The Carnival of Bad History

The Carnival of Bad History #5 has been hosted at Ahistoricality. Of course, the carnival features a number of posts about ultimate in bad history, Holocaust denial. How could it not, with the recent trial of Holocaust denier David Irving in Austria?

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David Bowie lyric of the day

He’ll build a glass asylum With just a hint of mayhem He’ll build a better whirlpool We’ll be living from sin, then we can really begin Please savior, saviour, show us Hear me, I’m graphically yours Someone to claim us, someone to follow Someone to shame us, some brave Apollo Someone to fool us, someone […]


RINO Sightings

A new RINO Sightings: Monday the 13th Horror Edition is up at Searchlight Crusade.

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Applying science to green tea

It occurs to me that I haven’t done much straight science blogging lately. Yes, debunking pseudoscience and quackery is fun, useful, and has the potential to educate people about how science is misused, but this is ScienceBlogs. Since arriving here four weeks ago, I haven’t fulfilled my quota of science blogging, and it’s time to […]

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Battlestar Galactica blogging: Season finale

I have mixed feelings about the season finale of Battlestar Galactica, which aired Friday night. Overall, the second season has been a lot less consistent than the first. Some episodes (Downloaded, for example) were as good or better than anything in the first season, while a couple (Black Market, for example) bordered on being downright […]