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Here’s one not to miss: Richard Dawkins on the Colbert Report

Thanks to Norm, I recently found out that Richard Dawkins now has a web page (the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science). Certainly, any self-respecting skeptic would have to add that one to his sidebar, which I’ve now done. Even though I don’t always agree with the vociferousness of some of Dawkin’s views, he is vigorous defender of science and critical thinking. (I also like where he has placed Ann Coulter on his website.) Thanks to the generosity of our Seed overlords in using their contacts with the book industry, I was greeted upon my return from North Carolina with a nice review copy of The God Delusion to start reading.

I’ve also found out that Dawkins will be in New York City on October 17-18. On October 18, he will be speaking at the New York Academy of Sciences, and I really have to see if there’s a way I can pull off going to see him, despite the distance involved and the fact that it’s on a weeknight. But the most interesting thing, and something I don’t want to miss, is his appearance on the Colbert Report, scheduled for October 17. That ought to be hilarious.

For our friends in Kansas (Josh and Pat, for instance), I see that he will be in Lawrence on October 16. I know Kansas is a big state; but it would be worth the trip.

It just occurred to me, though. What Dawkins’ site lacks right now is a section on skepticism regarding alternative medicine. I know he’s an evolutionary biologist and all that, but that’s a huge area where skepticism, reason, and critical thinking are lacking. Hopefully he’ll add a section as the website develops.

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