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Oh, no. Not deterred by the utter slapdown he got from me and PZ last time, Radaractive has posted the second edition of the “Darwin Is Dead” Carnival. (Hat tip, as before, to the Pooflinger!)

I was feeling a little depressed at having to go back to work this morning, and seeing this carnival lightened my spirits considerably. It’s truly hysterically funny stuff, chock full of the same creationist canards dished up in a completely credulous manner, the contributors apparently unaware that they’ve been conclusively debunked time and time again. I particularly liked this comment by the host:

I hope you all get a chance to read every entry. A great deal of research and thought went into the entries above and you will both stretch your mind and traverse the nyuk-nyuk zone during the course of your literary odyssey.

Just be careful. You can’t be drinking anything when you read this stuff; accidents in the form of shooting your drink out of your mouth and nostrils might ensue.

You have been warned.

And don’t forget to “vote” for your favorite entry. This one should be high on your list, because it actually looks as though it’s making fun of “intelligent design,” which makes me wonder what it’s doing in this carnival.

ADDENDUM: Apparently I missed a second spoof in my haste to write a post quickly and get to work. Looks like the Darwin Is Dead Carnival is toast. Out of a paltry seven entries, two (28.6%–a rather high proportion) are blatant spoofs of ID, and apparently in the case of at least one of them the host didn’t even realize it was a spoof of ID rather than “Darwinism” until later (look at the comments).

At this rate, by the time the third “Darwin Is Dead” Carnival rolls around, there’ll be more spoofs of ID and creationism than attacks on Darwin and defenses of ID–and the hapless Radaractive will be declaring it a success!

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