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Hitler pans the Torchwood season finale

Ever since it appeared as an “adult” spinoff of Doctor Who, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Torchwood. The first season was about as uneven as anything I’ve ever seen, ranging from a truly execrable (and, even worse, unforgivably stupidly and badly written) “homage” to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Countrycide) that ranks among the worst hours of television to which I’ve ever subjected myself to a handful of pretty darned good episodes (Out of Time, Captain Jack Harkness), with a whole lot of mediocre episodes in between. This season was generally more consistent, but a lot of problems still lingered, some of which came to a head in the season finale, which aired not too long ago on BBC America. In fact, so upsetting was the season finale, that Hitler hated it (don’t watch the video if you don’t want to see spoilers):

By the way, although I never thought I’d say it (it took a parody for this to happen): I actually agree with Hitler on this one, particularly the part about what the writers did with Owen’s character towards the end of the second series. (Look for J.B. Handley or some other crank to quote-mine the first part of that sentence.)

Off to the shuttle bus to go to the ASCO Meeting! I’ll be back later. Here’s hoping there’s some good clinical cancer research presented. Last year’s meeting was a bit disappointing.

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