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Kevin Trudeau: New book is true “in essence”

This just cracked me up this morning:

NEW YORK – Kevin Trudeau, the million-selling author, infomercial star and convicted felon, swears that his new health guide, “More Natural ‘Cures’ Revealed,” is 100 percent true.

Make that 100 percent true “in essence.”`

“My point is I don’t want to be caught in what is true, what isn’t true, what is opinion, what is an idea,” Trudeau, whose self-published “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About,” thrived despite his criminal past and other legal run-ins, said.

“More Natural Cures,” released in May and also self-published, is a sequel to “Natural Cures,” a defense of “Natural Cures” and an advertisement for “Natural Cures,” which advocates that diseases from diabetes to cancer can be treated without drugs or medical procedures. His findings have been widely questioned by consumer groups and medical officials.

In the new book, Trudeau, who has no formal medical training, repeatedly urges readers to buy his previous book, and defends himself against the “continued onslaught and attacks from the government, the media and the worldwide pharmaceutical medical cartels.” In a playful reference to disgraced memoirist James Frey and other fallen writers, Trudeau even includes a disclaimer: “On occasion, names, dates, and events have been changed or made up for fun.”

“This book is considered a work of fiction, yet inspired by a true story. Some truth is sprinkled in to spice things up,” Trudeau writes in his new book. “It contains the opinions, theories, and conclusions of what some people call a ‘raving lunatic, conspiracy theorist,’ snake oil salesman, political activist, consumer advocate, believer in immortality and delusional fraudster.”

Trudeau is kidding, sort of. He says that names, dates and events have indeed been altered, but adds that the medical advice is honest. “The essence of the book is that there are natural cures for disease,” he told the AP.

In “More Natural Cures,” Trudeau endorses vitamin E, daily walks and organic sea salts and warns against deodorants, celibacy and farm-raised fish. He again asserts that the medical industry fears him, likens himself to Erin Brockovich — the activist-whistleblower immortalized in the Julia Roberts movie — and includes quotations from Abraham Lincoln, Robert F. Kennedy and Norman Mailer. He even speculates about an assassination attempt — the wheels of his car, he discovered, were improperly attached and would have loosened at high speed.

True “in essence”? Trudeau doesn’t want to “be caught in what is true, what isn’t true, what is opinion, what is an idea”?

Yes, I can see why he wouldn’t, given all the misinformation and outright quackery he pushed in his last book. To me, his statement is nothing more than a little nudge-nudge, wink-wink that nothing in his book is to be taken seriously.

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