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Jesus versus the vampires

After yesterday’s all-out frontal assault on a dubious scientific journal (which, by the way, you should still read if you haven’t already), how about some lighter fare for today? A couple of months ago, when the fury of fundamentalist Muslims was directed at Denmark for the publication by one of its newspapers of cartoons portraying […]

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David Bowie lyric of the day

He’ll build a glass asylum With just a hint of mayhem He’ll build a better whirlpool We’ll be living from sin, then we can really begin Please savior, saviour, show us Hear me, I’m graphically yours Someone to claim us, someone to follow Someone to shame us, some brave Apollo Someone to fool us, someone […]

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Battlestar Galactica blogging: Season finale

I have mixed feelings about the season finale of Battlestar Galactica, which aired Friday night. Overall, the second season has been a lot less consistent than the first. Some episodes (Downloaded, for example) were as good or better than anything in the first season, while a couple (Black Market, for example) bordered on being downright […]

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Need more cowbell?

Need more cowbell? Not if you’re this guy. Bummer. Next we’ll hear about miraculous “cowbell cures” from alties.

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Somebody please tell me this is a joke

Sent via e-mail: Paris Hilton prepares for Mother Theresa role. I almost choked on my ice tea when I read that. Please tell me this is a sick joke. It sure sounds like one, and certainly the source doesn’t look particularly reliable. Even so… (OK, OK, I know. Enough with the fluff. I’ll start posting […]