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Another call to help vaccinate Las Vegas!

On Friday, I posted a plea for donations to the JREF effort to help poor families vaccinate their children against childhood diseases.

Over the weekend DuWayne Brayton did me one better with his plea:

I have been where a lot of those families are. While $25 may not seem like a hell of a lot to most people, when you are to the point where you have to ration your eating to five or six meals a week, to ensure your children get enough to eat, that works out to being a lot of meals you will miss that month. And I can also attest, trying to functionally work when you’re only eating one meal, ever day or so is not easy and certainly not healthy. These are folks who cannot afford to lose a single damned dime. And so there are a lot of kids not getting the vaccines that will not only keep them safe – they keep their communities safe too.

And so as bad as things are right now, I managed to throw down $25 dollars and will sleep somewhat more soundly tonight, knowing that I just ensured that a child in Nevada who wouldn’t have been vaccinated will be now. And dammit, if I can manage that, what can you manage?

An excellent question. What can you manage? DuWayne reminded me that I’m in the very fortunate position where it’s been a long time since $25 represented much money to me at all. Not everyone is so lucky. In fact, to a lot of people, $25 is a lot of money.

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