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Sad news: A Burzynski success story is gone

I’m depressed as I write this, because I have some very sad news to relate to you. It appears that Laura Hymas died on Sunday morning. I learned this on Twitter yesterday from a source I trust, not to mention from mentions on Ben Hymas’s Facebook page, in which friends are commenting on how they […]

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In which the latest movie about Stanislaw Burzynski’s “cancer cure” is reviewed…with Insolence

Well, I’ve finally seen it, Burzynski: Cancer Is A Serious Business, Part 2, the sequel to the execrable first Burzynski movie. Yes, it’s every bit as chock full of misinformation and lies as the first one, maybe even more so.

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Two Stanislaw Burzynski’s “success stories”

One of the strategies that Stanislaw Burzynski will undoubtedly use to “prove” in Eric Merola’s new Stanislaw Burzynski movie that antineoplastons work in cancer will be to highlight “success stories.” Last year, Burzynski apologists frequently pointed to a girl with an inoperable brain tumor named Amelia Saunders as a success story when the U.K. press […]