Holocaust denial

David Irving on trial for Holocaust denial

Well, today’s the day. After all the waiting, it’s finally here. David Irving is going to stand trial for Holocaust denial in Austria today. Those of you who have read my old blog a while know what a despicable human being I consider David Irving to be. He’s clearly an anti-Semite, most famously having said […]


Not so respectful insolence

And here’s the last (and one of my favorite) categories of my blast from the past, some times over the last 14 months when Orac decided to take the “respectful” out of Respectful Insolence: A response to the “Herbinator” “Intelligent design” apologia: Pot. Kettle. Black. I tried not to discuss “intelligent design” again, but… Invitation […]


EneMan in danger?

I can understand wanting transparency regarding the gifts that pharmaceutical reps give doctors, particularly those of the more expensive variety, but this is ridiculous: At least nine states are considering bills that would require drugmakers to publicly report how much they and their sales representatives give to doctors, hospitals and pharmacists each year. A few […]

Science fiction/fantasy Television

J. Michael Straczynski on the death of Andreas Katsulas

This will be my last post on this subject, but I thought it might be of interest to show that Andreas faced his impending death due to lung cancer with dignity and class. Indeed, one could say that he faced it much the same way G’Kar would have, if he existed. A couple of days […]


The ethics mansion

A bit of a reconfiguration and “clarification” of the ethics rules and rules regarding accepting honoraria for faculty at my institution makes me particularly appreciate this piece in–where else?–The Onion: Senate Ethics Committee To Meet In New Ethics Committee Mansion WASHINGTON, DC–In the wake of several major lobbying scandals, the Senate Select Committee on Ethics […]

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