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Curewell: IV hydration woo on my local news station

I saw my favorite station airing an advertisement disguised as a news story for a Curewell IV HAUS, which sells IV “therapy.” I did not approve.

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Adventures in bad veterinary medicine reported by the local media (2017 edition)

Just because people think that sticking needles into their meridians will somehow unblock their qi and fix whatever ails them doesn’t mean it’s OK to inflict the same nonsense on our pets. Unfortunately, a local TV station disagrees.


Gordie Howe: How not to report about dubious stem cell therapies

And now for something completely different… (Yes, there’s been enough vaccine blogging for the moment.) The date of the Kinsman Sports Celebrity Dinner in Saskatoon is fast approaching on February 6. It reminded me of my discussion of how Gordie Howe was flown to Tijuana to undertake a dubious stem cell therapy for his serious […]