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Grant writing status report

Status report: I’m in the home stretch of writing my grant. It will be finished by 8 AM, when I have to be at work again, in tip top mental condition for the meetings I’ll have to endure all morning. (What the heck happened to not doing anything substantive the day before a holiday weekend? At least I don’t have to operate or see patients.) Whether it will take an all nighter to do it I am not yet sure. Whatever the case, here is the perfect mood music for late night science and grant writing.

“We’re trapped in the belly of this horrible machine, and the machine is bleeding to death.”

Yeah, that about sums it up:

I’m going to crash so hard tonight…

By Orac

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10 replies on “Grant writing status report”

Stay strong homes! Alternate considerations-Schmalternate considerations! ..and damn the power analyses.

I hope you get some sleep tonight.

Tomorrow I take a probability midterm for a double-fast summmer class (it is a ten week class squeezed into four weeks, with a chance to take the next in a series during the next four weeks… which I will not do). For some reason I cannot do probability problems. Fourier transforms and eigenfunctions are fun… but doing properly laid out conditional probabilities elude me. AAAGH!

At least you’ve got some GYBE going, perfect insomnia/overwork music!

Grant writing…ugh.

its worse when you get back responses like I just did (dept of energy grand challenge) to paraphrase:

This proposal has strong scientific merit
this proposal has a large commercial prospects
this proposal can be completed in the specified amount of time

The proposal is completely applicable in one small market mentioned
The proposal didnt properly address some formatting issues



Alternate considerations-Schmalternate considerations! ..and damn the power analyses.

But what if I’ve already done the alternate considerations and had my biostatistician done the power analyses? Last night I was doing the Vertebrate Animals section and trying to decide what preliminary data to keep and what preliminary data to leave.

Of course, even getting the grant in and approved doesn’t matter…I’ve got my score but am waiting for the interim budget decisions based on the continuing resolution funding.
Could take months…

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