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Robert Lancaster needs your help to keep up the good fight against Sylvia Browne

I got this e-mail the other day, and I urge everyone who’s ever linked to Robert Lancaster’s excellent site to do as Tim Farley requests. (While you’re at it, you should consider linking to Farley’s equally useful What’s the Harm?):

I’m writing you because your site is one of the top ranked sites (according to Google) which hyperlinks to the site Stop Sylvia Browne. As you know, Robert Lancaster has done a fantastic service to the community by creating and maintaining this site over the last two years.  Robert is currently in the hospital recovering from a stroke that he had in August.

Unfortunately, the renewal for the domain name “” came due during the first weeks after Robert’s stroke, and it expired.  A domain squatter noticed this fact, and snatched up the domain before anyone noticed.  So now that domain contains non-skeptical content that we should not be endorsing via hyperlink.

We need everyone who is currently linking to the old domain to change their links to a different domain which is STOPSYLVIA.COM. This new name is up and running now.

NOTE!  If you have already changed your link to point to a .NET or .US domain, we need you to change it to STOPSYLVIA.COM.  It is important for Google ranking that we all link to the same URL for the site.

It is also vitally important that we remove as many links to the old domain, and change these links to point to the new domain.  If your blog or content management software allows it, please revise any and all old posts you can. (Most blogs will let you revise old posts).  This will simultaneously boost Robert’s site visibility and penalize the current owner of the old domain.

If you need more details on precisely what you should be doing, feel free to read my explanation here:

I explain exactly how and why Google-bombing works and give you some specific tips on how to compose your hyperlinks to have a maximum effect. Note for instance that you SHOULD include “Sylvia Browne” in the hyperlink, but you SHOULD NOT include the word “Stop”.

I thank you for your attention to this, and I’m sure Robert and Susan Lancaster thank you too.

–Tim Farley

P.S. To see precisely which of your pages link to Stop Sylvia Browne, you can use the same Google search which I used:

Done! And I wish Robert as complete a recovery from his stroke as possible. Strokes can be devastating, and I hope he’s able to return to the running of his most excellent (and needed) skeptical website.

Skeptico has more. as does the JREF Forum.

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