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True blasphemy

After all the violence and controversy over the Danish cartoons about the Prophet Mohammed, why is nobody protesting this real blasphemy?


Evidence for global warming

I’m a bit burned out from spending far more time than they deserve debunking the Geiers’ bad science and even worse statistics; so today’s blogging will tend towards lighter fare (and shorter posts). One thing I found recently via PharmaGossip is some rather compelling evidence in support of global warming. Just check below the fold.

Autism Medicine Quackery

One last word on the Geiers: So good it shouldn’t be buried in the comments

I was going to give this a rest for a while, but this is too good not to post a brief note about. Posted in the comments of my piece debunking the Geiers’ pseudoscience and their laughable “scientific” article claiming to show a decrease in the rate of new cases of autism since late 2002, […]


24 blogging: Holy crap!

Holy crap! They killed off… {Spoiler below the fold–if you’re in a time zone west of Eastern Standard, haven’t yet seen the episode because of the time difference, and don’t want to know what happens at the end of the episode, don’t read below the fold. You’ve been warned!}

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The Geiers go dumpster-diving yet again

Mark and David Geier, the père et fils duo of antivaccine pseudoscientists once again go dumpster diving in the VAERS database, using it for purposes for which it was not intended to “prove” vaccines cause autism.