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Sherri Tenpenny: A quack’s medical license bites the dust, but for the wrong reasons

Earlier this month, the Ohio State Medical Board suspended the medical license of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, a longtime antivax quack. The only question is: What took them so long, and why did it take the pandemic for them to act? Also, is there less to this action than meets the eye?

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Moving on to cancer quackery…Zeolite and other oddities

Over the last few days, it seems to me, I’ve been blogging so much about antivaccine lunacy that I was beginning to wonder whether I should rename the blog “Respectfully Insolent Antivaccine Slapdowns.” As good as it’s been to dwell on seeing the antivaccine movement suffer two major setbacks in 2009 even before we’ve reached […]