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Michael Jackson is clearly rolling over in his grave

Apparently someone at a British hospital thought that this was a good idea.

I beg to differ. Words fail me. It’s rare, I know, but occasionally it does happen.

By Orac

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21 replies on “Michael Jackson is clearly rolling over in his grave”

Well they do admit it is a “low cost production.”

I loved how some of them just broke out into giggles.

It’s one of those moments when you wonder if it’s really a good outcome that the H1N1 was not deadlier. j/k but anyways yes, if MJ would see this, he’d probably feel insulted.

Jackson was quite the hypochondriac, by all accounts.
Also he was said to have been “addicted” to plastic surgery.
I can’t say how true either of those items is, but the idea that Jackson would have wanted people to not transmit disease seems to fit in with the topic, Barely.
A weird guy who died before his time.
And yes.. . he’d be doing several hundred RPMS in his grave, were such possible.

That was great!!I do hand washing audits at work, my co-workers are generally good at remembering, but this video would be a great reminder!!

This was hilarious! Although I can see the tea baggers using this as an example of where socialised medicine will lead to.

I’d go to that hospital. They won’t forget to clean, to wash, to think about contamination.

Workplaces can be awfully grim sometimes, and this is silliness in the right direction.

So your cancelling your scheduled production on Vasectomy to the tune of “Big ten inch” then?

LOL at the crotch-grab at 2:14.
I believe that was the hospital’s Chief Executive – you can check him out on their website.

Here’s a good cautionary tale about why all that is important: A British rapper got very sick (TB?) and is stuck in quarantine:

Hey! If is going to get C&D letters for putting their Karaoke lunches on YouTube, then how on earth does this hospital get a free pass?

/grumble /grumble

I’m on the “great video !” side of the debate. Whatever its quality music-, video- or effectiveness-wise, everyone in it is having SO MUCH FUN. It’s infectious !

Orac wrote: “Words fail me. It’s rare, I know, but occasionally it does happen.”

ahhhh!!! there IS a hell!! and it just froze over!!!!


I just read in Super Freakonomics that remembering to wash hands is still a big issue in hospitals.

So yeah, not the greatest video, but probably an important reminder.

I get physically distressed by such vocals. I want to crawl in a dark corner and cover my ears, screaming. That’s why I turned down the video about 1 nanosec after the manager started to sig. Yes, making me watch the entire damn thing each time I don’t clean my hands when I should’ve would be extremely effective.
But, since we all know such musical abominations are quite often enjoyed by a large audience I wouldn’t be surprised the way the manager gets involved with the ‘non-washers’ (i.e. nurses et al) will pay off. I don’t think this is meant to be shown outside the hospital, so that’s no merit it should be judged upon.

Just curious: does anyone know the compliancerates for handcleansing in the US?

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