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Deepak Chopra issues a hilarious “challenge” to James Randi over consciousness

Deepak Chopra isn’t very happy right now. In fact, he appears downright pissed off right now, particularly at skeptics, so much so that he’s issued a hilariously fatuous “challenge” to James Randi (a.k.a.) The Amazing Randi on You Tube entitled Deepak Chopra’s One Million Dollar Challenge to Skeptics: Yes, apparently with The Amazing Meeting (a.k.a. […]

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Life is a fatal disease

Believe it or not, even your ever-lovin’ box of colored blinking lights can malfunction, and it happened to me over the weekend. Actually, sometime around New Years, I caught some sort of crud, and have been battling it since. There’s nothing like hacking up a lung and not being able to sleep well for days […]

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Well look who’s anti-evolution as well as anti-vaccine and anti-medicine…

One of the things that I’ve noticed over the last (nearly) nine years blogging about pseudocience, quackery, and conspiracy theories is that a person who believes in one form of woo has a tendency to believe in other forms of woo. You’ve probably noticed it too. I’ve lost count of the examples that I’ve seen […]

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“Science is evil,” or: When Mike Adams meets Deepak Chopra and Ben Stein

Mike Adams just produced “The God Within,” a film whose entire theme is that science is evil. Quelle surprise, coming from a crank like him!

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On teaching the controversy in medicine

Dr. Kevin Pho responded to a recent post by Orac criticizing a post on KevinMD that was overly credulous about alternative medicine. His response was…disappointing. Since he seems to want to teach the controversy, I thought: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. And then I came up with some ideas for other controversies to “teach.”

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