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More on the Holocaust History Project fire

An update to the arson at the Holocaust History Project that I first discussed on Wednesday. A local news report showing the extent of the damage to the offices of the Holocaust History Project and including an interview with Harry Mazal can be found here. Not unexpectedly, the cockroaches are crawling out of the woodwork […]

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The joy of scheduling

Those of you who’ve been around a while may have noticed something different about the blog over the last few days. What’s happened is that, instead of doing what I normally used to do with my old Blogspot blog and either posting right after midnight or posting messages that I had written the night before […]


Happy Birthday to PZ–from EneMan!

A little bird told me that today is PZ Myers‘ birthday and instigated a little blog birthday party for him among various science bloggers. I wondered how I might send my wishes to him for a happy birthday or whom I might invite. Then it came to me. There was only one entity, one creature […]

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Mercury and autism: Foreordained conclusions?

Light blogging today, as I’m in the O.R. (Although there will be one more brief post, which, thanks to the wonders of Movable Type’s ability to let me schedule a time when posts are published, will be appearing early this afternoon, while I’m still working.The reason why I’m delaying it will, hopefully, be apparent.) Light […]

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The Holocaust History Project fire: Thanks to all for your support!

Yesterday, after arson at the offices of the Holocaust History Project (THHP) earlier this week, I made an appeal to the blogosphere to link to THHP. My concept was thus: Since the arsonists appear to have wanted to silence THHP, I thought that it would be a fine “screw you!” to them to get as […]