shots need to be stopped immediately and everyone responsible, held accountable.

The only test in there that might detect actual clots is Doppler ultrasound. “Sudden adult or child death syndrome” is also a riff on sudden adult death syndrome (SADS), which is a real syndrome in which healthy adults suffer cardiac arrest or life-ending arrhythmia for seemingly no apparent reason. As I discussed a couple of months ago, though, SADS is nothing new, and the correct meaning of the acronym SADS is sudden arrhythmic death syndrome and is usually due to one of a number of cardiac abnormalities, including long QT syndrome, Brugada syndrome, progressive cardiac conduction defect, arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia/cardiomyopathy (ARVD/C), catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (CPVT), short QT syndrome, Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome, and Timothy syndrome, among others. SADS is rare, but not so rare that it isn’t seen often enough to be studied and to have resulted in laws requiring that school athletes be screened for family history and some of the cardiac conditions that can lead to SADS and infographics like the one here from the UK:

SADS infographic, not self-assembling nanostructures
A typical infographic about SADS.

But what about the study that Dr. Mihalcea cites? Amusingly, here it is:

IJVTPR, a quack journal
I see….red flags…already.

So let’s see. We have a first author, Franco Giovannini, who is an acupuncture specialist, in addition to a dentist, and an otolaryngologist as the other authors. This acupuncturist/MD also runs BioDiagnostica Giovannini. It’s in Italian, but Google Translate lets me know that this is an “integrative medicine” clinic that provides a cornucopia of quackery, including (among others) “ozonized autochemotherapy,” the old quack technique of removing some blood, treating it with ozone, and then reinfusing it, magneto therapy, and Giovannini® BioDiagnostics, described as a “method of early prevention and monitoring of the cell soil that includes Bioelectronics and Microscopic Hemodiagnostics.” That “microscopic hemodiagnostics” is nothing more than—you guessed it—live blood cell analysis. As for the journal, the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research (IJVTPR) is clearly an antivaccine journal. If you don’t believe me, just peruse its front page and list of issues, and how it has issued a Call for Papers for a special episode entitled COVID Aftermath:

In IJVTPR Volume 2 Issue number 2, we continue the critical examination of ingredients in vaccines, especially focusing on the COVID-19 genetic “therapies” that aim to directly impact  the genomes of human biophysical systems. While Yuval Noah Harari and others associated with the “Great Reset” claim they can “hack the human genome” and thus have the power to monitor and, through a system of cryptocurrency, to control the buying and selling of every person on the planet, the level of their “reading” of the billions of base-pairs in the human genome by relying on their current knowledge of the “genetic code” is something like claiming to understand Greek texts based on knowledge of the Greek alphabet. Their superficial understanding of genetics, reflected in the medical/pharmaceutical/government hegemony, is what got us the Epidemic NCDs (noncommunicable chronic diseases/disorders) dealt with in IJVTPR Volume 2 Issue 1. Those exploding disorders and ones related to them are what Childrens Health Defense is all about. For the IJVTPR, see a bit of the backstory in The Defender.

Let’s just say that linking to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s antivaccine website is not a good look for an “academic” medical journal, nor is invoking the “Great Reset” conspiracy theory and cryptocurrency. (When a paper from the journal can be claimed to represent evidence of “self-assembling nanostructures,” so much the worse.) Out of curiosity, I looked at the last link:

In December 2020, the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research accepted for peer-reviewed publication an article by Children’s Health Defense on how the pandemic facilitated a financial, tech, biopharmaceutical and military-intelligence push for centralized, technocratic control. The journal’s editor-in-chief, Professor John W. Oller, Jr., Ph.D., tells why he and Senior Editor Christopher A. Shaw decided to launch this particular open-access journal.

I didn’t recall every having encountered John Oller before (and a search of this blog turned up empty), but I’ve written about Christopher Shaw many times going back years and years. He’s an antivaxxer through-and-through. Oller, apparently, is a retired professor of linguistics who is now an instructor at James Lyons-Weiler‘s Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge (not a good sign, given that Lyons-Weiler is antivaccine to the core as well).

So what we have is a paper by quacks published in a journal founded by antivaxxers that publishes articles by the team at Children’s Health Defense. But what about the article? It’s possible, albeit exceedingly unlikely, that these Italian physicians might have found something.

The abstract states:

The present study presents the results of dark field microscopic analysis of the blood of 1 006 patients referred to the “Giovannini Biodiagnostic Center” for various disorders after inoculation with mRNA injections (Pfizer/BioNTech or Of the total 1,006 subjects, blood drops from 12 of them were performed prior to any mRNA injections, using the same dark field microscopic methods. Of these 12 subjects, 4 were chosen as representative of the entire sample of 1,006 cases and are reported in detail as illustrated with corresponding photographic images.

Can anyone see the problem with this “study” just from this excerpt from the abstract? Yes? No?

Let’s look at the Materials and Methods section:

Of the 1,006 subjects, 426 were males and 580 were females and 141 of them received only a single dose of the mRNA experimental injection, 453 got a second dose, and 412 received a third dose. The average age of the 1,006 subjects was 49 years and their age ranged from 15-85. On the average, 5.77% of the 1,006 individuals had normal blood samples in spite of their COVID-19 symptoms. The remaining 94.23% had abnormal blood samples as illustrated in the 4 cases we selected out of the 12 who were normal before receiving any mRNA injections but were no longer normal afterward. For each case, a drop of blood was drawn by pricking a finger and was analyzed under a ZEISS Primostar or LEITZ Laborlux 12 dark field microscope The observation of the blood under an optical microscope in a dark field took place an average of thirty days after the last inoculation. From a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 20 photographs were taken for each patient examined. All initial observations were made at 40x magnification except for digital 3x enlargements to 120x for certain objects of interest. Measurements were performed with DeltaPix InSight Software.

See the problem now? First, there is no control group, not even a retrospective control group. Second, there was no blinding. The “investigators”—and I use this term loosely as well—were aware of what “group” the specimens came from. Third, it’s always suspicious when only 6% or so of your specimens are “normal.” It makes me wonder what your criteria are for determining what is and is not “normal.” Again, live blood analysis being what it is (quackery and a gimmick designed to sell more quackery), it’s long been known that there is huge interobserver variability in reading the results from these drops of blood. Unsurprisingly, there is no useful information provided on how the four patients presented for “analysis” were chosen from the 12 who were claimed to have had blood samples analyzed before they were vaccinated, other than a statement in the discussion, “We assert unequivocally that the 4 cases described in this series are representative of the 948 cases in which extraordinarily anomalous structures and substances were found.”

Cool. My reaction?

In any event, why not do all 12? If I were a reviewer, that’s what I’d have insisted on. After all, if you can do four patients, you can do 12.

Still, for amusement, I looked at some of the images, which were interpreted in much the same way that Mike Adams interpreted his microscopy of blood clots:

Blood or self-assembling nanostructures?
Blood or self-assembling nanostructures? You be the judge!

Here’s more:

More self-assembling nanostructures?
More self-assembling nanostructures? Or is this just what we in the biz call schmutz?

I’m not a pathologist or a hematopathologist by any means, but looking at many of these images the first thought that came to my mind is that these guys need to clean their slides better. It’s a veritable pareidolia of what we in the biz call schmutz (or hair, lint, textile fibers, or dust, all of which are ubiquitous in any indoor environment). The “self-assembling nanostructures” are basically nothing more than the same misinterpretation of microscopy that those doing “live blood cell analysis” have always done, like:

In conclusion, such abrupt changes as we have documented in the peripheral blood profile of 948 patients have never been observed after inoculation by any vaccines in the past according to our clinical experience. The sudden transition, usually at the time of a second mRNA injection, from a state of perfect normalcy to a pathological one, with accompanying hemolysis, visible packing and stacking of red blood cells in conjunction with the formation of gigantic conglomerate foreign structures , some of them appearing as graphene family super structures, is unprecedented. Such phenomena have never been seen before after any “vaccination” of the past. In our collective experience and in our shared professional opinion, the large quantity of particles in the blood of mRNA injection recipients is incompatible with normal blood flow especially at the level of the capillaries. As far as we know, such self-aggregation phenomena have only been documented after the COVID-19 mRNA injections were first authorized, then mandated in some countries, and now are still being widely distributed in more than 12.3 billion doses (, 2022). Further studies are needed to determine the precise nature and purposes of the foreign particles found in the blood drops of about 94% of the mRNA recipients we have studied . Where do they come from and why are they in these injections?

Where do they come from? Certainly, they don’t come from “self-assembling nanostructures.” Rather, just as is always the case with “findings” in “live blood analysis” by darkfield microscopy, they appear to come from the imagination of the investigators superimposed on normal findings in blood drops during darkfield microscopy, such as dust and hair, findings that a trained pathologist would recognize.

The narrative of a “vaccine holocaust” is nothing new. It’s been a staple of antivaxxers ever since I can remember. Nor is it new to observe quacks using quack diagnostic methods like live blood cell analysis to document “vaccine injury.” What is new is just how far and wide this nonsense can spread now.

By Orac

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65 replies on “Self-assembling nanostructures? COVID-19 vaccine “blood clots” revisited.”

The technical term is indeed schmutz. The polite term is contaminants.

I took a quick look at the images on Dr. Mihalcea‘s newsletter. Some of them are definitely textile fibers of some sort. They are all the sorts of things that would be ignored by a knowledgeable person looking at peripheral smears. If you used ordinary microscopy instead of dark field, these structures would be almost unnoticeable, which is likely why dark field was used.

One other thing about so-called live blood analysis is that you will see roleaux formation, the technical term for stacks of red cells, if the slide dries out a bit too much. That is the most likely explanation for seeing that in smears being examined by, politely, untrained people (incompetents=impolite).

FYI, I am a retired pathologist.

Blood or self-assembling nanostructures? You be the judge!

Or maybe lint fibers from somebody’s clothing. I love how they jump to “nanostructure” when they’re at micron scale –140 microns is not even close to nanoscale.

Geek that I am, I almost mentioned how these objects were nowhere near nanometer scale, but refrained.

So, even if Mihalcea as something there, it might just be another case of the dose makes the poison?

Half-blood geek that I am: Would the blood clot itself not count as a self-assembling nanostructure? It is just agglutinated protein mass, after all; a chemically-triggered clotting cascade.

(Source: many nights hung over a sink, bloody TP wads stuck to my bleedin’ nose.)

And that’s even before considering the professional microscopy techniques of post-pubescent toddlers who never got toilet control. “Giant mound of shite”, would be my informal analysis of their anal-lysis.

But then, we all know Mikey Adams could shove his penis under a coverslip to an audience of worshipful “oohs” and “awws”. Numbnuts want to buy what he’s selling: confirmation that they are the most Special of all.

140 microns is not even close to nanoscale

The Figure 6 legend is a doozy. If they were really nanoscale, though, the part about being ripped from the body by MRI wouldn’t work. Or something.

There would certainly have been a lot of people ripped to shreds by MRI scanners by now if this was true. About time that the MAN ‘fessed up about hiding all he MRI deaths too.

140 microns is not even close to nanoscale

So what you’re saying is they’re Megananostructures—that’s a thousand times worse!

What brave maverick geniuses Giovannini, Mihalcea, et alia must be to find this murderous side effect that is killing millions, when other investigators of the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines were able to tease out a blood clotting risk that was on the order of 1/100,00 ( They are exemplars of truly dizzying intellect and investigational ability.

I didn’t recall every having encountered John Oller before

It appears that he himself was the original publisher of the “journal,” before that duty was taken over by a nonexistent “consortium.”

I also was struck by the thought that these people need to hire a better lab janitorial service or at least clean off dusty slides before doing darkfield microscopy. They would be astonished at how those “self-assembling nanostructures” vanish when slides are first exposed to water with a bit of added detergent.

If you want to see who else on the Antivax Hit Parade besides Christopher Shaw is involved with the IJVTPR, check out the journal’s list of associate editors. They include such movement icons as Russell Blaylock, Mary Holland, Brian Hooker, James Lyons-Weiler and Stephanie Seneff.

Or just a Kemwipe! Like, I’ve looked at a lot of blood products stained with trypan blue over the years and we were terrible about keeping out slides clean (because it was just a viability count) and the prompt use of a lint-free disposable wipe (dry) will get rid of most everything, even in a dusty lab.

What would one expect graphene to look like at 40x magnification? Given that its interesting structure truly is “nano” I would expect that at 40x or even 4000x it really doesn’t have any particularly distinguishing features.

I’m tempted to send a link to the paper to Vinnie Racaniello, just to give his nose a gentle friendly tweak. He will be embarrassed that such rubbish is coming out of Italy.

Aside of the lack of control group, who referred these people and why were they referred? I cannot help but wonder, given our previous experience with referrals in the Wakefield case.

At any rate, thank you for going in detail through the problems with this study. And this journal. I thought Shaw said he was not going to do vaccines stuff anymore?

… self-assembling nanostructures …

Oh yes, self-assembling nanostructures are absolutely real, and can be quite lethal. They’re more commonly known as ‘viruses’.

“self-assembling nanostructures are absolutely real, … known as ‘viruses’.”

Technically not self-assembing: like anti-vaxxers they actually thrive by leeching off everyone else.

“can be quite lethal”

Not wrong on that bit though.

I swear to God that at this stage in the game Orac is actually helping the ‘antivaxx’ cause by bringing attention to these studies. I can’t believe I missed this one! Seriously– does anyone really believe that Orac’s lame ‘takedowns’ are accomplishing anything!

Anyway, I must ask this; if the images are just schmutz, what accounts for the scmutz-free pre-injection images?

Selection bias. It’s ludicrous to think that in all of the 1000-plus post-vaccination smears they supposedly examined, none of the microscopic fields contained intact, non-agglomerated red blood cells similar to those seen in the 2 pre-vaccination images. If that was actually the case, all of those people would be dead. Remember, you can conjure up dense, “agglomerated” red cell masses/”rouleaux” simply by selecting overly thick or air-dried parts of the slide to look at. Ask any competent lab tech or pathologist.

My favorite quote from the paper: “Biosignaling systems that were formerly under control prior to the mRNA injection(s) are soon compromised by a flood of confusion and biological disinformation (what some have been calling “biosemiotic entropy”; see Pellionisz, 2012; Gryder et al., 2013; Davidson et al., 2013; Shaw, 2017 and their references). As a result, the clinical terrain that was formerly manageable is suddenly fraught with unfamiliar perils never before encountered.”

That’s as sciency as it gets. 🙂 A “flood of confusion” does accurately describe the state of mind of the authors, as well as that of our resident trolls.

As Orac pointed out, we also don’t know why these four out of the twelve. I would be surprised if it were a random choice. I expect they looked for the strongest cases.

I also would like to know why these people had blood drawn before vaccinating and nobody else did.

As Orac pointed out, we also don’t know why these four out of the twelve. I would be surprised if it were a random choice. I expect they looked for the strongest cases.

Actually, Dorit, to be honest, I suspect that too. Yet, reading the strong claims of the study and seeing the images presented, it seems that there was indeed a stark contrast between the pre and post-jabbed images and little room for ambiguity.

I am sensing schmutz won’t cut it and you guys will have to resort to some version of the dose makes the poison. Seriously– hasn’t it already been raised here that the aggregates are mere microns?!

The door to spin may also be open. You could ask the public if they would prefer boring, organized blood cells or those cool, psychedelic, fluorescent aggregates. Ask them if they will have the ‘minisule’ accompanying risk of serious adverse outcomes deter them from jazzing things up. Just my two-cents.

Seriously, do you knos any self assembling macrostructure ? These would be much easier to manufacture.

To give some perspective on the difference between nano (10^-9) and micro (10^-6), let’s use some nice American units.

There are a thousand nanometers in a micrometer.

If one yard is approximately the distance from the tip of your longest finger to your nose (if you hold our arm out sideways at the shoulder), and 100 yards is a football field, then the difference in orders of magnitude is the difference between your arm and 10 football fields. It is literally not even in the same ballpark.

Thank you, JT! What the ‘antivaxx heathens’ will never get is vaccination can produce profound, TOTALLY UNEXPECTED changes to human physiology. On the micro level, these changes may appear downright scary. Yet, we can EXPECT that these changes will almost always be inconsequential and transient — and especially with human health being so resilient. This is the science!

Here’s a scary thought.

What happens when these people supplement “live blood analysis” with examination of tissue samples from biopsies or organ excisions facilitated by friendly morticians?

The odds of unrecognized artifacts from tissue processing are much greater compared to looking at a dirty glass slide. If Mike Adams gets his hands on a tissue processor and microtome, who knows what alien creatures he’ll discover?

“Starch powder, a lubricant of surgical gloves, is a common contaminant of cytological and histological specimens. In hematoxylin and eosin-stained sections, they appear as numerous blue, small, spherical structures. In oral cytosmear, they appear as refractile, glassy, polygonal bodies 5–20 μm in diameter, with a central dot or Y-shaped structure that may be misinterpreted as a pyknotic nucleus or for cell undergoing mitosis. These might also resemble epithelial cells.”

Self-assembling nanostructures!! Aieeeeee!!!

@DB: “What happens when these people supplement “live blood analysis” with examination of tissue samples from biopsies or organ excisions facilitated by friendly morticians?”

Delusional Parasitosis as a solid career option.

Splut-ka-chings all around!

Two anti-vaxxers from my beautiful (and nutty) province of BC are referred to in this post.

Christopher Shaw, UBC Faculty of Medicine, said that he was reconsidering “dabbling” in vaccines after his last retraction fiasco. I guess he’s still “dabbling”.

The other is Dr. Charles Hoffe, stating that 62% of his C19 injected patients had an elevated D-Dimer, and claiming that this proves that a majority of COVID vaccinated patients develop blood clots. The problem is that D-Dimer is sensitive for clotting, but it is not specific, with a high false positive rate in the elderly. It looks like Dr Hoffe was testing all of his patients who received the vaccine for D-Dimer. Since the vaccine was prioritized for the elderly (in BC at least), it’s not surprising that a high number of vaccinated people in his practice would have elevated D-Dimer levels, mostly by virtue of being old.

Anyway, couple of interesting items about Dr Hoffe. He practised in Lytton BC, a small town famous for being the hottest place in Canada. Last summer during our “heat dome”, a new Canada temperature record was set, at 49.6 C (121.3 F). The next day, a fire broke out and 90% of the town was destroyed. I think that imaginary blood clots were the least of Lytton residents’ problems after that.
In the meantime, Hoffe and our other notorious anti-vax MD, Dr Stephen Malthouse, did a travelling anti-vax roadshow. Malthouse has had his licence suspended on an interim basis while the BC College is investigating. Dr Hoffe hasn’t been suspended, but he is also under investigation.

Now where did I put those scissors and that paper bag?

It’s interesting that you haven’t covered John Oller before. Yes, he was first author on that paper with Shaw and Tomljenovic that tried to promote the conspiracy theory that the neonatal tetanus vaccine was in reality an anti-fertility ploy (which has been debunked by e.g. David Gorski). which was so bad that Shaw and Tomljenovic themselves retracted it from the predatory journal in which it was published …

But I do think it is worth pointing out that Oller is, in fact, probably better known for his work as member of the Board of Trustees and the Technical Advisory Board of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) (who lists him, for some reason, as a “physical scientist”), including his tireless campaigns against teaching science in Lousiana public schools. He is also on the ICR’s list of creation scientists.

And yes, it’s the same guy. He’s a hardcore young earth creationist.

I can think of nothing more fitting than these boffins becoming the official pathology lab for AFLDs (once Simone Gold gets out of jail), with Ryan “I suck at using a microscope just as bad as these bozos” Cole heading up this lab of fools.

Their kill ratio will be stunning.

Self assembling conspiracy theories, lol.

“Their kill ratio will be stunning.”

Which is why I say: Let Them.

And when those gluttons have eat their fill, hand a pistol and 100 Bullets to each distraught friend and family of all of their thousands of corpse victims, and let the problem take care of itself.

An horrific medicine, yes. But I am thinking now of the millions of lives to be saved across all of the future generations tomorrow, not the few thousand lost today; especially when most of those thousands are dead-set on leaping onto that rake-strewn lawn anyway. Damn them for doing it. But damn them alone.

You cannot help those who do not want to be helped. You cannot stop those who do not want to be stopped. You can only hold their coat and try to stop them dragging any innocent others into their idiot dance. But that choice is theirs, not yours, to make. No matter how honest and well intentioned you are.

You have to let people fail for themselves. The rest is damage containment. That is all.

NO QUESTION people are dying from the fake Vaccine. If that’s FUNNY to you, then YOU are the problem.. FAKE NEWS

There must not only be a secret burial ground, or warehouse, for the bodies of people died from the vaccine and children sacrificed to Satan, but there must also be a secret place were all those people lived, when they were alive, considering those people who died from the vaccine and children sacrificed to Satan, don’t seem to be missed.

Maybe the bodies are buried on a secret island near NYC in mass graves…
oh wait, those are people who died of COVID
( see Hart Island images, 2020)

…. because I survey alt med, anti-vax and some political crap, I hear many CTs and fake news but it’s funny when its source is closer to home:
my SO gets e-mails from a relative who lives in a conservative place who said, “NY and CA are SO dangerous”, ” people are fleeing these places by the thousands”, ” only criminals live there”, “poop in the streets”, ” bad leaders” etc.
But of course, he responds saying how cities and towns around here are experiencing a building boom and that the most expensive rental city is nearby. Little crime. CA is not the catastrophe she described.Fans were well-behaved at the tennis event and baseball game he attended this past week.

Interestingly, Del ( The HIghwire) and Florida’s Surgeon General (?) Dr Lapado on Thursday both commented how at night, they both see cars’ headlights arriving in droves from CA and NY ( they live in Texas and Florida, respectively). Similar stuff from Null who recently visited NY- a ghost town- with only young people who buy 80 dollar beers! Mike: schools there are groomer farms. Katie Wright: NY schools abuse children who have to wear masks, people are fleeing etc. Same from right wing television. One script I suppose.

You forget that all the bodies are the people who died of the fake virus called COVID-19.

The vaccine is so dangerous that it was killing people even before it was invented. That is how insidious this plot to take over the world is.

How come I don’t know any of these fake vaccine victims, I am surrounded by fully vaxxed family, friends, work colleagues, acquaintances, neighbours blah blah yet they all live. Two from that list did die of covid related disease.

“NO QUESTION people are dying from the fake Vaccine. If that’s FUNNY to you, then YOU are the problem.. FAKE NEWS”

Donald?! Is that you?

“Donald?! Is that you?”

You wish. Ever since the CIA stopped putting Lithium in the water, loonies like Den are popping up like toadstools. Curse you, Obama!

Or maybe it’s such a bogus notion that dirt-bags like you can only find support from loons at a conspiracy site.

Actually, not maybe, that’s the case. There doesn’t seem to be any bar so low that you can’t slime your way below it.

Layperson’s reaction:
“Self-assembling nanostructures” sounds like something out of a science-fiction novel (e.g. The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson), so I suspected the proclamations relating such to COVID vaccines to be complete conspiratorial fantasy, on the order of 5G mind control or whatnot. I mean, we were talking about Mike Adams here, right? But before commenting with that assumption, I Googled and it does seem that “self-assembling nanostructures” are an actual thing, and not necessarily an outre one at that. Thus the route to establishing the off-ness of the Mihalcea/Giovannini claims involves a lot more detail, including the role of schmutz (also part of the pro lingo in film and photography, btw).

Would it be fair then to suggest future discussions of this stuff include a brief note on the actual science of self-assembling nanos, to help clarify that this is not that, and what that actually is is not necessarily some dystopian take on Fantastic Voyage?

I once tried to assemble a nanostructure with tweezers and a magnifying glass. It didn’t go well. Self-assembly is clearly the better approach.

Honestly “self-assembling nanostructures” makes me think of things like any compound with a crystalline structure. Like water. (Though I do totally get the Diamond Age vibes from it, but I read/watch enough SciFi to know how to keep those separate in my brain.)

@sadmar: …uhh, oh sorry, y’all lost me there at Raquel Welch…

Anyway, salt crystals in a glass of evaporating water can probably qualify as “self-assembling nanostructures”. And, naturally, everything living from the first bacteria onwards.

They chose that name simply because it sounds good.

The goobers will invariably see what they want to see, believe what they want to believe, ’cos ultimately it is all about seeing themselves. Our mistake is in thinking they will care if we point out how stupid they sound. They won’t. Excepting the outright psychotics, its function is, and always was, something entirely else. Its power lies not in the claim itself (the content is quite unimportant!) but in the strength and devotion of their embrace.

Tabula rasa meets ouroboros. It is a test. As the glue that binds, it is unbeatable.

After self-assembling nanostructures, Mikey ( yesterday) hosted Dane Wigington ( see Metabunk/ Wigington debunked) who asserts that geoengineering will wipe most humans off the face of the earth. SOON.
I couldn’t listen to the whole interview because even I have limits but basically, chemtrails and other devious methods seed the atmosphere causing dangerous phenomena. Interfering with weather patterns etc. Not that Mike ever admits that AGW exists. Wigington has been around for a while and has been a featured guest on PRN.

So right: ” science-fiction novel” territory. Other crap I’ve heard involves the crystalline structure of water and subsequent water memory to explain how homeopathy works.

“you can see the curvature of the earth”

That’s the edge of the disc, where the water falls off! Had you flown closer, you would have seen it better. Checkmate, oblate spherologists!

[…] Then the film cuts to a man claiming that there were all these “anomalies” and “abnormalities” in the blood in people who died, going on to say that he feels as though he is seeing something that could be causing their deaths and that “no one will see what I see,” which is, of course, what all conspiracy theorists say. He then speculates that perhaps COVID-19 caused this; that is, until he realized that many of these people had never had COVID-19 and that—of course!—they had been vaccinated. My first guess was that this was Richard Hirschman, perhaps the most famous of the embalmers and morticians who have made misleading claims about finding huge clots in vaccinated people who died, his claims that they are “unnatural” having led people like Mike Adams and Jane Ruby to speculate wildly that they are “self-assembling nanostructures.” […]

[…] Then the film cuts to an aerial shot of an SUV driving through the countryside and then zeros in on the middle-aged goateed man with glasses driving the truck filmed in extreme closeup from the side or behind as he pontificates about how there have been “anomalies” and “abnormalities” in the blood in people who died. As he drives, the man goes on to say that he feels as though he is seeing something that could be causing their deaths and that “no one will see what I see” (which is, of course, what all conspiracy theorists say). He then speculates that he first thought that perhaps COVID-19 had caused this; that is, until he claims to have realized that many of these people had never had COVID-19 but that—of course!—they had been vaccinated. My first guess was that this was Richard Hirschman, perhaps the most famous of the embalmers and funeral directors who have made misleading claims about finding huge clots in vaccinated people who died, his claims that they are “unnatural” having led people like Mike Adams and Jane Ruby to speculate wildly that the clots are “self-assembling nanostructures.” […]

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