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Jared Lee Loughner a “Manchurian candidate”? Adams goes further down the rabbit hole

Remember how early this morning I posted about Mike Adam’s despicable and ghoulish attempt to seize on the tragedy of the shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) by Jared Lee Loughner as a way of blaming the pharmaceutical industry and government for his violent rampage and intentionally conflating the decrying of violent rhetoric that might have helped to inspire a probably mentally ill individual to commit an act of mass murder? At the time, I observed that, whenever I think that Mike Adams has gone as low as he can go, he always manages to prove me wrong and go even lower. I also observed that I didn’t think I could envision how Adams could go any lower than he did yesterday.

Damn, if Adams didn’t do it again and in record time, with a post entitled Following Giffords shooting, ignorant lawmakers call for criminalizing certain symbols and words.

Apparently, as tends to happen after crimes like this, an overzealous lawmaker in Pennsylvania named Robert Brady announced that he is planning to introduce a bill that would criminalize the use of “symbols” or “language” that any federal official interprets as being threatening or inciting violence. Personally, I’m not thrilled with the legislation, either, viewing it as skirting dangerously close to stomping on the First Amendment, but it’s not nearly as crazy as Adams makes it sound in that it would simply extend law against threatening the President to all federal lawmakers and officials. Be that as it may, Adams then takes this proposed law and uses it as a pretext to go, full mental jacket-clad, into tinfoil hat territory:

The fact that these legislative assaults on the Bill of Rights are happening so quickly after this violent tragedy lends credence to the idea that this whole thing was possibly a set up.

Consider the evidence that’s now emerging: A close friend of the shooter (Loughner) says he “radically changed” about a year ago (…).

The FBI has publicly announced they believe Loughner’s actions were part of an “assassination plot” (…).

Meanwhile, evidence was blatantly and obvious planted in Loughner’s home safe that would implicate him as the killer. An FBI search turned up papers where Lougher had written “I planned ahead” and “my assassination” along with “Giffords,” then actually signed the envelope. It’s almost as if the team that really planned all this was leaving behind bread crumbs that law enforcement investigators couldn’t miss.

It’s becoming increasingly likely that Loughner was a mind-controlled assassin who was obsessed with the subject of mind control and wrote in his various ramblings about “sleepwalking” through life in a dream state. (This is classic conditioning for Manchurian Candidates who are hypnotized into carrying out violent acts.)

Geez, Mike, which was it that made Loughner do it? The evil products of big pharma (psychiatric drugs) or a government plot to brainwash Loughner so that the reaction to the assassination attempt would give the government the pretext to crush free speech under its jack boot? Hey, maybe it was both! In any case, if this was a government plot to provide a pretext to seize power and crush civil liberties, couldn’t the plotters have picked a higher profile government official? It’s not as though Giffords was known much outside of her district in Arizona. I guess those fascist plotters are just that clever in their nefariousness.

Of course, Adams can’t resist incinerating another one of my irony meters when he writes earlier in his article:

What has become increasingly clear over the weekend of the Giffords shooting is that a few lawmakers on the left are all too quick to exploit this tragedy for their own political aims which include, of course, silencing all critics of the government as well as criminalizing all firearms ownership by private citizens.

What is Adams doing but being “all too quick to exploit this tragedy for his own political aims,” which include, of course, tarring all people with mental illness as being poisoned with psychiatric drugs to the point where they have become violent psychopaths, blaming the pharmaceutical industry and government for this state of affairs, and trying to conflate his view of “health freedom” (in reality, the freedom for quacks not to have to worry about pesky government laws and regulations that prevent them from separating their marks from their hard-earned cash) with freedom from tyranny? Pot, kettle, black, anyone?

In any case, once again, Adams owes me a new irony meter. Mine’s a pile of molten plastic and metal, bubbling pathetically on my table.

By Orac

Orac is the nom de blog of a humble surgeon/scientist who has an ego just big enough to delude himself that someone, somewhere might actually give a rodent's posterior about his copious verbal meanderings, but just barely small enough to admit to himself that few probably will. That surgeon is otherwise known as David Gorski.

That this particular surgeon has chosen his nom de blog based on a rather cranky and arrogant computer shaped like a clear box of blinking lights that he originally encountered when he became a fan of a 35 year old British SF television show whose special effects were renowned for their BBC/Doctor Who-style low budget look, but whose stories nonetheless resulted in some of the best, most innovative science fiction ever televised, should tell you nearly all that you need to know about Orac. (That, and the length of the preceding sentence.)

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39 replies on “Jared Lee Loughner a “Manchurian candidate”? Adams goes further down the rabbit hole”

Orac, I’m not sure if you are aware of this or not, but I wanted to bring this to your attention.

The Westboro Baptist Church crazies plan on picketing the funeral of Christina Green.–facebook-outrage-over-church-plans-to-picket-girl-s-funeral

I don’t know about you guys, but that sickens me. Not to tell Orac what (or what not) to write, but perhaps this requires a good, strong, healthy dose of Not-So-Respectful Insolence ™.

Adams is a very bad apple, but I’m wondering if he’s worth wasting “ink” on. Those who read him already worship him and drink his Kool-Aid. The rest of us already know what a quack and nutter he is. The AZ tragedy and the way mental illness and gun regulation are a part of it are far more important to me than Adams’ rants. I am hopeful that something useful will come out of this if we can have a civil discussion about all the factors; which doesn’t seem likely, but I’m still hopeful.

If Giffords makes a good enough recovery to speak or somehow communicate for herself, I will hold my opinion forming until I hear from her. As the mother of a child with a serious mental illness, I am thankful for pharmaceuticals and caring doctors. Have I worried about my child doing something like this? Yes. So my main concern with Adams is that he uses his own propaganda to get people not to use pharmaceuticals while babbling about all the rest. Mental illness makes fertile ground for all kinds of ranting, be it political or “medical”.

@2 This is a horrific story; though, not all that unsurprising, coming from the WBC. I wonder, would they be taking the same stance and actions if (FSM forbid) Loughner had a child in the same position? I still can’t believe that there are any “christians” who would applaud violence, let alone murder. I hope Fred Phelps has to endure the anguish that the families of those murdered and injured, too bad Karma doesn’t work that way. I guess the “innocence of youth” only applies to those idiots when it’s handy.

This mega-idiot Adams is so unbelievably stupid, he doesn’t possess even the slightest capacity to recognize that he’s a walking-talking, full-tilt twin of Loughner.

“Evidence planted…”
“Mind controlled assassin…”

This pseudoscientist blogging fundie is nothing more than a human suffering from a paranoid personality disorder.

He exhibits, what most likely is, the same traits as Loughner:

– A preoccupation with personal rights and a sense of these being infringed even when this is not so. Often self centered and self important
– Prone to believing in conspiracy theories about events affecting their own lives and in the world at large.

And, here he is essentially defending a murderer, most likely because he strongly identifies with Loughner’s view of the universe.

Will the lowly Adams erupt next? This piece of work is in need of a background check.

Has there ever been any evidence of other Manchurian candidates, as Adams states there have been?

(This is classic conditioning for Manchurian Candidates who are hypnotized into carrying out violent acts.)

@6 Adams has probably already killed more people than Loughner has. However, I think Adams is more like the Tea Party loons like Sarah Palin and Glen Beck who moved the Overton Window so far into crazy land that Loughner didn’t stand out until it was too late.

Well-written and pithy as always, ORAC.

Rene, everything I’ve ever read or seen says no, but then it would, wouldn’t it? I mean, if there were Manchurian Candidates and you knew about them, it would defeat the purpose.

What we know of the neuroscience of hypnosis and conditioning says that it wouldn’t work, though – by the time you’ve remade someone that thoroughly, they’d be more or less broken.




It’s already been posted on popular news blogs about the Westboro Church crazies and their plan to picket the funeral of one of the victims of this senseless slaughter. What I’m especially concerned about is possible picketers against the “church” by well-armed Arizonans who might be inspired to use their automatic weapons…whether they be copycatters or mentally unbalanced…due to very lose gun laws and poor enforcement of those laws.

Mike Adams is not the only one to use these sites to advance their misguided “bad pharma” conspiracy theories while commenting about this tragedy, but you are right Orac, he is the worst.

Well, while it is very hard to brainwash people, it could happen. People have been set up before. Remember the assasination of President Kennedy? Who killed him? The CIA!

As far as mind control goes, I am supposing that would be equally difficult. However, Hitler did try it and used sodium flouride as a means to add to mental unclarity I might add. The nazis used sodium flouride to posion priosoners and make their minds weak. They were unable to think clearly or to disobey certain commands. Perhaps their is a connection between this week’s flouride controversy and this murder? Well, it is only my own conspiracy theiry.

Arizona has a long history of people claiming to be controlled by outside forces. There is some type of force in Sedona and other places around Arizona that makes people go mad. Hundreds of people go missing from the Superstition Mountains. Even the Apache indians won’t go near some of these places. I, for one, would not go into what is called The Devil’s Playground after dark without a firearm or four.

Being spiritual, it is likely that this young man is under demonic influence. Perhaps not possesed yet, but under heavy influence. I would like to know more about his younger life and what he did and thought about.

Arizona attracts people for different reasons, but the pure enery force around Sedona and the frightening military presence there should be enough to tell people that something dark and sinister is going on there.

I have heard people talk abut mind control projects before, but never took them seriously until I learned about HAARP, sodium flouride, and a few other little secrets. Of course some blame repitilian aliens liviing underground there, but if that were true some redneck would have done killed one by now and ate for supper.

Do some research for yourself and you will find Sedona Arizona and Dulce New Mexico to be the two most well guarded places in the United States. It is not uncommon for people wondering in the desert at night to have a red laser dot on their chest from a military officer giving orders to return to their home.

Dulce is no different. A sleepy little town with less military security than half of my home state. Puerto Rico is no different. That little island is crawling with black ops and government vehicles. Eery indeed.

Mind control is hard to do, but with modern technology, I would not count it impossible. When used together HAARP and CERN created a portal in Norway that revealed itself as a spiral. Something came through that hole. Days after, there were weird creatures washing up on beaches, crawling out of caves, and showing up on farms all across the globe. In days to follow there were at least three more of these spirals spotted in various parts of the world.

So, that being said, if you ‘scientists” make us humans slaves to be anally probed by aliens becuase of CERN, I hope you would be happy.

Brilliant Janine! That was a truly great example of Poe’s Law! If I didn’t recognize your name, I’d have to think twice before writing that off as satire. Well done 🙂

It’s interesting and kind of fun to take just the first paragraph and last paragraph of particularly long comments and kind of ellide the rest.

For example, with Janine:

Well, while it is very hard to brainwash people, it could happen. People have been set up before. Remember the assasination of President Kennedy? Who killed him? The CIA! So, that being said, if you ‘scientists” make us humans slaves to be anally probed by aliens becuase of CERN, I hope you would be happy.

Just good clean fun.

@14 & 15
I think 12 may be an escapee from PZ’s dungeon with a particular hatred for Janine rather than the real McCoy.

Something is *very* wrong here: ranting and raving about “mind control”, “symbols”,” a government plot”, “assassinations”, etc. with nary a mention of *Masons* and/or *Illuminati*-( that’s like failing to see all the 5-pointed star patterns in street maps of Washington, DC…*and* never forget, the Pentagon *itself* is the *inner* portion of a 5-pointed star!) I think that Mike’s writing has been *censored* by You-know-who!


Happy New Year Shills and Minions

As you well know, we have been very diligent in keeping our operation on this dreary little backwater a secret, one that sits in plain sight, but a secret nonetheless. We have found the Ickes and Mikes of the world to be useful idiots indeed. Their ravings are so spittle-flecked and absurd that nobody bothers to look into the veracity of our infiltration. They quack and bray about our various activities, the “intellectuals” scoff at them and in the meantime we just go merrily along, gradually drugging and vaccinating the monkeys into an army of drooling, sumbmissive lackeys and hatchling bait.

That said, this Janine character puzzles us. She seems to know far too much about our Arizona operations, but payroll has no record of her shill disbursements. In light of this, an Obsidian unit will be dispatched to retrieve her for envatting and, if necessary, reprogramming.

Now speaking of Sedona, the third weekend in February is the date for the annual Orbital Command Pappy Puff-Adders’s Old-West Days and Phuntime Pharma Jamboree. There will be fun for the whole family and, of course, my famous Glaxxon Mystery Meat Barbecue. Please let Cindy know what side dish you are bringing (no marshmallows). Once again we’ll be turning the old southwestern portal/vector base into a festive representation of your most barbarous era, and this time we won’t forget to turn off the vortex generators (sorry about last year blf, I hope your hair’s back to normal).

And after last year’s “incident” at the Summer Picnic, Lady Astra assures me that there’s no need to fear the “little ones.” Our latest batch of hatchlings will still be safely in their egg-creche until at least March, so you won’t have to constantly be looking over your shoulders for signs of movement. Anxiety can really ruin a picnic, but then again, so can a toxin-laced flesh wound. As I mentioned earlier, sign up for potluck assignments with Cindy.

Well, I am beginning to ramble so I’ll sign off. 2010 was a banner year shills and minions. Our Evil PharmaDominion™ of the humans is moving forward with great speed. We have the antivaxx insurgents on the run along with the Homeopaths. In 2011 there shall be more riches and treasures heaped upon you, our loyalist fifth column. Stay vigilant and evil and just ever-so-slightly paranoid. It never hurts.

Lord Draconis Zeneca, VC, iH7L
PharmaCOM Orbital HQ

—————————–MESSAGE ENDS

What we know of the neuroscience of hypnosis and conditioning says that it wouldn’t work, though – by the time you’ve remade someone that thoroughly, they’d be more or less broken.

have you seen this guy’s mug shot? i’d say that’s the look of someone who is mentally broken.

also what we know of neuroscience and hypnosis and conditioning has already demonstrated that it can work. hypnosis can’t make you do what you don’t want to do, but it can and does cause many types of individuals to perform acts to which they may be consciously opposed but subconsciously inclined. combine that with holistic mental cleansing and manipulative brainwashing techniques which have been perfected at least since the assassins of hassan i sabbah in the 12th century, plus the power of modern psych meds, and you have many powerful tools with the combined potential to break down and rebuild someone like putty.

as far as past “manchurian candidate” conspiracy theories… there is always lee harvey oswald and jfk, sirhan sirhan and rfk, and mijail mijailovic and anna lindh, all three of which one can draw many parallels from.

anyway, not saying crazy people don’t go and kill people on their own, just interesting is all… would be curious to see what kind of psychiatric treatment if any this guy has had..

Interesting that Adams is protesting this proposal. Last I checked, was one of the few sites still linkin to “Bolen Report”. A few weeks ago, one of Tim Bolen’s delusional “reports” on DDI v. Barrett said that public officials would be “targets” of the alt med movement for “years to come” if their names were on a mailing list for Consumer Health Digest. I pointed out that his failure to say target of WHAT could easily be regarded as ominous in and of itself.

The bit about the FBI looking for a conspiracy sounds like a dogend of something the local paper says is resolved. As the story goes, the police have footage of Loughner with a man they thought might be an accomplice, but have identified as a cab driver who was waiting to receive his fare.

If I’m not mistaken, this is the “god hates fags” group? In my experience, even other conservative Christians hold this group’s tone and tactics in contempt. If they turn up in AZ, the only likely appearance of locals with guns would be to escort them off the property.

Incidentally, it’s my understanding that Rep Gifford was shot pretty much point blank. Given that scenario, Loughner could have inflicted comparable injuries to her even without the gun. If he had only cared about killing her, he might have gotten away, too.

“What I’m especially concerned about is possible picketers against the “church” by well-armed Arizonans who might be inspired to use their automatic weapons…whether they be copycatters or mentally unbalanced…due to very lose gun laws and poor enforcement of those laws.”

I have to agree with you here. Making these nutjobs martyrs will add legitimacy to their nonsense (if that is possible), and would potentially get more to flock to their craziness. Not only that, but I am against any violence (though, I might agree with you that Phelps certainly deserves it. But please don’t take it that I’m advocating violence).

May I just say how much I adore Glaxo PharmaBase Orbital’s posts, Y/Y? Always brilliantly funny.

Lord Draconis, I’ll be bringing a couple carrot cakes: one with walnuts and one with crickets. I’m a bit saddened to hear the hatchlings won’t be out in time; I was looking forward to a rousing game of hide and go eatseek.

By the way, have you thought of collecting the messages onto a single site, a one-stop reference to review old communiques, if you will? It would be most useful.


Shills Allie and Todd,

Your display of loyalty and shameless toadying gratifies us no end. Though it may seem glamorous and exciting, it really isn’t easy being a despotic Pharma overlord, and that you might be thinking of me (even in fear) chills my blood and smooths my crest. And Todd, crickets, you remembered. As for the lack of hatchlings at the Jamboree, don’t worry, there will be many teeming broodsacs in the future.

And as for some kind of Draconian media presence, Archon Murdo’ch of the Grasponn Omnivorate was prattling on at great length about how I should be “tweeting” and on Fakebook or some such thing, but honestly, I have to get the older hatchlings to help me operate my eyePhone half the time.
But I shall consider it my minion, I shall consider it.

Well enough frivolity, don’t you two have rebels to hunt?

Yrs vry trly, etc.

Lord Draconis Zeneca, VC, iH7L
PharmaCOM Orbital HQ

—————————–MESSAGE ENDS

@ Allie: Yeah, every one of Lord Zeneca’s posts really make my day.

I wish working for the real MegaPharma was so entertaining. The dismal reality is a bowel-knotting mixture of layoff terrors, rumor mill speculation, and mild amusement at the latest motivational poster/HR campaign. Sometimes, they give us free pizza.

Truly, when your most promising drug/device candidate program has been canceled due to some MBA jackhole not believing that special trauma bandages able to stop massive hemorrhages would sell all that well, when your bench results don’t match up with the boss’ Hypothesis Du Jour, when the deadline has just been moved because the person who was going to lead a metabolic disease project that would have saved millions of lives has just been laid off, you see these chipper little notes from Lord Zeneca and it just makes the day that much more bearable.

Compare this with what my line management thought would actually make me feel better: A picture of a suicidal goldfish leaping to its airy death from its bowl, captioned, “Innovate…outside the box!”

Mike Adams @ NaturalNews,1/11/11: “How Congress helped create the very mental illness that resulted in the Giffords shooting.”

My dearest Lord Draconis:
Don’t you think that perhaps Mikey’s speculations into the aetiology of mental illness are getting just a tad *too close* to our “little project”? I know that his writing is percieved to be a pyroclastic flow of endless inanity to the cognescenti but the simple folk seem to trust his revelations.
Be that as it may, thank you for “all that you do”.
Most sincerely yours, your humble servant, DW


Ah, Minion Blue,
Motivational posters! What a splendid idea. I shall have Cindy contact our creative agency and we’ll see what we can come up with. The vat techs certainly need something to cheer them up, they don’t seem to be enjoying their work of late. Maybe something regarding REMS, KOS or patient adherence will inspire hilarity in them, what fun! Something with kittens. How delicious.

As for the incoherent ramblings from the likes of Mike and Icke, as your younglings say “you can’t make that shit up”.

Lord Draconis Zeneca, VC, iH7L
PharmaCOM Orbital HQ

—————————–MESSAGE ENDS

The main reaction so far is that some people in the legislature are proposing a bill that would set “boundaries” for funerals. I think it’s way more than Phelps deserves, but could set a good precedent. Ultimately, the protection of religious services and ceremonies against outside disruption is a logical extension of “freedom of religion”. There also seems to be serious talk of volunteers to cordon off the funeral route, which would be essentially “passive resistance”.

Also, something else to add perspective: At least one armed civilian was at the scene of the shooting, but Loughner was already down by the time he got in range. It’s reported that he mistook someone who took away the shooter’s gun for the shooter, but tried to disarm him rather than shooting. So, in this case, I’d say a private gun owner upheld the standards of responsibility and restraint. I think it’s possible that his presence may have helped keep the SUSPECT safe.

You are not only a complete idiot, you are far, far more dangerous than any Jared Lougher, because when you put kids on psychiatric drugs, you actually create killers like him in far more numbers. ALL the school shootings were the result of psychiatric drugs. How can you sleep at night you filthy minded monster?

truth the troll,
Evidence free posts such are yours are hardly worth replying to. Try harder please, otherwise this gets boring.
You do realize Orac is an oncologist and probably does not give people psychiatric drugs. But aside from that I would love see your evidence for these claims. I won’t hold my breath.

Not only have you provided no evidence for your claims, I can point are that there are records of school shootings from before when psychiatric drugs were invented.

Gray Falcon — Wikipedia has a list of school attacks (not all are shootings) and many will back up your case. I’d quibble with the first one on the list, an attack by Indians in 1764, and some others that appear to be parts of larger wars and thus following a different pattern. But it lists a number in the 19th Century that do fit the pattern. A significant number appear to have been motivated by a personal grievance, frequently a romantic rejection.

Brilliant post Orac, thank you. I’ve seen some posts online talking about this “Machurian Candidate” theory. It made me physically ill to realize my fellow human beings are capable of such thoughts. They don’t just suspect, they KNOW, they say it’s OBVIOUS. Reason help us all.

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