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Even more hysterical than Age of Autism?

Remember how I had a little fun with Katie Wright’s overheated rhetoric about Kathleen Sebelius’ request to the press that they not give equal weight to anti-vaccine cranks when they report about issues of vaccines? Her exact words, if you will recall, were:

There are groups out there that insist that vaccines are responsible for a variety of problems, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. We (the office of Secretary of Health and Human Services) have reached out to media outlets to try to get them not to give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting.

Nothing offensive there, just a request that the media try not to yield to the temptation to indulge cranks. Now, remember how I described her little screed as being based on a straw man so massive that it could be the set piece for a remake of The Wicker Man? I think I may have found someone who surpassed her.

Meet Ralph Fucetola, who goes by the ‘nym Vitamin Lawyer. See someone who can delve even deeper into the crazy than Wright. Behold his post HHS to Media: “Censor Autism Debate!” Do you still think you live in a Free Republic? in which he favorably cites Wright’s tirade against Sebelius and then kicks it up a notch. Several notches, actually:

You may therefore conclude that the information you receive about autism and vaccines from the “mass media” and from the government is not complete and truthful. You may therefore conclude it is merely propaganda… or worse, it is part of a systemic “cover-up” of the autism and vaccine issues.

The Secretary misleading when she refers to “all scientific evidence” since she knows that contrary evidence is ignored and drug-company paid and bought “science” is given far more than its “equal weight.”

In fact, this continued cover-up will condemn thousands of children to lives limited by conditions such as autism and other known results of the highly profitable, uninsurable vaccine business.

The lady is a monster. A Tyrant. A threat to all of our lives, liberty and health. She is, in fact, with her co-conspirators in the Media of Mass Deception, a child-killing mass-murderer.

I guess that, instead of using all caps the way only the finest cranks do to emphasize a point, Mr. Fucetola discovered the HTML code for “strong emphasis” and used that as a substitute to try to make him look slightly less hysterical. It didn’t work.

Let’s take a look at this for a minute. Sebelius makes a simple observation that advocates of anti-vaccine pseudoscience are getting far more attention in the media than they deserve and makes a reasonable request to the media to cool it. That makes her a child-killing mass murderer? Load up the syringes with Haldol and get the dart gun! We’ve got a live one!

Another highly amusing aspect of Mr. Fucetola’s rant is his echoing of Wright’s “Help! Help! I’m being repressed!” whine, in which he claims that “drug company-paid” evidence is given more than its equal weight and that all the supposed scientific evidence linking vaccines to autism is ignored. It’s not ignored at all, really. It’s been examined by scientists many, many times and found wanting; virtually all of it is shoddy and worthless science, often bought and paid for by the very people who would benefit from it, such as Andrew Wakefield’s research being bought and paid for by trial lawyers and Mark and David Geier’s research being paid for by…Mark and David Geier, who are selling their “Lupron protocol” to parents of autistic children. The problem is not that the studies purporting to show that vaccines cause autism, chronic diseases, and, for all we know, male pattern baldness haven’t been examined. They’ve been given far more attention and weight than they deserve on a strictly scientific basis because of the shrill persistence of the anti-vaccine movement–and the’ve still been found to be bad science at best, possibly fraudulent at worst (Andrew Wakefield).

In any case, Mr. Fucetola just goes to show me that there can occasionally be people even nuttier than the bloggers at Age of Autism. After all, I’m not sure that even J.B. Handley at his most spittle-flecked would write something like this:

But Secretary Sebelius, as destructive and death-dealing as she is, is not the core of the problem. She is a puppet, albeit a highly paid puppet, for the controllers, the genocidalists, the Big Pharma Fiends.

You know, Big Pharma Fiends would be a simply awesome name for a rock band! (If you decide to use it for your band, I want a cut–or at least credit.) All I have to say to Mr. Fucetelo is this: You have been reported to my pharma masters. They are dispatching the Bristol-Myers-Squibb-Merck Pfizer (BMSMP) black helicopter and a special team of pharma ninjas to deal with you. In return for my service, I know I will be well rewarded, for my pharma masters are generous masters when they are pleased.

Just don’t piss them off. You wouldn’t like them when they’re pissed off.

By Orac

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51 replies on “Even more hysterical than Age of Autism?”

Wow. The stupid is strong in this one. I continue to be in awe of your ability to read through some of this slop and not lose brain cells. Must be an advantage of all that plexiglass surrounding your circuits.

P.S. I still haven’t gotten my first check from our Big Pharma masters. What am I doing wrong? I sacrificed my first born (and second born) by giving them vaccines, I gave them my banking information…what did I miss?

Here’s some threats for the vaccine conspiracy cranks:
We will replace Jenny McCarthy’s Botox with Rogaine and JB Handley’s Viagra with Lupron!
We will run over your house with the Nasa Crawler!

Big Pharma Fiends is a new term for me. I like it.

These ijits really turn arguments on their head without a thought. The baby killer idea is one that vaccine supporters have used to mark the drop in herd immunity caused in no small part by AoA, GR and the like. This fool, like many, feels that autism is worse than death I guess. He also, like ‘ol Sid pushes the highly profitable gambit as if making money from an investment is a bad thing for business.

the genocidalists, the Big Pharma Fiends.

Because, as we all know, exterminating your customers is so profitable.

@Dawn, #1:

What am I doing wrong? I sacrificed my first born (and second born) by giving them vaccines, I gave them my banking information… what did I miss?

Did you read the second Satanic incantation in a dark room, at the center of a pentagram within a circle, both drawn in goat’s blood? They can’t send you the cash until they confirm your soul has been actually sold and take title from the demons from the Seventh Circle of Hell.

That was a megadose of crazy but I found it simply on par with Wright and Jenny’s people at AoA; their crazy isn’t to be underestimated and I’m sure they’ll ramp it up so as not to be outdone.

@Greg Fish: GOAT’S blood? Dang. I KNEW there was something funny with that business. I used TOADS blood (do you know how many toads it takes to make a circle/pentagram that big?) So what does that mean? Where is my money going? Is that why we are in a recession? Can I re-do it and get my money?

The disturbing thing (aside from Fucetola himself) is that he’s symptomatic of a larger problem. Equating Sebelius to a child-murderer, a Tyrant (they come capitalized now?), and a threat to lives, health, and liberty makes it easier to justify violence against her and those who support her. There are people shooting abortion doctors and threatening and attacking animal researchers for those reasons.

Fucetola’s idiotic screed, which is rightly ridiculed, is very similar to Limbaugh’s broadcast where he says climate scientists should be tortured and killed, except in this case Limbaugh has a far wider audience and there is more potential for empty-headed crazies to act upon his words.

We’re seeing attacks on science itself. Not just abortion doctors, but on health science, climate science, evolutionary science. The attacks are expanding (geology, astronomy, cosmology) as ideologues start going after anything that contradicts their belief system, whether that be political or religious-based. Fringe cranks have moved into the mainstream with the help of a gullible and science-ignorant traditional mass media, and some have been elected to various offices thanks to an equally ignorant public.

This is something we need to fight in all disciplines whenever it crops up. Science needs to unite like never before. An attack on one part of science is an attack on the underlying methodologies that support other sciences. People need to be held accountable for slanderous/libelous words, and words that incite violence in others. Fucetola is just a symptom of something far more dangerous. More scientists of all types are going to get hurt before this war against science is over.


@Daniel J. Andrews

makes it easier to justify violence against her and those who support her

It’s right up there with AoA’s photoshop hackjob from Thanksgiving depicting vaccine supporters at a table, preparing to feast on a baby.

A cunning Big Pharma executive is probably already convening a conference in Barbados to consider how to promote these wackaloons.

If anything pushes the world into sympathy with drug companies, it has to be these guys.

I want to know where I can sign up to be a pharma ninja. I bet they wear form-fitting black lab coats.

wow… he is a vicious one this RALPH “vitamin lawyer” Fucetola. I have been authorized by my BigPharma supervisor to reveal that RALPH FUCETOLA is actually and anagram for (partial list):

Pratfall Cue Oh
Factual Her Lop
Faecal Hurt Lop
Faecal Hurt Pol
Preach Fallout
Roach Plateful
Fatal Ulcer Hop
Fatal Cruel Hop
Fatal Lucre Hop
Fecal Harp Lout
Farce Haul Plot
Farce Oath Pull
Leach Artful Op
Cholera Tap Flu
Cheat Fall Pour
Cheat Floral Up
Cheat Foal Purl
Cheat Loaf Purl
Cheat Flap Lour
Oracle Phat Flu
Oracle Path Flu
Caper Lath Foul

and additionally.. I am able to announce to those of you awaiting your evil minions BigPharma cash rewards to please be patient, due to the recent TARP funds scandal and HugeBank failures, even BigPharma has had some difficulties with large cash transactions.

More on Fucetola: practices in NJ/NY, went to Rutgers;legal advisor for Natural Solutions Foundation(Big Vita itself); has been a frequent guest on Null’s Reality-Free Radio and his anti-vax “capitol steps” protest festivals in NY and NJ.(Interestingly,the alties’ rants have recently become all political, rather than “Be natural, be healthy, be peaceful” pabulum….spirit of the times,I guess.)

@5 “Did you read the second Satanic incantation in a dark room, at the center of a pentagram within a circle, both drawn in goat’s blood?”

Drat, I don’t have blood per se, but there is a bottle of goat serum in the freezer (we use it as a blocking agent for immunofluorescence assays)… will that do?

This guy belongs to something called ‘Lifespirit Church’.

Their site includes a “Global Event Predictor”, “BioAcoustic NanoVoice Freeware” (!?!) information on “Vaccination and other abominations” and all sorts of other fun stuff.

Why am I not surprised?

#5, #15, If you read Charles Stross’ novel “The Atrocity Archive”, you will find some useful stuff about how to turn some cool mathematical formulas into tools to “hack” into other space-times, particularly those who are inhabited by Howard P. Lovecraft’s “Elder Gods”.
Personally, I serve Chtulhu and Nyarlahotep by promoting “harmless” vaccines and spreading propaganda about so-called “global warming”. 🙂

I’m actually surprised he linked to the original statement by Kathleen Sebelius. That never seems to happen on AoA. And wow, the violent crazy talk.

Dear MI Dawn,

please print the attached pdf file “7th hell entry ceremony – application to void procedure due to error” and fill the appropriate blanks. Initial all 1794 pages, scan and return as a tiff file.
In the meantime, we can confirm verification of your bank account information and will start withdrawing your monthly donation of $5,000 automatically.

Best Regards
Buro Crat
Demon Quality Assurance Inspector (probationary)
7th Circle

This anagram for Ralph Fucetola’s name is the most apropos:

Preach Fallout

And it also would be a fantastic rock band name.

The guy’s a lawyer, what do you expect? Why does he want to get vaccine injury claims in front of a jury — rather than the Vaccine Court or have them reviewed by persons who understand scientific methodology? Let’s look at a recent example:

Judge Declines to Upset $22.5 Million Jury Award in Polio Case, by Mark Fass, New York Law Jr. (Feb. 26, 2010)

“A New York state judge has refused to throw out the $22.5 million verdict awarded by a Staten Island jury in a 28-year-old polio vaccine suit. Last year, the jury found Pfizer Inc., as successor to Lederle Laboratories, liable for negligent manufacture of the oral polio vaccine from which plaintiff Dominick Tenuto allegedly contracted polio while changing his infant daughter’s diapers in 1979.”

[See the rest of the article at: ]

Just follow the money and all will become clear.

lovin the band names thing…

MercGlaxo and the Chelators (Heavy Metal, obviously)

Big Pharma Overdrive

Satan and the Pharmacist Mothers of Invention

Paul Offit and the Rationales

You know, Big Pharma Fiends would be a simply awesome name for a rock band!

I haven’t even gotten Big Pharma and the Science Shills off the ground, and now you’re giving me another band name?

You’re killing me, Smalls.

@#8 dan:

We’re seeing attacks on science itself … Fringe cranks have moved into the mainstream with the help of a gullible and science-ignorant traditional mass media, and some have been elected to various offices thanks to an equally ignorant public … Science needs to unite like never before. An attack on one part of science is an attack on the underlying methodologies that support other sciences.

Looks like a conspiracy among scientists. Ya can’t win.

And, of course, Fucetola will revert to his ancestral for – the SHARK WITH LAZERZ- to defeat the BigPharma ninjas.

@13: You missed the true anagram:

helpful at Orac

implying that Ralph Fucetola only exists so that Orac has something to write about. Perhaps Ralph is just part of the Big Pharma plot…

and RALPHIE doesn’t seem to allow contrary postings to appear on his blog site…

I guess “JOISEY LAWYER and VITAMIN ADVOCATE NUTRITIONALIST” fairly much explains it all.

Wow. This guy even takes the claims of vaccine injury one step farther.

Even the credulous people at AoA don’t seem to believe that vaccines will kill their children (because many of them have vaccinated at least some of their kids). Did this person not get the memo? Who is he trying to communicate with?

In the fine tradition of legal scholars since the days of old.
No doubt Mr Fucetola, esq. would also ask a witness when he stopped beating his wife.
Question though: where in hell do these people get all the straw ?

[W]here in hell do these people get all the straw ?

No idea, but I suspect all the flames and combustion gases may be a hitherto unrecognised cause of AGW. Or at least of unseasonable weather and wildly gyrating graveyards.

“I used TOADS blood (do you know how many toads it takes to make a circle/pentagram that big?)”

fuck the children. won’t anyone think about the toads? please, please, think about the toads!!!

This Woo-Meister and AoA’s darling, Katie Wrong, are merely demonstrating that kooks NEED to be victims, since being a victim, in their “minds” allows them to skip over proof using facts and science. Victim-hood-ness trumps science any day.

I posted this to his blog:

To any casual visitors: NO, your GPS is not broken. This is NOT the Twilight Zone. However, after reading this drivel, I can understand your confusion.

NOTE: Censorship of this comment will result in it being posted to Age of Ignorance which highlights the utterly ignorant bull in the blogosphere.

Guess I’m late to the anagram party, but I’m partial to CHOPRA ATE FULL – though I’m not sure even Deepak would swallow that koolaid.

@ bluemaxx, BKsea, & Yojimbo: and as everyone who has seen “Rosemary’s Baby” can tell you, unscrambling the anagram will lead you to the *true name* which of course will lead you to……

Well, we all know the leftist kooks have been all about population control since the early 1960s. The FDA is an extension of that program. Why find a cure. That would lead to more people living longer. Gee, Adolf would be proud of American socialists. We picked up right where he left off. We may not put people into camps yet, (FEMA has detention camps manned by military personnel in at least three states)and burned the alive but we do withhold cures to cancer and other diseases in order to keep the population down. On top of that the nice friendly helping hand government provides free soidium flouride to dumb down the public enough to not know how to fight back. Population control, socialism, and sodium flouride. What do all three of these have in common? Oh yeah, Germany used all three – from 1942 to 1945.

Next time I play Rock Band 2 I’ll have to start a new band by that name. Given my lack of real musical talent, it’s the best I can do.

Speaking of Rock bands, have you ever listened to Hammerfall? I lover them and some really hardcore bands like Slayer, Overkill, Morbid Angel, Testament, Pantera, Sepultura, Iced Earth, ACCEPT, Wasp, Hatebreed, Anthrax, Exodous, Fear Factory, Ministry,Black Label Society, etc. The good stuff you know.

Has anyone brought to your attention the movie The Cove? I had high hopes for it, but when I reached the special features of the DVD, they have a segment called “Mercury Rising” that spends a solid seven minutes on thimerosal. They spend the time giving absolutely the worst arguments for its connection with autism, like the Amish not being vaccinated and not having autism, and no randomized placebo controlled trial for vaccines, and that there are no 30 year olds with autism. Nothing that hasn’t been addressed here before, but I wasn’t expecting the burning stupid (I’m usually warned before witnessing something like that), and spent the time going “Aaaaarggggghhhhhh.” There were witnesses.

Badger3k @#36: AW HELL NAW. That’s my thing. On second thought, I’ve already got one, as noted above – maybe I should let this one go.

Medicien man @#35: Tell me you ain’t serious.


I thought about trying to refute your accusations, but I think that I’ll just lol instead.

(But it makes sense, I guess, that the OMG TOXINS IN VACCINES crowd would oppose fluoridated water; it’s basically the same ‘reasoning’ ‘process’ that sees mercury compounds as identical to mercury and claims that not even the smallest dose of the latter is safe)

It’s slightly off topic, but there’s a new-agey shop near me called ‘Pegasus Pathways and the Healing Hearth’. Now does that sound like a progressive ’70’s folk band or what?


Shills and Minions all:

. . . the controllers, the genocidalists, the BigPharma Fiends

What is it you humans say . . . “I resemble that remark?”
Oh, Sometimes I just crack myself up.


Lord Draconis Zeneca, VC, iH7L
PharmaCOM Orbital HQ

Fombonne is now a defendant, charged with serious academic misconduct by his employer, McGill University. Fombonne is under investigation for:

1) unlawful access to confidential medical record and blood samples of children in his 2006 “Pediatrics” article

2) Fombonne accessed these records without the parental consent of the 220 parents of his research participants

3) Fombonne is charged with violating Articles 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24 of the Quebec Civil Code

4) He is also charged with violating McGill Ethical Guidelines involving research on human subjects.

Do you have a more reliable source of information other than AoA. They are not really known for journalistic accuracy.

A little research reveals that it is one person who has been trying to have Fombonne investigated for three years. He wrote: “secondly I am in the process of trying to bring academic miscounduct charges agaisnt Dr.Fombonne
it has been a very long and difficult battle over the last 3 years , we will have to see what come out in next few months”

I suspect that there is nothing to the charges other than what is in someone’s imagination.

I love the title of your blog. . .I pay a fortune in social skills class fees to teach my autistic teenager how to be Respectfully Insolent. . .well insolent anyway. . .I’ll let you know in another 20 years if it worked.

What this thing re Prof Fombonne will most likely be about is an anti-vaccine wackaloon making a complaint that her child’s medical records were examined as part of an epidemiological study without her permission. This happened a number of times in the UK.

Since epidemiological studies invariably evidence the safety of vaccines, the idea is to prevent them from being carried out by imposing an impossible burden of permissions, and additionally to try to discredit/harass the researchers who carry them out.

I have no personal knowledge of the alleged complaint (if any) concerning Prof Fombonne, but certainly this is an established tactic by anti-vaxxers and other generally over-wrought individuals who fear science.

I am assuming you do not have an autistic child. I do , I could explain to you exactly when things went wrong with her, I am sure you would call it co incidence. Is autism worse than death ….to the other respondent who asked the question , I don’t know , what I do know is that I have a child that is smart enough to know that she is different, knows what type of behavior changes would accomplish her behaving “normally” and she is unable to carry those behavior changes out. It must be pretty close to hell for her.I do not often talk about what i think caused this , however i will say this … day I had a child that was nearly potty trained and cruising and reading small words, we engaged in an activity the next morning and later that afternoon she could no longer stand and cruise, she could no longer speak or read simple words and there were no signals letting us know she had to “go”. The change was that dramatic, that immediate and that severe . Call it what you like , but I saw my daughter go from bright and developing into years of lagging behind. I know that she has motor skill and social skill deficiency issues that prevent a perfectly normal looking person from living a normal life. I saw a cause and effect and it was ignored and dismissed, I know what happened and I know how it happened and the scientific community has no explanations . Until this happens, my child will not be further vaccinated.


I am assuming you do not have an autistic child.

Many of us who read and participate on this blog have disabled children. I suggest you get off of your high horse and read a bit more for comprehension.

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