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Deconstructing Dembski mathematically

MarkCC is really making a name for himself pretty fast with Good Math, Bad Math, a blog dedicated to “shredding bad math and squashing the crackpots who espouse it.” (And to think that a post of mine had a small role in getting him going and promoting him in the blogosphere; it almost makes me […]

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The Pooflinger muscling in on my territory?

It’s good to see the Pooflinger back in action. It really is. I don’t even mind that he’s starting to muscle in on my territory, because, as he points out, alties need poo-love too. In the process He’s unearthed a “gem” of altie wackiness that even I had never encountered before. Better still, he’s returned […]

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True blasphemy

After all the violence and controversy over the Danish cartoons about the Prophet Mohammed, why is nobody protesting this real blasphemy?

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The “Darwin Is Dead” carnival

I love blog carnivals. In fact, I love ’em so much that I hosted four of them took one over when its creator decided to retire from blogging. But here’s one that PZ, RPM, Afarensis, and all of the other ScienceBloggers inclined to defend evolution will want to wander over to see just how inane […]