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Vaccine holocaust: The wildest antivaccine conspiracy theory ever. It even has aliens!

Mike Adams made a video about the “vaccine holocaust.” It’s the wildest antivaccine conspiracy theory ever. It even has aliens, and there are people dropping dead in the streets like in “The Omega Man.” All it needs are mutants. Where’s Charlton Heston when you need him?

I semi-regularly write about Mike Adams, the internet entrepreneur who got his start selling Y2K scams 20 years ago, moved on to “natural health” grift, and now runs an online empire dedicated to everything from alternative medicine to various conspiracy theories ranging from QAnon to claims that “holistic practitioners” are being murdered by big pharma, to just about any conspiracy theory that arises in the fever swamps of 4Chan. Of late, Adams hasn’t been very happy, as his Alex Jones-like screeds have gotten him banned from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, while new updates to the Google search algorithm have massively deprioritized quacks like Joe Mercola and him. Even before that, the FBI had looked into Adams’ activities when he published what sounded like a hit lit of GMO defenders called Monsanto Collaborators, and Google had delisted him (briefly) once before. These days, I tend not to write about Adams as much, at least not his content as much as his reaction to efforts of social media companies to slow the spread of the sort of misinformation that he churns out in an unending stream, but occasionally he writes something so out there, so nutty (even for him), that it attracts my attention and I consider it worth commenting on because people just don’t believe there are propagandists who will go this far. So it was that yesterday I was drawn to a video by Adams called Vaccine Holocaust, which appeared in an article by Adams himself entitled ALERT for humanity: The “perfect storm” for a vaccine HOLOCAUST is now here, subtly enough, with a graphic showing a hand holding a syringe in front of a massive pile of skulls (just like in The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day):

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Why is Orac bothering with this? This isn’t news. This isn’t the first time that an antivaxer has likened vaccination to the Holocaust or referred to a “vaccine holocaust.” Far from it! “Vaccine holocaust” is an all-too-common trope used by antivaxers ranging from even Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. himself to Dr. Bob Sears to Del Bigtree to any number of antivaxers, some of whom even misappropriate the symbols of the Holocaust to falsely liken themselves to Jews being marched to the gas chambers in Nazi Germany. All of this is, of course, quite true and something that I like to point out to antivaxers who claim that they’re “not antivaccine” but rather “pro-vaccine safety” or “pro-informed consent” or “pro-choice about vaccines” but have also in the past referred to a “vaccine holocaust.” Still, I think it’s worth checking out what Adams said and wrote for one very simple reason. The average person, who’s basically pro-vaccine not out of any deep knowledge but because she trusts her doctor and health authorities, has no idea just how far antivaxers will go in all seriousness. Sure, in Adams’ case it might be part of his grift, but he knows his audience. He knows what they want to hear and what they believe. He knows that any conspiracy theory is better if you add aliens. That’s why he takes those beliefs and goes as far as he can with them to produce verbiage like this:

The Holocaust of history saw the coordinated, government-run murder of six million Jews, capping off one of the most horrifying chapters of human history. Yet another holocaust is being repeated right now by the vaccine industry, also run by fascist government much like the Third Reich. Except this holocaust’s impact goes far beyond six million people; it involves the maiming, injury and deaths of hundreds of millions of people around the world, spanning at least three decades. Just like Adolf Hitler criminalized anyone criticizing his authoritarian regime, the vaccine deep state in America — led by the criminal CDC — has achieved the coordinated censorship of all criticism of vaccines across every tech platform of today: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and others. All channels containing content or videos that dare point out the government-admitted statistics of children being killed by vaccines — quarterly stats are readily available via — are systematically de-platformed and censored.

As I said before, it’s all about the grift with Mike Adams, and he really, really doesn’t like that Google’s algorithm adjustments have caused his website traffic to plummet, thus threatening his core business. He really, really doesn’t like it that Facebook has kicked him off, eliminating a major avenue to recruit new marks. He really, really doesn’t like it that YouTube kicked him off, eliminating a lucrative source of income derived from monetizing the videos he produces with advertising and not having to pay for bandwidth to stream his videos. (He clearly views this as so important that he created his own video streaming platform for “free expression”; i.e, spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation without penalty.)

Even though it’s all about the grift, Adams still taps into what a lot of antivaxers believe. Portraying himself (and his fellow antivaxers) as persecuted by the government, big pharma, and the like. The “vaccine holocaust” is a trope that antivaxers freely speak about among themselves but tend to be wise enough to know that it’s a concept that generally won’t be received kindly by anyone who’s not an antivaxer. I like to point to the example of RFK Jr. Here’s what he said six years ago, as related by the late Dan Olmstead, who, until his death, was editor of that wretched hive of scum and antivaccine quackery, Age of Autism:

Each of us will have our highlights from last weekend’s extraordinary Autism One gathering in Chicago, but for me it was Bobby Kennedy Jr. saying, “To my mind this is like the Nazi death camps.” “This” is the imprisonment of so many of our children in the grip of autism. Talk about cutting through the neurodiverse claptrap! When Bobby Kennedy says something, it gives “cover,” in a sense, for others to use the same kind of language and frame the debate in the same kind of way. (Language that reminds me of David Kirby’s phrase, “the shuttered hell” of autism, in Evidence of Harm.) Those who can advocate for themselves should do so. Move right along, please. Those who cannot have advocates like their parents and RFK Jr. who are sick of mincing words.

And, lest you don’t yet get the reference to a “vaccine holocaust”:

The enablers may not belong in Nuremburg, but they do belong in jail, Bobby said. “I would do a lot to see Paul Offit and all these good people behind bars,” he said, after listing Offit’s litany of lies and profit. Just to make sure people got the point, he returned to it in his speech. “Is it hyperbole to say they should be in jail? They should be in jail and the key should be thrown away.”

Amusingly, apparently RFK Jr. was none too pleased that Dan Olmstead had related in public what he had said among an audience of true believers, and the AoA article was promptly taken down, so fast, in fact, that it was never archived by the Wayback Machine at and contemporaneous sources, like this blog and Discover, are the only record of what Dan Olmstead wrote about what RFK Jr. said.

Of course, we have other examples. For instance, as I noted in 2015, RFK Jr. said:

But some parents fear information about the hazards of vaccines has been suppressed, largely because of what they call the pharmaceutical industry’s influence over health officials. Many parents believe their children have been damaged by vaccines. When Kennedy asked the crowd of a few hundred viewers how many parents had a child injured by vaccines, numerous hands went up. “They get the shot, that night they have a fever of a hundred and three, they go to sleep, and three months later their brain is gone,” Kennedy said. “This is a holocaust, what this is doing to our country.”

Pretty vile, right? So Mike Adams is doing nothing more than riffing on a theme that’s been rampant among antivaxers for almost as long as I can remember since I first started paying attention to the antivaccine movement, that of the “vaccine holocaust.” He just cranks the vaccine holocaust up to 11, with a major dose of projection before he gets to the aliens and people dropping dead in the streets, like in The Omega Man:

Defenders of the scientific static quo claim that science is “self correcting.” But there can be no self correction when no voices of dissent are allowed to be heard. Vaccines have become a cult-like “faith” matter across the scientific community, where total belief in vaccines is required at all times, or you will be fired from your job, stripped of your medical license, isolated from research funding, denounced by the medical establishment and censored by the tech giants. No dissent is allowed to be voiced, which means vaccines aren’t “scientific” at all. They represent an absolutist, cult-like fanaticism that smacks of deep intellectual corruption, not rational thought. No one is allowed to criticize vaccines. No whistleblowers are covered in the media. No investigative findings can be shared on social media. The cover-up is now complete, and the vaccine industry answers to no one, but hopes to violate everyone. Mass death has now descended upon us, and it’s all being carried out in the name of “science.”

I have…questions. First of all, why would the vaccine industry want to do all these horrible things? Profit alone can’t explain it. Power? I don’t know that that could explain it either. The projection, of course, is that Adams accuses science advocates and those trying to refute antivaccine misinformation of a “cult-like faith” that will brook no dissent, but that sounds far more like the alternative medicine beliefs that tend to undergird antivaccine beliefs than any sort of science. Still, again I consider this a useful exercise to examine how far antivaxers will go in their rhetoric. I’ve described the violent rhetoric of antivaxers before, but this goes beyond violent into the apocalyptic.

At this point, I was almost afraid to watch the video, but I consider it a duty to my readers; so in I plunged to see what Adams considers to be the “vaccine holocaust.” Adams doesn’t disappoint. Right in the first scene of the video, which is in black and white to let you know Adams is serious, ma-an, we see him intoning in the first sentence:

If you line up to be injected, you will find yourself very likely dead before very long, and this is the whole point. Vaccines have become weaponized. They have become a kill switch vector for humanity.

Again, so…many…questions. For instance, if this were true, where are all the vaccine-caused deaths? I’ve “lined up to be injected” many times, and I’m not dead. Am I just lucky? Everyone I know has “lined up to be injected” many times. They’re all alive, and most of them are in pretty good health. Maybe he’ll explain. But why would vaccine manufacturers want to make a product that kills? After all, there’s no repeat business if its customers die off after using their product. Adams has an “explanation” (if you can call it that):

Remember, the globalists don’t want humans to be around, at least not most of us. They want to depopulate the planet by 90%.

Excuse me, but doesn’t that seem…counterproductive? Economic growth depends on population growth. Countries with declining populations generally have economic problems. Also, who’s going to do all the heavy labor for the Illuminati elite billionaire overlords if 90% of the population is gone? Who’s going to make their lattes?

Adams doesn’t waste any time after this going full on “vaccine holocaust” mongering. First, he goes on a rant about how social media companies are trying to suppress the “truth” or any criticism of vaccines. Of course, it’s not criticism of vaccines that they are trying to control, it’s pseudoscientific misinformation about vaccines. There’s a difference, but of course to Mike Adams they are one and the same. This suppression of information, according to Adams, has cleared the way for vaccine manufacturers to put “anything they want” into vaccines, including radioisotopes, cancer-causing viruses, and live full strength viruses instead of weakened viruses. Hilariously, he also claims that doctors, pharma, tech companies, and the like are “colluding with the vaccine deep state” in order to bring about this vaccine holocaust.

Hilariously, Adams also invokes the Vaccine Court, claiming that it’s a secret court, which led me to ask: If it’s so secret, how come I get to read its decisions in PDF form and blog about them? If it’s so secret, why does the government publish its proceedings and decisions and list how much compensation has been paid out? (Adams also claims that the Vaccine Court places itself above the Supreme Court, which is utterly ridiculous.) I also can’t help but ask: If, as Adams claims, the Vaccine Court receives almost no publicity, why have there been so many stories about, say, the Autism Omnibus, Hannah Poling, a child’s family who was compensated despite the lack of evidence because the child died of SIDS after a vaccine. In any event, Adams claims that there’s no method of reporting a bad batch of vaccines and that all vaccines must be worshiped as being “absolutely good” and “absolutely effective” with “absolutely no risks at all.” To Adams, you must have “absolute obedience” to the “vaccine fraud.” (And, no, Mr. Adams, vaccines are not like tobacco.)

When Adams gets to the “why” of the “vaccine holocaust,” predictably his explanation is muddled. He can’t help but talk about abortion and “after birth abortion” (the latter of which does not exist) by the “medical industry” and then claim that the “vaccine holocaust” is really the use of children as human guinea pigs, even going so far as to say that the “CDC is to human health what the Third Reich was to human freedom.” Oddly enough, though, I had a hard time figuring out what this “medical experimentation” is supposedly about. What are the hypotheses being tested? What, exactly, is pharma trying to discover by “experimenting” on children in Africa (something Adams emphasizes without attribution)? I kept waiting to find out and kept being disappointed. I mean, if you’re going to do an experiment, there must be something you’re trying to find out, right?

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view) Adams does eventually get around to trying to explain the “why” of the “vaccine holocaust.” Not surprisingly, it involves Nazis. After an extended riff on the Holocaust and how Hitler merged the power of the state, industry, and science to carry out mass murder, in which Adams likened Hitler’s desire for total control and the elimination of all opposition to the vaccine industry and the Democratic Party (I kid you not), he then goes on to claim that vaccines are a vector for mass murder. Who’s going to be the victims? Adams claims that “globalists” want to eliminate “useless eaters” (just like Nazi Germany) and “sheeple” stupid enough to line up for vaccines. These people will be “culled in a kill switch vaccination program.” No, seriously. That’s what Adams claims.

Next up, Adams claims that as a prelude to the vaccine holocaust, there will be controlled outbreaks, releases of bioengineered viruses, citing the Disneyland measles outbreak of 2015 as a test run designed to prod lawmakers to pass laws to require vaccines. (It didn’t work very well, apparently, given that only California did so.) The idea is that this will be repeated worldwide, and everyone will be required to be vaccinated, except that (of course) “globalists” will be given something that gives them immunity to what’s in the required vaccines. Again, I…have…questions. For instance, does Adams really think a scheme like this, even if it were scientifically possible, could be kept secret for long? What about those high up enough to be given the antidote to the “vaccine bioweapon” who have family and friends who aren’t high enough up the food chain to get the antidote? Does anyone really think that each and every one of these “globalists” would stay silent about the antidote that will protect them from death?

In any event, in Adams’ “vaccine holocaust,” the vaccines will have long latency, such that the vaccinated will spread the bioengineered virus around to all their family, friends, and coworkers. Months later, he envisions people dropping dead in the streets of the virus like a scene out of the early 1970s post-apocalypse movie The Omega Man, at which point there will be calls for a second round of vaccinations, which will kill more people after an even shorter period of time, days to weeks.

But why? Why would “globalists” want to kill 90% of the population off? Finally, we get an explanation, such as it is. According to Adams, it’s to save the world. In the meantime, they’ll develop AI and robots to do the work of all those billions of people dying off from their vaccine holocaust due to their vaccine bioweapon. Adams’ contempt for those who accept the science showing that vaccines are safe and effective comes through, too. Multiple times, he states that the “globalists” think that anyone who’s “stupid enough” to “line up to be injected with unknown substances” is “too stupid to be a part of the future of humanity.” He even calls them “sheeple” at least once!

It gets even better, though. Adams winds up by claiming that the “globalists” have actually interacted with extraterrestrials more advanced than our civilization and have come to realize that earth must compete and expand with a cosmic economy. Thus the “globalists” need to redirect resources into science, colonization technologies, and defense. Instead of spending to keep “useless eaters” alive, the “globalists” believe, according to Adams, that these resources need to be redirected to survive contact with advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, compete with extraterrestrials, and ultimately be part of a “cosmic ecosystem of intelligent beings.” I kid you not. That’s really what he is claiming, and it brings us back to the “experiments.” Supposedly the reason that these vaccine bioweapons are tested on Africans is so that the “globalists” can “see what happens” someplace where mass death is less likely to be noticed. When the mass death occurs beyond Africa, Adams speculates, it’ll all be blamed on climate change. Again, I kid you not.

I’ll finish by reiterating that it’s all about the grift for Adams. He might or might not be a true believer (it’s sometimes hard to tell), but he is a grifter whose goal is to profit. This becomes apparent in the final segment of the video, where Adams tells you how to survive the coming vaccine holocaust. According to him, first, don’t get vaccinated because if you do you’ll be dead within a year or two. However, that’s no guarantee, because you could still catch the virus from someone who was vaccinated. So what to do? Well, second, you should “shore up your immune system.” How? Use natural “immune boosters,” traditional Chinese medicine, and move out of the city to get away from the vaccinated. (Not surprisingly, Adams sells lots of “natural immune boosters” and survivalist gear.)

While it is true that Mike Adams is, first and foremost, about the grift, I still think it informative to look at what sorts of conspiracy theories that he’s using to sell his product and brand. The idea that vaccines are devised to kill, not save, and that there will be a “vaccine holocaust” might sound crazy. It is certainly easy to laugh heartily at the utter ridiculousness of Adams’ conspiracy theory. (Seriously, dude, aliens? You had to add aliens to the vaccine holocaust conspiracy theory?) However, Adams is savvy. He’s only taking a common trope used in antivaccine circles and cranking it up to 11. If people like RFK Jr., Dr. Bob Sears, Del Bigtree, and more antivaxers than I can remember weren’t likening mandated vaccines and autism to the holocaust, there wouldn’t be material for Adams to work with to add the additional elements of a globalist conspiracy that wants to depopulate the earth through a “kill switch” vaccine holocaust, so that the elite of humanity can devote resources to surviving first contact and joining a community of advanced civilizations in the cosmos.

Finally, don’t tell me they’re “not antivaccine.”

By Orac

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59 replies on “Vaccine holocaust: The wildest antivaccine conspiracy theory ever. It even has aliens!”

This all sounds like a reboot of the X Files. Sheesh. At least he didn’t mention Fox Mulder by name.

Actually, this reminds me more of a really bad thriller “Dragon Factory” by one Jonathan Maberry. But the evil conspiracy working on depopulation had at least a solution to the problem of losing workpower – they’ve created a hybrid of Homo sapiens sapiens and Neanderthals, quick to grow up, strong and docile. In short – perfect slaves.

Just idle speculation …

As you may know, I read or hear most of the outlandish nonsense created by both NN and PRN ( there is less of it from Mercola) and I wonder:
if people tune in to these creatures primarily for medical/ psychological information or advice, aren’t at least some of them- the brighter ones- turned off by the more outlandish crap they spout?
In Mikey’s case, it involves conspiracy theories like those Orac cites and inane predictions about the future and in Null’s case, it concerns both ridiculous predictions about the economy/ environment/ politics AND his prodigious list of accomplishments as a researcher/ professor/ investigative reporter/ activist/ humanitarian as well as his “cures”?
WHO can believe this stuff?

I know that some people might just ignore the material NOT concerned with “natural health” and nutrition but isn’t it foolhardy to post such trash where sceptics can refer to it as a way of showing that followers’ ‘science’ heroes- like Mike and Gary- are not to be trusted with intellectual activities like thinking, writing and instruction?

Of course, it may serve as a test: if people believe this, they’ll believe ANYTHING!
Attracting the most gullible to sell their over-priced products.

I have in the past used some of their claims to point to their lack of ability/ knowledge:
can you believe someone who predicts that the economy would NOT recover from the Financial Crisis of 2008?
Or can you follow someone who continuously predicts a civil war between political factions within a few months?
In addition, their accomplishments and educational backgrounds are meticulously elaborated for their audience without much outside validation- then Wikipedia’s account is discouraged as a source because it exposes them

Regarding gullibility tests, I’ve heard the theory that a lot of spam emails have deliberate misspellings for precisely that sort of reason: if people actually jump on the offer despite that, then they’re a lot less likely to understand enough to get cold feet later. (And potentially also a lot less willing to openly display their ignorance by trying to get help about it afterward.)

I think most of the typos in spam come from two things: first I suspect most are written by people for whom English is not their native language, and second, programs automatically switch around and substitute different words so that the exact same thing isn’t being sent out over and ever again- thus triggering filters.

People who do listen to the likes of Mike Adams or Alex Jones tend to be a self-selecting bunch. I doubt Mike has lost a significant amount of listeners due to this kind of outlandish conspiracy theory that he hadn’t already lost for other reasons, such as figuring out that he’s a grifter or no longer being able to find his content after Facebook and YouTube banned him.

The idea behind believing any outlandish conspiracy theory–be it the one Mike is pushing, any of the ones Jones is pushing, satanic baby-killer cults, PizzaGate, the moon landing “hoax”, or any of hundreds of others–is that people who believe in the conspiracy theory get to feel superior for having “knowledge” of the conspiracy that ordinary people do not have/refuse to accept. Logic is not their strong suit. If it were, they might realize that intentionally reducing the Earth’s population by 90% would require a real authoritarian government (far worse than what Mike is postulating) that would have the ability to silence its critics, most likely by means that would lead to such critics being among the 90%. Aside from the difficulty of limiting the population loss to 90% (as other commenters note, the collapse of trade would likely lead to food shortages which would kill off a big chunk of the remainder), such a government would need to articulate a semi-coherent means for determining who is in the 90% and who is in the 10%, without getting a big chunk of the 90% to revolt.

Furthermore, people who are inclined to believe such things are likely to overlook Mike’s track record of falsified predictions. Multiple “the end of the world is expected on X date” preachers have maintained some reputation even after X date passes with nothing resembling the end of the world happening. Similarly with economists who have predicted nine of the last two recessions.

Eric Lund:
” people who believe in the conspiracy theory get to feel superior for having ‘knowledge’ of the conspiracy that ordinary people do not have/ refuse to accept”

Same goes for woo
In fact, at, the head loon always remarks that only 3% of the population follow the right diet ( his diet of course) and only a few vote for the right candidates ( like Jill Stein or Ralph Nader): these voters/ diet faddists are NOT ordinary: they are the enlightened minority who have the brains. morality and ethics to do whatever he says.

Cognitive developmentalists have shown that young children ( primary school) can differentiate the level of ability others have- e.g. a young child will tailor their communication when asked to explain how a video game works either to a younger child or to an adult, making it simpler for the children.
.I guess that altie followers haven’t yet achieved this level
if they can’t tell that they themselves may have as much science as their thought leaders.

I thought the weaponized Lyme disease was the dumbest conspiracy theory I was gonna hear all week. I know nothing.

I think his view numbers must be near circling the drain, he’s becoming increasingly sensationalist in attempt to get his numbers back up.

“weaponized Lyme disease”

You never know. A tick jumped from a tree into my ear while I was clearing brush today. I was able to remove it before it burrowed a hole into my brain and turned me into a drone for the Illuminati.

@rs or is it sr?

I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean, but my overall reaction is “Oh, for fuck’s sake.” You’re a crank, Natalie, and apparently so is Rep. Smith.

“Rep. Smith”

rs? Imposter!


My evil twin. Or, I should say, my eviler twin. Wait until you meet my evilest twin, or is it triplet?

Ahhh…I love the scent of conspiracy theories in the morning.

I think Adams threw in ETs because of the increasing press over ETs/UFOs and now this silly mobbing call to swarm Area 51 to find the “real truth”.

I would think that if extraterrestrials wanted 90% of us dead they could concoct a plan more pragmatic than the convoluted mess that Adams touts, especially because killing 90% means many of the remaining 10% would die soon after from food/energy/transportation/disease issues caused by the initial kill off. If only there were an extraterrestrial commenter on RI who knew the true workings of those reptilian overlords…..

“where are all the vaccine-caused deaths?”

They plant an SEP field generator on top of every hill of skulls so that nobody notices them.

“I’ve “lined up to be injected” many times, and I’m not dead.”

So you claim.

“something that gives them immunity to what’s in the required vaccines”

A vaccine for vaccines? Cute.

“vaccine bioweapons are tested on Africans is so that the “globalists” can “see what happens” someplace where mass death is less likely to be noticed”

The typical Adams customer might not but the rest of us certainly would.

“Who’s going to make their lattes?”

Robot armies. Or perhaps they’ve enslaved the grays.

“utter ridiculousness of Adams’ conspiracy theory”

Someone ought to slip an SEP field generator into his pocket. They’re very small.

“If you line up to be injected, you will find yourself very likely dead before very long,”

Yes. Every baby ever vaccinated has, within 110 years after their vaccination, died.

Adams may not be making all this up. That is, he may be cribbing from other very outre conspiracy theorists. There’s David Icke with the aliens, of course, but the 90% thing ruins through Alex Jones and seems to have ateady been absorbed withing the antivax fever zone.

Awhile back, RI showed a wacky antivax graphic that had a small photo of a tall stone structure in the upper right. Curious as to what it was, and what it had to do with antivax, I did some Googling and discovered that the thing was The Georgia Guidestones, a sort of ‘Modern Stonehenge’ commissioned by an anonymous source using the pseudonym Robert C. Christian. It;’s inscribed with 10 principles.

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
Unite humanity with a living new language.
Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
Balance personal rights with social duties.
Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

Now, from Wikipedia::

The guidestones have become a subject of interest for conspiracy theorists. One [claimed] the guidestones are of “a deep Satanic origin”, and that R. C. Christian belongs to “a Luciferian secret society” related to the “New World Order”….Others have suggested that the stones were commissioned by the Rosicrucians, with conspiracy theorist Jay Weidner observing that the pseudonym of the man who commissioned the stones – “R. C. Christian” – resembles Rose Cross Christian, or Christian Rosenkreuz, the founder of the Rosicrucian Order. Alex Jones’s film Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement proposes that the guidestones are a harbinger of self-appointed elites who intend on exterminating most of the world’s population.

So, there you go. Alex Jones,Infowars, internet metasteses… Adams is just trying to ride the apocalyptic wave, maybe to the bank. Or maybe:

“Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.” – Alfred in The Dark Knight

he may be cribbing from other very outre conspiracy theorists

The “useless eaters” line belongs to Rima Laibow, IIRC.

The real “plot” behind the stones is probably just somebody with too much money. He/she could just as easily have said, “Be excellent to each other” and blown the rest on Van Halen tickets and t-shirts.

“But why would vaccine manufacturers want to make a product that kills? After all, there’s no repeat business if its customers die off after using their product.”

I’ve never seen a remotely intelligible explanation for this conundrum from the depopulation conspiracy nuts. Even if you could use AI and robots to make up for the 90% of humanity you plan on destroying, they’re not going to buy pharma drugs and other consumer products, and you’ll lose out on the big money.
Robots don’t eat Pringles or buy auto insurance.

Typically Adams makes it sound like he’s not 100% convinced of a truly goofy theory. If he’s gone all in with this new conspiracy goulash, maybe he truly has blown a gasket.

Just for fun, while I was reading this article, I tried to put other health measures into the same format. “If you line up to get FLOSSED, you’ll be dead shortly!” “Vegetables have become weaponized!” “How many of your children have been damaged by regular sleep schedules and exercise??”

I’m trying to imagine what any of this would look like and all I’m getting is the big climax in the first Kingsmen movie (where peoples’ heads explode). That was silly even for a movie!

I have heard, deep in the internet, that there are people who genuinely believe that humans are destroying the planet and there need to be less of us, but they seem to approach that by having very unhealthy fruititarian diets. (The hardest of hard-core raw vegans think these people are nutty. Not that they’re allowed to eat nuts.)

Honestly the “destroy 90% of the population and leave the elite” is just plain silly on it’s face; it’s right up there with the sea-steaders. Who’s going to clean the toilet? Who’s going to check on that clog in the sewer? Who’s going to do the laundry? Who’s going to cook the food? Who’s going to manage the stock room? Who’s going to fix the air handler? There aren’t robots or AI for really any of that, and none of the “elite” have either the skills or inclination to do any of it. I give it a month, tops, before everything goes belly up.

Hmm, I believe most of the people who genuinely believe humans are ‘destroying the planet’ are called “scientists”. However, they don’t seem to think that there needs to be less of us, as much a bemoan that fact that will be a lot less of us relatively soon by very nasty means.

Nasty means…it’s just getting started!

I mean, I have my AC installed and on 24/7 since the last two months and I worry at the heath output outside combined by the fact that it’s been 33­°C (91.4F) with 42°C (107.6F) humidex included today.

Picture the thermodynamic entropy with the number of AC unit scaling up more and more + the rest of the sh!t already heathing up and I’m weary…


Scientists have literally martyred themselves in the name of research. Unintentionally & usually by ‘rare’ & ‘aggressive’ conditions that run parallel to their research.

It’s ironic, if that be the right word, for Adams to claim that vaccines are another Shoah, caused by “globalists,” since the term is used by so many as a synonym for Jews. With some people it’s always the Jews.

As Umberto Eco remarked about people with a certain political mindset, Jews are very convenient to have around because they could be presented both as an internal threat (job-taking immigrants) and an external threat (“globalist” bent on destroying a nation’s identity).
Nowadays, the same type of people put Jews on triple duty as a boogeyman – victims (e.g. when needing to bash a Muslim), invaders bent on “replacing us”, and the leading part of a global, nefarious conspiracy.

Cherry on top – crank magnetism is a thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of Adams followers are also Holocaust deniers, especially among his survivalist crowd. But that wouldn’t stop them from nodding along Adams’ message of a “vaccine holocaust”. Their brain’s synapses must look like one of Esher’s paintings…

Mikey, like PRN’s head nutcase, is telling followers to leave cities and suburbs for the wide, open spaces- places with low taxes and little or no gun laws: where a person can farm and protect his** property.Unlike Null, he doesn’t fear global climate change ( he welcomes more CO2) but it’s about escaping the deadly cities.
This fits in with the anti-immigrant and racism that lurks below the surface. Cities are diverse and more tolerant than the countryside- just look at a map of the election of 2016 and see where Trumpites live. .

Mike, in a new video, says that country folk are stronger and work hard especially if they live in harsh climates. They are more moral as well. What’s he really saying? He demonises NY and California – who are headed ( in his view) for collapse and bankruptcy. But places like Idaho, Wyoming, Utah etc will thrive because of their hard working, hardy, GOOD populace.

Mikey currently lives outside Austin, TX; Null has a resort east of Dallas. A few years ago both he and Null lauded the many wonders of Texas- , especially the east. In addition, TX has few laws about alt med limits. They told people to move there and leave the evil east coast and west coast behind. This part of TX has adequate water- which is important in their calculations. But then, BOTH of them experienced massive storms and floods. At first, they were silent but later found ways to describe the floods/ damage in ways that made them sound heroic. Null also got hit by a huge hurricane in Florida, destroying much of his other estate.

Thus, these are people who advise followers about the best places to live, who both got hit by catastrophe themselves- one of them TWICE.

** and it’s mostly “his”

I once had a go-round with an old high school friend (Of course all my high school friends are old now.) over David Icke and his shapeshifting reptilian overlords. Besides the fact that it is a very small fig leaf tor anti-Semitism, the logic is skewed.
If they can thrive here then their home world would have to be improbably Earthlike in gravity, temperature, biochemistry, and more. Better, their cells use DNA,not likely to evolve light years away, but it meshes very neatly with ours.
Supposedly in their true alien form they are twelve feet tall. What happens to all that extra mass when they shift to human size – do they keep it in a locker?* If they came to Earth in the Bronze Age, if not before, why are they still working to dominate us? If they can come from many light years away, wouldn’t they have the technology to subdue and enslave people whose best weapons hadn’t advanced past the bow and the javelin? Then it would be a simple matter to breed us like cattle until we were just the way they wanted us to be. If they’ve been here for thirty or more centuries, why would they wait millennia for us to invent the flush toilet?
But the best argument of all is this: If you could look like any kind of human being that ever was or ever will be at all, why in hell would you ever choose to look like Prince Charles?

*Yes, they could be like Slitheen, stuffing themselves into human shaped and sized costumes But why?.

a “kill switch” vaccine holocaust

Sounds more like a conspiracy of funeral directors and florists. Does Adams operate a pre-paid funeral scheme?


“First of all, why would the vaccine industry want to do all these horrible things? Profit alone can’t explain it. Power? I don’t know that that could explain it either.”

Best question ever. Neither profit nor power, nor even profit & power can be the answer. Firstly, the ‘Vaccine Industry’ won’t be Pharma. I think, with biologics; Pharma is like a private Chef & the government is the wealthy employer.

Have you considered that the motive could be what they stand to lose versus what they stand to gain?

That they were just as appalled by these ‘horrible things’ as anyone else would be & the game plan evolved into a ‘shut up & get back to work quickly. Replace that with this & say it’s more effective’?

That not admitting to anything HAS to be the directive, or else the ‘snowball rolling down hill’ will break apart into a million pieces & expose the genesis?

That this would be incredibly easy to do with just a few people, versus any other explanation that would be prohibitive due to requiring that thousands must be ‘in on it’?

Because you don’t need thousands of doctors to be ‘in on it’. There is no class called ‘what does not exist’ in med school. All’s you need is for serious adverse events to ‘not exist’. And if they started to not exist decades ago; it self-perpetuates. It’s quite brilliant. Really.

Remember thimerosal ? It was removed, and autism rate did not go down. If rate would actually gone down, big Pharma would have been in a big trouble, because there would be actual evidence.

@ Aarno,

Yeah, I remember Thirmerosal but I was very provaccine then. I’ve never been convinced that was a good hypothesis anyway. I’m not even convinced that certain vaccines are resulting in specific adverse events.

I’m more inclined to believe that the adverse events will be dependent on the individual’s neuro-developmental stage. NO SIDS at age 25; schizophrenia instead. No GB in infancy; SIDS instead. Alzheimer’s is ASD in the aging vs developing brain (learning based synaptic growth cross wires … goodbye; short-term memory).

Put all those together & yes; that IS a holocaust born of man’s stupidity.

Sorta explains why no dose-response can be pined on vaccines. Its not ‘the vaccine’ it’s the immunization. They are two different things. Yes? Or no?

@ Aarno,

I forgot to mention. The Autism rate correlates with the HepB more than anything. Even organic food sales.

@ Aarno.

Not Pharma, It’s really not Pharma. Pharma is in big trouble all the time; that’s how they roll. Trust policy & Program to pharma? Yeah no.

Globalization doesn’t depend on culling ‘useless eaters’. It depends on equalizing & then feeding the eaters. It depends on bringing the third world up while taking the first world down.

Reducing the brown feet walking on top of ‘their’ black gold. There are many lies utilized but the biggest one is; ‘I’m from the government & I’m here to help’.

Saudi Arabia (and lots of other nations) took over their black gold oil crisis, and there were no response. Browns could keep their black gold, evidently.

Saudi Arabia and Venezuela has much more oil than Africa. Why donate a dollar and plot for a dime ?

Brachial Neuritis is a great reason to swagger in the media; best thing that ever happened to the vaccine court. Fill your one in a million quota with grownup’s sore arms & that makes vaccines appear safe for children. Keep the awards at one in a million period & nobody questions the creative epidemiology. I’d swagger too.

It is possible to hide large amounts of deaths IN the data. Encephalopathy is a table Injury but has a separate ICD mortality code than ‘vaccination adverse event’. I doubt that the even the death certificates of children who died from vaccine induced encephalopathy, per the court; were altered to reflect the vaccine as the ‘cause of death’ & what fool doctor would boldly write ‘vaccine’ as a COD when a program for compensation exists?

@ Narad.

I will ever ever ‘get you’. Cute but I just don’t get it.

@ Christine Kincaid:

Rather than speculating about the causes of autism and immunological issues, GO TALK to a doctor, nurse, social worker or psychologist who can help find assistance to solve your problems.
Your situation is untenable. You say you don’t want to wind up like the woman in the article you quote. well, you are right now in a similar set of circumstances as she was in.. RIGHT NOW.
You follow up instances of violence with endearing episodes: be that as it may, there is violence- that fact alone cancels out any positive aspects.

Mechanic “Please describe the fault with your car”, Christine “It’s broken”.

Prospective buyer “What kind of motorbike are you selling?”, Christine “A red one”.

@ NW,

Let me help. (true story)

First scenario: Mechanic: “Please describe the fault with your car”,

Christine: Something isn’t right; I feel like it’s unstable.

Mechanic: Is it making a noise? Does it pull to one side? Vibrate?

Christine: No, no & no. But something is wrong. It’s not stable. Please just keep looking?

Mechanic: WTF.

…. One week later …

Mechanic: Holy shit! Your U-joint was completely snapped! Do you know what could have happened if your drive shaft would have dropped while driving?!?

Second scenario: Prospective buyer “What kind of motorbike are you selling?”

Christine “A red one”.

Yeah, okay; you got me there.

I’m sure you understood my point though. Detail is the friend of science. You want proper science and proper understanding? Then don’t obscure the details with catchall generalisations.

Whenever I see people with no training and no education in relevant fields denigrating professionals who have dedicated substantial portions of their life to improving the health of their fellow humans, I remember the guy who asked me what voltage was on the 0.5mm wire I was testing. “24Vdc” I said. With all seriousness he said “That’s a lot for such a small wire”. He had previously revealed that he likes to buy knackered electronics and repair it to sell on. All I could do was stare.

You forget that “vaccine induced encephalopathy” is genetic. Do you want to see all citations again ?

@ Aarno,

Dravet Syndrome entails ICD 10 code G40.409: ‘Other generalized epilepsy and epileptic syndromes, not intractable, without status epilepticus.

It is also not compensable in ‘vaccine court’.

It is possible to ‘live’ with Dravet syndrome. It is also possible to become disabled or die from a vaccine when you have Dravet syndome. Are all infants screened for an SCN1A mutation prior to immunization?


If we did screen, could we save babies?


What about all those babies who died before we had the technology to test? Were they coded as:

G93.40 Encephalopathy, unspecified. G04.02 Postimmunization acute disseminated encephalitis, myelitis and encephalomyelitis. Or even T50.B95A Adverse effect of other viral vaccines, initial encounter?

I’m going with G93.40 . Encephalopathy, unspecified (or it’s equivalent in the older, ICD-9). Could there be many deaths hiding in the data that are truly ‘vaccine deaths’ that will also never have their day in court & not be counted?

Do you remember what I said on the other thread about SUDEP = SIDS/vaccines?

Yeah, that.

@ Denice,

The numbers I will be dialing tomorrow morning were entered into my phone last night. I know I am in danger.

My life, if only you knew … yes I see how I could become complacent with highly lethal situations.

Endearing trumps violence. Did you see what PGP said about parents of children with autism? How else can I make you understand?

I need everybody here despite that you cannot be a knight in shining armor to save me from my son while saving him from himself. I need you all to recognize that my goal is not to destroy the science of vaccines.

I need you to realize that Pharma has been sniffing around ‘Autism as immune mediated’ for several years now. They have ideas (don’t they always). Non-psychotropic ideas, non ‘alternative’ ideas & immune mediating ideas; that could help me & my son. Not cure. Help.

They can’t help me if autism ‘can’t be’ immune mediated. And autism is immune mediated.

I am not an awful parent of a child with autism. My son is not awful. He is amazing but he is incredibly dangerous right now. Autism is awful. Reign in your own who call those like me awful & further isolate me from the help I need.

I’m getting help but I can’t keep swimming upstream.

Autism is genetic. Genetic does not mean hopeless. Many genetic conditions could be mitigated.

“Endearing trumps violence.” Perhaps then you need to go to talk to the many anti-vaxxers pushing barely concealed threats of violence against people like Orac. If you think violence should be avoided, I think you’re backing the wrong horse.

I see your PGP and I raise you the many anti-vaxxers displaying guns on the Internet. When is your plain common sense going to kick in?

@Christine Kincaid. Screening is not done, because syndrome is very serious. Vaccine reaction, when is happen, is much milder. Besides, VPDs cause fever seizures, too.
Perhaps next diagnostic manual fix error you mentioned

@ Aarno.

Perhaps next diagnostic manual fix error you mentioned

well, I guess it could happen. I don’t really think anyone’s complaining (except me).

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