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Schadenfreude: That’s gonna leave a mark

You know, even though I haven’t lived in Cleveland since 1996, sometimes I kind of miss Ohio. Here’s the sort of reason why, via Balloon Juice:


I thought it was a hoax at first, but it isn’t. Just check out the the official website of the Governor of the State of Ohio if you don’t believe me.

I must admit a little chuckle of schadenfreude here.

By Orac

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21 replies on “Schadenfreude: That’s gonna leave a mark”

As a Mavs fan, can I respectively decline? I have no love for LeBron but not a fan of the back-handed love for the Mavs. You can root for Dirk for being a great basketball player and the Mavs being a great basketball team, not because you were spurned by LeBron.

So…what happens if in a year or two the Cavs are good and meet the Mavs in the finals? That would be awkward. Never mind, I forgot it is the Cavs we are discussing.

Privileges and honors? I guess they’ll get to pay for the inflated salaries he gave to his cronies and lose their schools and teachers.

Not that special.

I too, as an antipodean, have failed to grasp this. Could someone please give a bit of background/explanation?

The story so far:
A basketball player who grew up in Akron, Ohio, played basketball for an Akron high school, and went directly from Akron, Ohio to play for a Cleveland team (for 7 years) decided in a highly publicized move last year to leave the team and fans and move to Miami. The apparent motive was to play for a team that would win a championship. The Miami team was beaten by Dallas for the championship.
The Governor of Ohio sent out this proclamation to tweak his, er, nose.
Look up LeBron James for more data.
I see parallels with a senator who decided to run for President after only 2 years in office, but I’m sure that doesn’t enter into it.

Me too, I’m special. I try to keep my knowledge of sport on par with my knowledge of celebrity marriages.

Thanks for the explanation – that’s what cool politicians try to find a little time for. A bit of moralising humour.

For my Aussie mates (esp Qld & NSW) it’s a bit of a dig at a player who left the state to play for another state because the state of origin team is, well, never going to win a final. Irony is that the team he went to got beaten in the final, and this is his payback from the people in the state of origin.(I think I’ve got that right 🙂 )

It’s along the lines of making the losing rugby league State of Origin side’s captain wear a pink tutu and parading him around the winning state’s capital. Or something like that 🙂

And the Bruins win the Stanley Cup.
What next, the Cubs win the pennant ?

Well, DLC, I see there are Canadians who are rioting in Vancouver, BC!

(Yeah, I know… it is a myth that Canadians are sweet and polite. I have Canadian in-laws, some who live near the action.)

@DLC: Damn right, Cubs win the pennant! Provided the rest of the league comes down with MRSA or torn ACLs. 😉

Here’s another one for you. In honor of their playoff performance, the city of Miami declared ‘Lebron James Day’ last week. To celebrate it, all schools and government offices stopped work 12 minutes early.

Ooh, or another one: why can’t Lebron James give you change for a dollar? Because he’s only got three quarters.

@DLC: Just wait and see! Next year … next year will be the year of the Cubs. :p

Well, now I understand the joke about Ohioans being like the crazy ex-girlfriend to Lebron James a bit better.

As an Ohioan (but not a basketball fan) it’s not so much “crazy ex-girlfriend” as it is “bitter ex-girlfriend who was dumped in an incredibly douchey manner but should probably start to move on now”

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