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The problem with homeopathy, according to naturopaths

I’ve lost track of how many times over the last 7 years I’ve mentioned that naturopathy is not science-based. The evidence is overwhelming. All you have to do is to took at the wide variety of quackery that fits comfortably into naturopathic practice to realize that most of naturopathy is quackery. Traditional Chinese medicine? Check. […]

Cancer Complementary and alternative medicine Medicine Naturopathy Quackery

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, naturopathy, and “naturopathic oncology”

Note: Parts of this post have appeared elsewhere, but not in this form. If there’s one aspect of so-called “alternative medicine” and “complementary and alternative medicine” (CAM) is that its practitioners tout as being a huge advantage over what they often refer to sneeringly as “conventional” or “scientific” medicine is that — or so its […]

Complementary and alternative medicine Medicine Naturopathy Quackery

Why would naturopaths want to prescribe those evil big pharma drugs?

Recently, there’s been a movement afoot among purveyors of that special brand of “natural” woo known as naturopathy to convince various legislatures and regulatory bodies that they not only are capable of serving as primary care physicians but that they should be allowed to do so. My first impression was laughter–that is, until I realized […]

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