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The Vaccine Song

Finally, I’m winging my way back home after TAM8 plus a couple of days. It seems as though I’ve been away a long time, even though it’s only been less than six days. While I’m on a travel day, check out this video that a few of you have been sending me:

Not bad. Not bad at all. How’d I miss it a couple of months ago when it first popped up on YouTube?

By Orac

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10 replies on “The Vaccine Song”

Not my musical taste, but catchy. Some nice word choices in there, and he hits some of the main points, including an example of why herd immunity is important.

I guess the songwriter is an emergency dept MD. Love the rhyme of “invective” with “pet detective.”

That was great, wish I had found it.

For another chuckle, after it ends, at the bottom, there’s a video called “Swine Flu H1N1”.

“I am not a cow, I am a free man.”

A free man with a distorted view of freedom.

Endangering others is a freedom, but not one worth defending.

Sid Troll, you also do not live in isolation. Unless you sit in your house with everything delivered and have no contact with any other human, you live in a group. Sometimes that is referred to has a community, and in epidemiological terms it it is a “herd.”

Actually, we would be better off if you did isolate yourself from those who actually read and understand the science, and implications.

Was that a Prisoner (the 60s cult series) reference I just heard Sid Troll utter?

I would be really surprised that someone like Sid would be aware of such a wonderful series- not so surprised about his willingness to distort its powerful message on human nature.

That song is truly the awesomest lame song I have ever heard. 🙂

I don’t care for that type of music, but I love the lyrics and message.

Sad to find out pertussis is officially on the rise here where I live 🙁

The news reports (including the health officials and doctors they interviewed) seem to be at a complete loss for the reason and seem to want to think it’s mostly due to the immunity waning. No mention of parents not vaccinating (though one did mention parents could get exemptions!) causing herd immunity to erode. Flexed my still-puny budding skeptic skills in the comments of a couple of the stories to counter-act the anti-vacc’s there.

Definitely need to make the doc appt for me and hubby for our boosters!

Was that a Prisoner (the 60s cult series) reference I just heard Sid Troll utter?

Very good of you to pick up on that. Also from the Iron Maiden song of the same name.

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