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“Crush”-ing the victimhood gambit among antivaxers

An antivaxer by the ‘nym “Crush” at the antivaccine coffee klatch known as the Thinking Moms’ Revolution thinks that she and all antivaxers have been horribly victimized by evil pro-vexers. She’s a case of extreme Dunning-Kruger.

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Surprise! John Oliver’s vaccine segment has given antivaxers a sad.

On his most recent Sunday show, John Oliver did a tour de force segment on the antivaccine movement. Not surprisingly, antivaxers are not pleased.

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When the outbreaks occur, they’ll start in California

I may have been deluding myself when I talked about 2009 shaping up to be a bad year for antivaccinationists. It turns out that the antivaccine movement is succeeding. That’s right, a cadre of upper middle class, scientifically illiterate parents, either full of the arrogance of ignorance or frightened by leaders of the antivaccine movement, […]