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Here we go again. A naturopathic licensure bill stealthily passes the Michigan Senate

Naturopathic licensure is like The Terminator. It never, ever gives up. This time around, it’s back in Michigan. Worse, a bill licensing naturopaths has just passed the Michigan Senate and is moving on to the House of Representatives. Can it be stopped?

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Only a homeopath has a belief system bizarre enough to defend a remedy based on spit from a rabid dog

Last week, naturopath and homeopath Anke Zimmermann made the news for using lyssinum, a homeopathic remedy based on saliva from a rabid dog, to treat a four year old boy with behavioral problems. This week, Zimmermann strikes back against her critics. Hilarity ensues.

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Death by intravenous “turmeric”: Why licensed naturopaths are no safer than any other naturopath

Naturopaths claim that licensure will guarantee that only naturopaths practicing based on scientific evidence are allowed to see patients. The real situation is that licensed naturopaths are just as quacky (and dangerous) as any other naturopath. This is demonstrated by a recent case in which a fully licensed naturopath who trained at the “finest” naturopathy school killed a patient with intravenous “turmeric.”

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Naturopathic quackery tries to insinuate itself in the VA

Our military veterans deserve the best medical care our nation can offer. Actually, I’d say they’re owed it, actually. After all, many of them put themselves in harm’s way for this country. Others have suffered grievous injury with permanent sequelae. Still others have paid the ultimate price. For those who served, the least we as […]

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Time for Naturopathic Medicine Week 2014, a.k.a. Quackery Week

In my eagerness to note that Brian Hooker’s “reanalysis” of a ten year old study that failed to find a correlation between vaccines and autism had been retracted, I forgot to write about what I was originally planning on writing about yesterday. It actually would have been more appropriate a topic for yesterday, because it […]