Join Steve Novella and Trine Tsouderos at noon CST today…

What’s the good of having a blog if you can’t pimp your own appearances and those of friends?

In that spirit, let me just announce that Steve Novella will be featured as the guest on a live chat with Trine Tsouderos discussing alternative treatments for Alzheimer’s, ALS and other neurological conditions at noon CST. Be there, aloha.

By Orac

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This “Fair and Balanced” piece in the NYT about licensing of naturopaths will totally frost your pumpkin.

This is how it concludes:

“Naturopaths who favor licensing say they are not interested in becoming medical doctors, and say properly trained naturopaths frequently refer patients to doctors for conditions they are not trained to treat. Moreover, they contend that it is dangerously easy to get a certificate that shows expertise in naturopathy and people need some way of discerning between a knowledgeable naturopath and a quack.

“No longer will people who don’t go to naturopathic medical school be able to hang up a shingle that says, ‘I’m a naturopathic doctor,’ ” said Karen Howard, executive director of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. “It’s a patient access and patient safety issue.””

No matter how many times Novella said that the treatments people asked about were not at all valid, people just kept asking about some other juice, or food, or method. They seemed deaf and unwilling to read the words on the page.

I was wondering if a question from a certain “Bob Rogue” was ORAC getting in his two cents about the infiltration of woo into med schools?

It was a great hour in spite of the stubborn persistence of some questioners.

I just read the transcript and it really was really fascinating and heartbreaking. It must wear on Steve to have to keep telling people that X treatment won’t work.

The epileptic who told about people wanting to get her off her meds struck home with me. I knew someone whose alt-med “friends” were “weaning” her from Dilatin. She apparently had a seizure at the top of a flight of concrete stairs and bled to death from a scalp wound before she was found. “What’s the harm?” indeed.

From the cellphone article:

But to date there is no known evidence that the frequency of the waves emitted from phones are powerful enough to cause such changes


One thing that Steven Novella does not have to tell people does not work is the types of holistic approaches involving mind body methods that I promote.

They work well.

So far als solved, motor neuron disease solved,and plenty of other things too, including the allergies I suffered with for about thirty years before I solved them in a matter of weeks.

Anyone who really studies this stuff can tell even before it works that it makes sense, and then when people really apply it it basically works every time.

@Marty Murray: you’ve solved ALS? Motor Neuron disease? WOW! Where is your Nobel prize for medicine? After all, anyone who solves the things that baffle regular doctors certainly deserves the Nobel prize, the money and the fame that would accrue.

Oh, wait. Delusional person. My bad. (but my fangs and fur are getting nice and sniny.)

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