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The Texas Medical Board finally gets off its tuchas and acts against Dr. Rolando Arafiles, Jr.

There’s one thing I like to emphasize to people who complain that this blog exists only to “bash ‘alternative’ medicine,” and that’s that it doesn’t. This blog exists, besides to champion science and critical thinking (and, of course, to feed my ravenous ego), in order to champion medicine based on science against all manner of […]

Complementary and alternative medicine Medicine Quackery

Report a bad doctor to the authorities, go to jail?

I just found out via one of the mailing lists I’m on of a very disturbing case in Kermit, Texas. Two nurses who were dismayed and disturbed by a physician peddling all manner of herbal supplements reported him to the authorities. Now, they are facing jail: In a stunning display of good ol’ boy idiocy […]

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