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Need more cowbell?

Need more cowbell? Not if you’re this guy. Bummer. Next we’ll hear about miraculous “cowbell cures” from alties.


Reminder: The Skeptics’ Circle

Just a reminder that the Skeptics’ Circle is nearly upon us. It’s scheduled to appear this Thursday at Paiges’ Page. Get your submissions to Paige at [email protected] before Wednesday night. The guidelines can be found here, with more detail than you probably want to know here. Let’s help Paige keep up the tradition of great […]

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The Pooflinger muscling in on my territory?

It’s good to see the Pooflinger back in action. It really is. I don’t even mind that he’s starting to muscle in on my territory, because, as he points out, alties need poo-love too. In the process He’s unearthed a “gem” of altie wackiness that even I had never encountered before. Better still, he’s returned […]

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Project Jason: Psychics and missing people

As a skeptic, when discussing psychics and how there is zero scientific evidence for the existence of psychic powers, I often come up against the attitude that says, “What’s the harm if people believe in psychics?” What’s the harm indeed? Have your palm read, and it’s kind of fun, but you generally don’t take it […]

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More on the Holocaust History Project fire

An update to the arson at the Holocaust History Project that I first discussed on Wednesday. A local news report showing the extent of the damage to the offices of the Holocaust History Project and including an interview with Harry Mazal can be found here. Not unexpectedly, the cockroaches are crawling out of the woodwork […]