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Midazolam as “euthanasia” for COVID, or the most brain-dead paper I’ve ever read?

A recent paper, amplified by antivax bloggers and John Campbell, claims that midazolam killed many COVID-19 patients in the UK as a result of “euthanasia.” My brain hurts from reading such stupidity.

Antivaccine nonsense Bad science

Prions. Why did it have to be prions?

Prions. Why did it have to be prions? (Again.) The antivax trope that vaccines cause prion disease is an old one, and antivaxxers are trying desperately to resurrect it to apply to COVID-19 vaccines.

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Fenbendazole: I’m having flashbacks to laetrile and Stanislaw Burzynski

Antivaxxers who “repurposed” deworming drugs like ivermectin and fenbendazole are peddling cancer “miracle cure” testimonials that remind me of laetrile and Stanislaw Burzynski. Truly, everything old is new again.

Antivaccine nonsense Cancer Medicine Quackery

Are ivermectin and fenbendazole the new laetrile? (Part two: ivermectin)

Last week, I noticed fenbendazole being “repurposed” to treat cancer. Now it’s ivermectin. Truly, in the age of COVID-19 these two drugs are the new laetrile.

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Is this “turbo cancer” claim the single dumbest misuse of VAERS that I’ve ever seen?

A Substack writer who goes by the ‘nym “2nd Smartest Guy in the World” misuses VAERS to demonstrate a “143,233 surge in fatal cancers” due to COVID-19 vaccines, thus proving Betteridge’s law of headlines wrong in this case.